Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Execution

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This time, Ren Hongling forcefully resisted and did not faint.

Because she knew that Ye Hang’s life was suspended on a thread right now. She must go and save Ye Hang.

No idea where her strength came from, Ren Hongling pushed aside Ren Yujie and forced her way out of the door.

“Ah!Isn’t Ye Yuan that Tranquil Cloud Sect youth who took part in the Endless Meet? Could it be that . . . Sister’s son is really him? But . . . how is that possible?”

Ren Yujie suddenly had a flash of inspiration and finally recalled who Ye Yuan was.

After yesterday’s meet, the Endless Alliance was established, and Ye Yuan was a very popular figure among the Northern Domain’s upper echelons.

Could such a monstrous prodigy actually be his own nephew?

His figure moved and caught up to Ren Hongling very quickly, grabbing hold of her.

“You let go of me! I’m going to save my husband!” Ren Hongling struggled desperately.

“Hang on! You said that your son is called Ye Yuan. Is he from a small sect called Tranquil Cloud Sect?” Ren Yujie asked.

“How did you know?” Ren Hongline froze and stopped struggling too. Her heart started pounding even faster. How did Ren Yujie know?

Could they have . . .

Seeing Ren Hongling’s expression, Ren Yujie knew that she misunderstood and hurriedly said, “Set your mind at ease. Not only is Nephew fine, but his reputation is also awe-inspiring now. Even the Three Sects have areas they rely on him for right now. If Nephew is really that youth called Ye Yuan from the Tranquil Cloud Sect, Brother-in-Law might still be saved! It’s just . . . I wonder if we can still make it!”

Ren Yujie knew that time was of the essence and could only cut his words short.

Ren Hongling was startled and hurriedly said, “Then what are you waiting for? Quickly bring me to go find Yuan-er!”

Ren Yujie had a look of dilemma again. Ren Xingchun’s accumulated pressure in his heart was too overpowering. He completely did not dare to have any disobedience.

Coming to inform Ren Hongling today was already a tremendous breakthrough.

“If you’re not going, I’ll die right now for you to see!”

Ren Hongling fished out a small dagger from God knows where and was about to stab it toward her heart.

Except, how could she possibly have the chance to commit suicide in front of a Soul Sea Realm martial artist such as Ren Yujie?

Ren Yujie snatched away the dagger in Ren Hongling’s hands. His expression flickered, and he said, “Fine! I’ll bring you!”

Ren Hongling stared at Ren Yujie somewhat disbelievingly as her face revealed wild elation.

Actually, what moved Ren Yujie ultimately was still that human relations tragedy which Ren Hongling said before.

Previously Ren Yujie did not pay attention. But after knowing that Ye Yuan was his own nephew, he knew that this was not some laughable joke.

That Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Ye Yuan absolutely had the strength to overturn Wu Fang City in the future and even butcher his own maternal grandfather!

And did Ren Xingchun have the capabilities to kill Ye Yuan?

The answer was uncertain!

Behind Ye Yuan stood Qi Hai now. Even if Ren Xingchun were any more rampant, he would not dare to behave atrociously in front of Qi Hai either!

Which was also to say that in the future, after Ye Yuan matures, Wu Fang City would truly suffer the human relations tragedy which Ren Hongling predicted.

. . . . . .

“Master, Master Wu Xuan, you two have some tea. This is a top-grade spirit tea that I brought from the City Lord Manor. Not only is it sweet and mellow, but it also has the effect of increasing essence energy,” Ren Dong explained to Ye Yuan with a respectful look.

Wu Xuan was Feng Ya Pavilion’s frequent guest now. He would run here when he had nothing to do.

These few days, he had been having a nice heart to heart talk with Ye Yuan, rambling away, but receiving substantial benefits.

They hardly said three sentences without talking about their line of work. What Wu Xuan and Ye Yuan chattered about the most was naturally still alchemy. In fact, some of Ye Yuan’s views and experiences had tremendous inspiration to Wu Xuan.

