Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 536

Chapter 536 Congratulatory Gift

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On this day, the City Lord Manor was decorated with lanterns and decorations, bustling with a jubilant air.

Under Ren Xingchun’s overbearing nature, City Lord Manor had always been filled with a lifeless atmosphere. There wasn’t even a person who would dare to talk loudly.

It had already been God knows how many years since this City Lord Manor was so crowded.

The City Lord Manor’s entrance was crowded with people. Those watching the show and delivering congratulatory gifts practically blocked up the entire street in front of the entrance.

“City Lord actually issued a self-admonishing edict! This is truly unprecedented!”

“Yeah. City Lord has a paramount position, dictating the world. He had always been very domineering. This time, he actually issued a self-admonishing edict for the sake of his daughter and son-in-law. It really comes as a huge surprise!”

“Heh,you aren’t aware yet, right? City Lord issuing a self-admonishing edict was not because of his daughter and son-in-law. It was because of his maternal grandson! There, it’s that young man receiving guests at the entrance!”

“How did you know?”

“My brother-in-law’s wife’s younger sister’s third aunt is a maidservant in City Lord Manor. This matter had long spread in the City Lord Manor! This grandson of City Lord is very formidable. I heard that he nearly overturned the Cao Family’s Thousand Query Wall! With City Lord accepting this grandson, the City Lord Manor’s strength will become even greater!”

There were no walls without any cracks in this world. Moreover, Ren Xingchun did not plan on controlling these rumors this time. Hence, it slowly spread out from the City Lord Manor as well.

Furthermore, broadcasting Ye Yuan’s reputation would only be more beneficial to the City Lord Manor.

Today, Ye Yuan took the initiative to be together with Xu Zihui and took on the task of welcoming guests.

For Father and Mother’s big wedding, him, as the son, naturally had to wait upon cautiously.

“Alchemist Association, Elder Wu Xuan has arrived!”

The voice had yet to fade, and Wu Xuan came forward to Ye Yuan with a big laugh. He said, “Younger Brother Ye, congratulations, congratulations!”

“Haha!Elder Brother came really early! Quickly have a seat inside!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh too.

“No rush to sit! No rush to sit! Younger Brother, today is your father’s joyous day! This congratulatory gift from Elder Brother can’t be missing! But this gift of mine is offering a present provided by somebody else. Younger Brother, please don’t get mad,” Wu Xuan said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “What is Elder Brother saying here? You being able to come is already giving me tremendous face! How can I dare to get mad?”

“Haha!Then that’s good! Young Brother, clear away all the wine at the main banquet! Change to mine!” Wu Xuan said with a mysterious smile.

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up when he heard that. Could it be that this old man fermented the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew so quickly?

Wu Xuan saw Ye Yuan’s eyes and knew that the latter already guessed it. He immediately no longer held Ye Yuan in suspense. Extending a hand and waving, he said, “Come, men. Carry all of the wine inside!”

A group of servants carried loads and walked out from the crowd. Ye Yuan’s eyes swept over. There were actually as many as 20 barrels!

20 barrels of wine was nothing. But, 20 barrels of Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew was sufficient to cause a stir throughout the entire Wu Fang City!

These wooden barrels were all made from Southern Sandalwood. Although they were all sealed off, the fragrance overflowed, immediately intoxicating a stretch of people.

“What alcohol is this? So fragrant!”

“It’s already so fragrant without breaking the seal. If I can have a taste, I’d be willing to even die!”

“Heh,ignorant and ill-informed much? I smell this alcohol fragrance, it must be that legendary Alchemy Sovereign, Fu Yunjing’s Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew! I had once smelled before the alcohol fragrance several hundred feet away. It made me reminiscence for several days!”

“It’s actually Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew! My God! Isn’t this the fine wine that Alchemy Sovereign Fu Yunjing hoards? Why is there so many all at once? Furthermore . . . why would it be delivered by Master Wu Xuan?”

“That, I don’t know! Moreover, I smell that this alcohol fragrance is actually even more aromatic than the last time. The quality of these Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew is probably even above the wine brewed by Alchemy Sovereign Fu Yunjing!”

