Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Ye Hang's Crisis

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In Ye Yuan’s understanding, Lu Linfeng was already among the Divine Realm’s apex level of a powerhouse.

If even he merely reached the seventh level too, then the two levels at the back, were there still anyone who could make it through?

Ye Yuan was not being unduly humble. He knew that his comprehension abilities were actually very high. But as for how high, he did not have a definite answer either. Because he did not walk to the pinnacle of the Martial Path.

But Ye Yuan himself felt that even if he was stronger than Lu Linfeng, he was probably not much stronger than the latter as well.

After all, the comprehension abilities of characters who could stand at the peak of the Divine Realm would not be too poor no matter how bad it was.

Of course, reaching Lu Linfeng’s level of realm, comprehension ability was not absolute. Destiny, comprehension ability, natural endowments, hard-work, not one of them could be lacking!

But Qi Hai’s answer somewhat exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations.

Only to see Qi Hai shake his head and said, “That’s not it. This eighth level, there was somebody who made it there before.”

Ye Yuan was greatly shocked when he heard that and asked, “Who?”

“He’s called Li Fantian. As for who he was, I don’t know,” Qi Hai said.

“Oh?Even you don’t know too? Then how did you know that he made it to the eighth level?” Ye Yuan inquired curiously.

“The Vast Heaven Pagoda area has a wall. Anyone who makes it to the fifth level will be recorded up there. But during this recent hundred years, no one could make it to the fifth level,” Qi Hai said rather regretfully.

Ye Yuan nodded his head. He more or less had some understanding of the Vast Heaven Pagoda already.

Looks like wanting to clear this Vast Heaven Pagoda was not an easy matter.

Guo Taoqun, Yin Yanhua, and Qin Yan, Ye Yuan was still aware of their talent. Even they could not make it into the fifth level. Looks like this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s difficulty level was indeed rather high.

Only a heaven-defying genius like Lu Linfeng could make it to the seventh level.

“Alright. Half a month later, I’ll head to the Vast Heaven Pagoda,” Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said.

Since there was such a mystical place, Ye Yuan obviously could not miss it.

. . . . . .

At the City Lord Manor’s backyard.

Ren Honglin was currently by the window with her head on her hands, unsure what she was thinking about either.

“Hongling, are you thinking of your son again?” A voice suddenly sounded out at the entrance.

Ren Hongling did not turn around. She knew that it was her older brother, Ren Yujie.

“So what if yes? Are you going to release me to go find him?’ Ren Hongling said rather resentfully.

Ren Yujie heaved a sigh and said, “Sister, you lost all of your abilities now. Even if I let you out, where can you go? Furthermore, if you leave, what about Brother-in-Law? You’re aware of Father’s temper.”

Ren Hongling turned around slightly, her gaze looking at Ren Yujie rather vacantly; she said coldly, “Father? He’s not worthy of being my father at all! And you are not fit to be my brother either! If not for my husband stubbornly insisting on returning, wanting to seek for his forgiveness, it’s impossible for me to return to this place which makes me feel disgusted for the rest of my life! In all of your hearts, there is no kinship, only benefits!”

Ren Hongling’s eyes gradually welled up. She did not think that so many years had already passed, her father was actually still so unreasonable!

When the two of them appeared in front of Ren Xingchun, Ren Xingchun detained Ye Hang without a word and grounded her.

And he, this big brother, was very timid and incapable. He completely did not dare to say anything in front of Ren Xingchun.

Ren Hongling begged Ren Yujie multiple times to let him release her to go see Ye Hang. But Ren Yujie refused to no matter what.

Gradually, Ren Hongling perished the thought too.

In this backyard, only Ren Dong this junior could stir up a hint of ripple in Ren Hongling’s heart.

Ren Yujie heaved a sigh again and said, “Hongling, not that Big Brother isn’t willing to help you, but I seriously can’t help you! You’re aware of Father’s temper. If he knew that you met Brother-in-Law, Brother-in-Law’s life would probably be long gone! I’m doing this for your own good too!”

But Ren Hongling did not appreciate the kindness and said with a cold smile, “I just want to see my husband once and not bringing him away either. If you don’t tell him, how would he know?”

Ren Yujie shook his head and said, “You’re belittling Father too much. He could reach today’s position, so how could it be that simple? Forget about this City Lord Manor, even a hint of the rustling of leaves in the wind in the entire Wu Fang City can’t possibly escape his eyes either.”

Hearing these words, Ren Hongling’s face calmed down slightly.

She also knew that her big brother’s personality was weak and hard to take on great responsibility. Counting on him was hopeless.

If he could have a little backbone back then, she would not have gone so far as to slip away to distant lands with Ye Hang either. She would not have lost her essence energy and be unable to refine pills anymore.

Of course, Ren Yujie’s personality could not be separated from Ren Xingchun’s dominance.

“Then you coming to find me today is for my own good too?” Ren Hongling said sarcastically.

But Ren Yujie’s expression dimmed as he heaved a sigh again and said, “Sister, actually, I came today wanting to tell you that, Father is going to take action against Brother-in-Law already! You . . .Sigh. . .”

Ren Hongling’s entire person was like struck by lightning, immediately freezing there. This news was truly a bolt out of the blue to her!

Originally, she and Ye Hang returning was to acknowledge their roots and ancestors. Who would have thought that it would actually end up in such a plight!

“You . . . What did you say?” Ren Hongling’s entire person felt worn out.

“These few days, you had been grounded at home all along. There are many things in the outside world that you don’t know. An earth-shaking major incident happened to the Endless World recently. These two days, many Divine Traversing Realm experts assembled in Wu Fang City to discuss on dealing with the great matter of another world invading us. And Father already gave the instructions two days ago that after the meeting this time passes, Brother-in-Law will be put to death.”

Hearing this news, Ren Hongling could not withstand the blow anymore. Her two eyes went dark, and she fainted away.

Ren Yujie hurriedly supported her and inserted a trace of essence energy into Ren Hongling’s body.

Ren Hongling slowly regained consciousness. Grabbing hold of Ren Yujie’s arm, she said tearfully, “Big Brother, I’m begging you, save him! Now, the only one who can save Ye Hang is you!”

Ren Yujie had a conflicted face, “I . . .”

“Big Brother, back then, I made you plead with Father. You didn’t dare to say a word! Now that over a decade has passed, Ye Hang and my feelings are all the more deeper. Could it be that you’re still going to treat us the same as back then? If my husband dies, I absolutely won’t live alone! If Yuan-er comes to know of this matter, he definitely comes to find Father to seek revenge. Do you want this kind of human relations tragedy to happen in the Ren Family?” Ren Hongling already became tear-stricken with tears.

Ye Hang and Ren Hongling watched Ye Yuan’s growth and were very clear about his temperament.

Once Ye Yuan found out about the news of Ye Hang and her perishing, he would definitely come to find Ren Xingchun to take revenge at all costs.

At that time, grandson versus grandfather, regardless of what the result was, it would be a human world’s tragedy.

“Yuan-er? That’s your and Brother-in-Law’s child? You guys refused to say any news about that child. Turns out that he’s actually called Ye Yuan? Ye Yuan . . . Why is this name so familiar?” Ren Xingchun suddenly felt like he seemed to have heard this name before somewhere.

Except that how could Ren Hongling still be in the mood to listen to this right now. She implored, “Big Brother, you make Ren Hongling go and beg Father! He’ll definitely agree! I beg you!”

Ren Yujie said with difficulty, “But . . . Father already made people bring Brother-in-Law out of the city to execute him in secret!”