Like this, Wu Xuan liked to immerse himself at Feng Ya Pavilion every day even more.

Wu Xuan said with a smile, “You, this boy, always had your eyes on top of your head. To think that you’d actually submit fully to others one day. City Lord with his temper, if he knew that you stole his spirit tea, I reckon that he’d fly into a thunderous rage.”

Ye Yuan drank a mouth of the spirit tea and said smilingly,“Heh heh,City Lord’s temperament is really arrogant and explosive!”

When he recalled the conflict with Ren Xingchun in Exquisite Jade Pavilion, he was speechless too.

Ren Xingchun clearly came to be a mediator. In the end, he quarreled with him. This temper was also unparalleled.

“Huhu,if City Lord didn’t have such breadth of spirit, how could he overpower the Cao Family and manage this Wu Fang City like an iron bucket?” Wu Xuan said with a smile.

The three people were just conversing when a servant came in to inform, “Young Master Ye, City Lord Manor’s Lord Ren Yujie brought a woman to request an audience.”

Ren Dong was stunned when he heard that,“En?What did Father come here for? Could it be to find me for something?”

Ye Yuan came to a realization and nodded his head and said, “Invite them in then!”

Before long, Ren Yujie led Ren Hongling in. Ye Yuan and Wu Xuan were currently engrossed in conversation and did not seem to have noticed the two people.

Ye Yuan also thought that Ren Yujie came to find his son and had nothing to do with him. He naturally would not pay attention too.

And when Ren Hongling saw that familiar face, her entire body trembled agitated and her tears gushed out from her eyes uncontrollably.

Ren Yuejie was stunned when he saw Ren Dong as well, “Dong-er, why are you here too?”

Ren Dong was likewise stupefied.“Eh?Father, Aunt, didn’t you guys come to find me?”

Ren Yujie shook his head and pointed at Ye Yuan and said, “We came to find him.”

“Ah?What are you all finding Master for?” Ren Dong asked in bewilderment.

“Master?” Ren Yujie was likewise confused.

When Ye Yuan heard the conversation over here, his head involuntarily turned over.

With this turn, his entire person was immediately frozen in place, and he revealed a look of wild elation soon after.

“Mother! Why are you here?!Haha!Truly wearing out iron shoes in a fruitless search and finding it by chance without even looking for it! I even made Brother Zihui go and find you and Father. To think that you actually came here yourself!” Ye Yuan came in front of Ren Hongling with a flash and held her hand as he said warmly.

But Ren Hongling’s expression changed drastically as she grabbed hold of Ye Yuan’s hand and said, “Quick! Quickly go and save your father! Any later and it’ll be too late!”

. . . . . .

In a forest outside the city, Ye Hang was escorted by several martial artists to an open space.

The martial artist leading was shockingly a Ninth Level Soul Sea Realm expert!

If Ye Yuan were here, he would immediately recognize that the person presiding over Ye Hang’s execution was actually Xu Zihui.

Xu Zihui received Ren Xingchun’s orders this morning to make him bring several people and escort a criminal outside the city to carry out the death penalty.

Xu Zihui paid little attention to it too and brought several people over.

As for what kind of offense this criminal committed, Xu Zihui did not know at all.

Of course, he was not interested to find out either.

Just a late-stage Crystal Formation martial artist; this person completely could not enter Xu Zihui’s eyes.

He was even rather resentful in his heart that City Lord was really using a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken. Carrying out an execution against a late-stage Crystal Formation Realm, he actually even made him, this Ninth Level Soul Sea, to come and hold the line.

Really took him to have nothing to do after eating his fill?

How could he have known that this was Ren Xingchun not wishing for a family scandal to get out? That was why Ren Xingchun did not even bring up charges against this person.

Even Ren Hongling and Ye Hang eloping back then, Ren Xingchun blockaded all of the news too. Xu Zihui only knew that Ren Hongling fell ill and died.

“Alright, just do it here. Be a bit neater,” Xu Zihui said rather annoyedly.