Twenty barrels of Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew. It immediately caused an uproar among the surrounding crowd.

The Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew was very renowned in Wu Fang City. Many people had only heard of its name but never seen it. Being able to have the opportunity to smell the alcohol fragrance from far away once was already the good fortune of three lifetimes.

But today, Wu Xuan brought out 20 barrels in one go. It was seriously too astonishing.

Many martial artists were drooling ceaselessly, envious to death of those who could take a seat at the banquet and drink this wine.

Ye Yuan saw the situation and could not help laughing in spite of himself and said, “Elder Brother is so ostentatious! Alright, then I’ll take it first. Thank you, Elder Brother!”

“Haha!What’s still there to thank between us? Furthermore, I’m just presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers here. I’m only responsible for providing the ingredients!Oh,right, I still have a congratulatory gift over here. It’s Chairman’s. He’s currently in closed-seclusion right now refining pills, so he can’t come here personally. But he made me bring his gratitude over!”

Wu Xuan smiled and took out a long sword. Chilly air overflowed from it.

Those onlooking martial artists could feel that oppressive freezing air separated by a distance of several hundred feet away. This was still under the circumstance where Wu Xuan did not use essence energy.

Ye Yuan took over the long sword from Wu Xuan’s hands and praised, “Fine sword!”

Wu Xuan said with a smile, “This sword’s name is called Xuanying Sword; it is a low-grade profound artifact.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said with clasped hands, “Elder Brother help me thank Lord Chairman on my behalf when you return!”

This congratulatory gift from Dan Chenzi was given to Ye Hang and wife in name. Actually, it was prepared for Ye Yuan.

Profound artifacts were different from spirit artifacts; two entirely different concepts.

Spirit artifacts that were any more expensive could also be bought on the market using essence crystals. However, profound artifacts had the demand but no supply. Even if you had plenty of essence crystals, it’s still very hard to buy them from some trading companies.

Profound artifacts were basically all weapons used by Divine Traversing Realm experts. They were extremely rare in the Endless World.

Dan Chenzi gave a low-grade profound artifact with his opening move. It could be said to be extravagant.

But Ye Yuan did not have any psychological burden. Because he helped Dan Chenzi complete the Dragon Tiger Mighty Soul Pill!

The value of this medicinal pill, others were unaware, but how could Ye Yuan not know?

Accepting a profound artifact of his was already him suffering a loss.

But Dan Chenzi being able to remember to give him a gift counted that he had the heart too.

Furthermore, following the rise in Ye Yuan’s strength, Canghua Sword was already gradually becoming somewhat lacking. And Canghua Sword’s quality already reached the limit. If more restrictions were added, there was the risk of shattering.

Although he was unable to unleash the full power of the Xuanying Sword right now, it was much more powerful than Canghua Sword.

This was also just Ye Yuan. Taking another Sea Transformation Realm martial artist, they could only just use some high-level spirit artifact.

But Ye Yuan’s martial techniques were overly heaven-defying. Ordinary spirit artifacts could not unleash the true power of his sword moves.

Ye Yuan and Wu Xuan had some small talk for a while, then Wu Xuan went inside to take a seat.

Before long, the servant called out once again, “Cao Family’s Family Head has arrived!”

The expression on Cao Zheng’s face was rather dim. He saw Ye Yuan and forced a smile to congratulate, “Little Brother Ye, congratulations! Congratulations!”

Arrivals were guests. Ye Yuan obviously would not reach his hand out to smack a smiling person. He replied with a smile, “Thank you very much.”

Ye Yuan knew that Cao Zheng did not spend these few days very well. But he did not care about it much either.

Since Ren Xingchun was still technically his grandfather, Ye Yuan naturally had to lean towards the Ren Family. As for how the Cao Family would be, Ye Yuan was unconcerned.

However, Ye Yuan knew that Cao Zheng definitely would not come empty-handed today. He had to at least show a little something.

Indeed, Cao Zhen fished out a slip of paper from inside his sleeves and passed it to Ye Yuan, saying, “This old man slightly prepared a modest gift. I hope that Little Brother Ye can kindly accept it.”

Ye Yuan reached his hand out to take the slip of paper and could not help being slightly stunned.