Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 537

Chapter 537 Opening A Forum And Giving A Sermon

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“The Cao Family’s big gift is rather weighty!” Ye Yuan looked at Cao Zheng and said with a half-smile.

The corners of Cao Zheng’s mouth twitched, and he forced a smile as he said, “Little Brother Ye is too kind! Your father’s grand wedding, as a part of Wu Fang City, my Cao Family naturally have to prepare something presentable.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and passed the slip of paper to Xu Zihui and said, “Brother Zihui, I’m overwhelmed by this big gift from the Cao Family. You’d better present it to Old Master directly.”

Xu Zihui was rather baffled listening to the two people’s conversation earlier.

The thing that Cao Zheng handed over seemed to be a contract. Was it possible that the City Lord Manor was directly giving business to City Lord Manor?

Such a gift definitely could not be said to be simple.

He received the contract from Ye Yuan’s hands doubtfully and gave it a brief glance. His entire person trembled involuntarily and almost threw the slip of paper away.

Xu Zihui took a look at Cao Zheng and glanced at Ye Yuan again. The astonishment in his heart could not be any greater.

What was in his hands was indeed a contract. Except that this contract was not some ordinary business from the Cao Family, but the Exquisite Jade Pavilion which was renowned throughout the entire Northern Domain!

This was the Cao Family’s largest business. It was also the most profitable business!

However, this was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that inside the Exquisite Jade Pavilion had the Thousand Query Wall!

The Thousand Query Wall’s significance to the Cao Family simply could not be converted using essence crystals!

That was where the foundation of the Cao Family lied. It was also the foundation which the Cao Family relied on to survive!

Without the Thousand Query Wall, the Cao Family was just an ordinary alchemy family too. They will be no different from the Ren Family.

Moreover, without the Thousand Query Wall, it was simply impossible for the Cao Family to be City Lord’s match. They would be completely suppressed very soon.

Was Cao Zheng’s brain damaged? Or else, why would he use this sort of thing for a congratulatory gift?

“This . . . This . . .” Xu Zihui wanted to say something but did not know what he should say.

Cao Zheng looked intently at Ye Yuan and suddenly turned around to say to everyone in a loud and clear voice, “Everybody, today, borrowing City Lord daughter’s grand wedding date, my Cao Family will be giving the Exquisite Jade Pavilion as a gift. From today onwards, Thousand Query Wall will be officially owned by City Lord Manor!”

The flesh on Cao Zheng’s face was twitching. But he still said firmly, “Thousand Query Wall had never been the Cao Family’s Thousand Query Wall, but all of the Endless World’s alchemists’ Thousand Query Wall. The Cao Family had always treated the Thousand Query Wall as our private property. Truly an injustice to everyone! Wu Fang City being the Endless World’s alchemy holy land, the Thousand Query Wall ought to be managed by City Lord Manor!”

Finished talking, Cao Zheng’s entire person seemed to have aged greatly.

The Cao Family’s painstaking work for several thousand years, he gave it away with both hands just like this. This was a tremendous test to him.

Even Ye Yuan did not expect that Cao Zheng would actually have such great breadth of spirit either, directly giving Exquisite Jade Pavilion to City Lord Manor.

The Thousand Query Wall indeed did not post much of a challenge to Ye Yuan.

But when Ye Yuan was challenging the Thousand Query Wall, he also deeply experienced the Thousand Query Wall’s prowess.

Although he only answered the last twenty questions, not one of these twenty questions did not represent extremely high standards.

The crystallization of the Endless World’s Alchemy Path powerhouses’ wisdom these several thousand years was absolutely not an undeserved reputation.

Cao Zheng’s words shocked all the martial artists present until they were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

“What? The Cao Family can actually bear to hand the Thousand Query Wall to City Lord Manor! This . . . Just why is this?”

“This is a major epoch event to the Endless World’s alchemy world! How is the Cao Family still going to compete with City Lord Manor without the Thousand Query Wall?”

“This Cao Zheng isn’t an impersonator, right? This kind of thing mustn’t be joked around!”

Everyone was speculating the intentions behind this action of Cao Zheng. But no one could have guessed that Cao Zheng was actually fearful of the youth in front of him!

Although some people also guessed clues from Ye Yuan challenging the Thousand Query Wall, it was still very hard for them to link this kind of major thing to Ye Yuan.

This was an insane move!

What in the world was Cao Zheng afraid of?

Cao Zheng had fought in the dark with Ren Xingchun for so long. How could he possibly make such a move?

Ye Yuan glanced at Cao Zheng and was also slightly in admiration of his breadth of spirit.

This kind of swift and opportune decisiveness was not what everybody could have.

“Since Cao Family Head is so generous, my City Lord Manor naturally won’t be stingy either! From tomorrow onwards, I will open a forum and give a lecture in Exquisite Jade Pavilion for five consecutive days. As long as they are alchemists, they can come and listen to the lecture!” Ye Yuan suddenly said in a loud voice.

“What? That young man wants to open a forum and give a lecture? Who is he? So arrogant!”

“Are you kidding? That’s the City Lord’s grandson. He challenged twenty questions from the seventh level at the Thousand Query Wall a few days back. Moreover, all of them were answered correctly!”

“No way, right? Looking at his age, he’s just 17 to 18 years old. How can he have such profound and deep alchemy knowledge?”

“Heh,that, I don’t know! But you mustn’t underestimate him because of his young age! I heard a story that City Lord issuing a self-admonishing edict this time was because of this grandson of his! Perhaps . . . this action of the Cao Family is due to him too!”

“This . . . How is this possible? A 17 year old youth can actually caused such earth-shattering impact?”

“I only heard it. Up to you to believe it or not. But in my opinion, it’s not far off!”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan’s words stirred up a great disturbance in the crowd. The Thousand Query Wall changed owners; the one opening a forum and giving a lecture was actually not the City Lord but his grandson!

Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying performance mostly circulated around the Endless World’s upper echelons.

And these ordinary martial artists’ and alchemists’ understanding of Ye Yuan was extremely limited.

But one could also tell from the news that had spread out that this youth was absolutely out of the ordinary.

It was just that opening a forum and giving a lecture was not something that normal people dared to do. Today, in front of so many people, Ye Yuan made such a promise. Did he have the ability to keep it?

A minority of the people believed it. But the vast majority of the people did not believe this.

A 17 years old youth saying to open a forum and give a lecture. This was simply a joke.

Many people believed that Ye Yuan would definitely be replaced by the City Lord a few days later; the City Lord would be the one giving the lecture.

The Thousand Query Wall changing owners and then the City Lord, His Excellency, coming forward to open a forum and give a lecture was something justifiable.

Ye Yuan’s experience was too shallow and was simply incapable of suppressing the scene.

The reason why Ye Yuan did this was naturally that he had his own ideas.

Now that the Fierce Gale World was glaring at them like a ravenous tiger, to the Endless World’s alchemists, even if they could increase a tiny bit of strength, it was still good.

Hence, he would rather waste five days to host a forum and give a lecture. Perhaps it might let some alchemists glean considerable gains?

Furthermore, since the City Lord Manor took over the Thousand Query Wall, they had to at least have some indications, to let these alchemists submit wholeheartedly.

Ye Yuan did not like Ren Xingchun that old man. But Ye Yuan still had another plan.

The position of the next City Lord, he would accept it on Ye Hang’s behalf!

With him around, Ye Hang would surely break through to Alchemy Sovereign Realm within ten years. There was nobody more suitable than him to take over Wu Fang City.

Father had been nursing grievances for so many years. He got to at least hold his head up high!