Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Release

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Ye Hang revealed despair. He did not think that Ren Xingchun was actually impervious to reason to such an extent and actually really hardened his heart to want to kill his own son-in-law.

The incident back then, he was forced by circumstances too. He and Ren Hongling loved each other, but Ren Xingchun refused to consent no matter what. The reason was just that his background was too lowly.

Ye Hang’s talent was not poor. It was just that he did not have sufficient resources and powerful cultivation methods.

Hence, compared to Ren Hongling, Ye Hang was completely not worth mentioning.

But Ye Hang’s tenacity and sincerity moved Ren Hongling’s maiden heart. From there, she fell hopelessly in love with this penniless little alchemist.

Ye Hang lifted his head and gave a long sigh as he said, “I, Ye Hang, did things all my life with a clear conscious. To think that I still ended up like this! Forget it, forget it. This life, give it back to that unreasonable Ren Xingchun. Also, count it as settling a grudge.”

As he said, Ye Hang shut his eyes and said, “Do it!”

Xu Zihui was originally still quite impatient, feeling that this punk was still babbling on and on before dying.

Suddenly, he felt that Ye Hang this name was rather familiar to the ear. When he thought again, he was suddenly shocked awake.

Wasn’t Ye Hang the person that Young Master Ye entrusted him to find?

Wouldn’t be so coincidental, right?


Xu Zihui roared. A finger’s essence energy flicked out, sending that long sword in that executioner martial artist’s hands flying.

And at this time, that long sword was already less than half a centimeter away from Ye Hang’s chest.

Ye Hang looked at Xu Zihui rather uncertainly and did not know what this person was trying to do.

Xu Zihui stared at Ye Hang and asked solemnly, “You’re called Ye Hang?”

“You don’t know who I am?” Ye Hang was stupefied. Then he immediately understood and said with a self-ridiculing laugh, “That’s true. My existence is a disgrace to the Ren Family. How could he let servants know of my existence? That’s right, I’m called Ye Hang.”

Getting an affirmative answer, Xu Zihui’s heart pounded. He stared fixedly at Ye Hang and asked, “Then . . . who’s Ye Yuan to you?”

Although Ye Yuan did not say who Ye Hang and Ren Hongling was to him, as long as one had some brain cells, they could guess their relationship.

When Ye Hang heard Ye Yuan’s name, his entire body involuntarily quivered, “You know Yuan-er?”

Xu Zihui thought to himself,damn! There is really no story without coincidences!

He actually nearly killed Ye Yuan’s father!

Earlier, if that sword were to really go down, he would not have the face to see Ye Yuan again thereafter.

Xu Zihui’s son already successfully broke through realms after consuming the medicinal pill that Ye Yuan conferred.

To a martial artist, one minor realm was a small matter. But the time saved from this was hard to be exchanged using money.

He received Ye Yuan’s grace but killed Ye Yuan’s father. That would truly be a classical reciprocating kindness with ingratitude.

But . . . Ye Hang was a person that City Lord mentioned by name to kill. How . . . How should this be done?

Xu Zihui had a conflicted look and fell into a dilemma for a moment.

Kill? Or not to kill?

Ye Hang looked at Xu Zihui full of doubts and suspicions.

The strength of this person before his eyes was too formidable. He did not have the leeway to resist at all. But, hearing his tone, he actually knew Ye Yuan.

Could it be that Ye Yuan was also in Wu Fang City right now?

Thinking up till here, Ye Hang could not help being agitated.

But he became downcast again very soon. He was almost dead. Even if Ye Yuan were really in Wu Fang City, how could he go and meet him?

Ye Hang was all too familiar with Ren Xingchun this person. It was impossible for this expert before his eyes to defy his wishes.

“You, leave!” Ye Hang was just letting his imagination run wild when Xu Zihui suddenly spoke.

“Ah?”Ye Hang was dazed and could not quite react.

“I said, leave!” Xu Zihui said in a solemn voice.

With him saying this, the few subordinates immediately became anxious.

“My lord, he’s a person that City Lord named to kill! If you release him, City Lord won’t let you off!”

“Yeah. City Lord’s temper, are you still unaware?”

“You mustn’t let him go!”

Xu Zihui felt irritated and roared, “I said let him go! Are you all deaf? This matter, if City Lord lays down the blame, I’ll bear it alone!”

Those few subordinates still wanted to urge again. Xu Zihui glared fiercely and said in anger, “Say any more, and I’ll exterminate the few of you!”

Seeing that Xu Zihui’s expression did not seem to be joking, these few subordinates finally did not speak again.

But Ye Hang had a blank look as he said, “Senior, you took on such a heavy responsibility in order to let me go. May I ask why?”

Xu Zihui waved his hand and said, “I received kindness from Young Master Ye and seriously can’t bring myself to take action. You should go!”

Ye Hang roused himself and said in great joy, “Yuan-er is really in Wu Fang City?”

Xu Zihui nodded his head and said, “Young Master Ye is indeed in the city! He previously entrusted me to find a husband and wife pair, but I didn’t have any leads all along. To think that you were actually imprisoned in City Lord Manor by City Lord.”

“Yuan-er, is he . . . well?” Ye Hang was somewhat anxious, yet fearful that he would lose it for a time.

“Huhu,Young Master Ye is a great character at the peak of his height right now in the entire Wu Fang City! Of course he’s well.” Xu Zihui briefly recounted the matter of him inviting Ye Yuan to Wu Fang City.

These two days, the Endless World’s upper echelons were all discussing the matter of establishing the Endless Alliance. Many news had not spread out yet. With Xu Zihui’s status, he still did not know what happened during the meet.

If he knew that Ye Yuan’s current status could be comparable to those sect leaders, he would probably not be so worried either.

Ye Hang also felt rather unreal when he heard it. He had already not had Ye Yuan’s news for over a year.

This one year plus, Ye Yuan actually grew to such an extent?

But thinking about Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying performance in the State of Qin, perhaps he could really achieve it?

Musing for a moment, Ye Hang clasped his hands and said to Xu Zihui, “Junior has a presumptuous request. Can Senior please bring me to meet Yuan-er?”

Xu Zihui looked at Ye Hang and asked, “City Lord’s control over Wu Fang City is extremely tight. You’ll probably fall into his sights once you go there. Do you really want to go back?”

Ye Hang nodded and said, “My wife and son are both in the city. How can I leave alone?”

. . . . . .

Outside Wu Fang City, Ye Yuan pushed his movement technique to the limits. Behind him, Ren Yujie was secretly alarmed. He actually felt rather taxing following Ye Yuan!

Ren Yujie’s talent was inadequate. Up till now, he was just early-rank Alchemy King strength too. But even so, he was also a true-blue Second Level Soul Sea.

With his realm, he actually could not keep up with a Second Level Sea Transformation?

No wonder this nephew of his could stir up the wind and rain in the Endless World’s upper echelons meeting. His strength was actually so formidable!

Younger sister Ren Hongling lost the ability to become an alchemist. To think that she actually gave birth to such a heaven-defying son.

Truly, misfortune might be a blessing in disguise!

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan stopped.

“What is it?” Ren Yujie halted his footsteps too and asked curiously.

Ye Yuan heaved a long sigh and said, “Heaven has eyes. It was actually Xu Zihui in charge of carrying out the sentence. Looks like I’m going to owe Brother Zihui a massive favor.”

As he was talking, a group of people walked out from the jungle . . .