Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Everyone Present

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Cao Zheng looked deeply at Ye Yuan and said with clasped hands, “Then I’ll have to trouble Little Brother Ye. Tomorrow, this Cao will definitely be there to listen to Little Brother Ye’s lecture!”

Cao Zheng’s words were equivalent to tacitly acknowledging the reality of Ye Yuan opening a forum and giving a lecture.

His attitude caused a stir in the crowd once again.

With the Cao Family’s foundation, he was actually going to listen to Ye Yuan’s lecture!

Those onlooking martial artists and alchemists all looked at Ye Yuan with amazed eyes.

Right at this time, a servant called out loudly again, “Heavenly Martial Sect’s Old Ancestor Ning, Myriad Sword Sect’s Old Ancestor Qin, and Profound Ice Sect’s Old Ancestor Jing Xuan, has arrived!”

“No way, right? The Three Sects’ old ancestors are actually all here! What kind of status do they have? To actually turn up personally for the City Lord’s daughter’s wedding event!”

“Weren’t the three old ancestors all preparing the matters concerning the establishment of the alliance? To actually find time out of their busy schedule to attend the wedding!”

“These three old ancestors aren’t here on account of City Lord’s grandson too, right?

Ning Yixian trio’s arrival caused a commotion.

Their identities were too high. Furthermore, when they were busy with official affairs, logically speaking, sending a Divine Traversing Realm expert from each sect over should be enough. No one could have thought that they would actually come here personally.

At this time, many people were already guessing that these three people came for Ye Yuan too.

“Hahaha!Younger Brother Ye, this old man came here to congratulate!”

Qin Hongtao’s voice was like a great bell and actually had a very happy appearance. He grabbed hold of Ye Yuan’s arm and appeared very close.

Ye Yuan was bewildered by this action of Qin Hongtao. He thought to himself if it was possible that this old man ate the wrong medicine?

If Ning Yixian took this kind of action, he would not be too surprised. But Qin Hongtao still had a considerable grudge with him. How could he have such an attitude?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s dubious eyes, Ning Yixian explained with a smile, “Ever since Qin Yan returned from the Tranquil Cloud Sect trip, he reflected on the bitter lesson. A few days ago, he already broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm, becoming a Soul Sea Realm expert! After Qin Yan exited seclusion, he said that for him to be able to break through successfully this time, the person he was most grateful to was you!Huhu,for this matter, Old Man Qin even showed off in front of us for several days!”

Ye Yuan came to understand only when he heard that. It was just that he never expected that Qin Yan would actually break through so quickly.

From the Sea Transformation Realm to the Soul Sea Realm, there was an incredible barrier. It was the checkpoint of transitioning from the Lower Three Realms to the Middle Three Realms.

Even for Qin Yan, these peerless heaven’s chosen, wanting to cross this hurdle required the accumulation of a very long period of time too.

Qin Yan, Guo Taoqun, and Yin Yanhua, these three people were originally running neck to neck. To think that it was actually Qin Yan who strode out this step first.

“Huhu,so that’s how it is! Then I’ll have to congratulate Old Ancestor Qin!” Ye Yuan cupped his fists and congratulated.

“Haha!Both of us together! Younger Brother Ye, don’t need to be courteous with me. In the future, call me Elder Brother as well will do. Your father and mother returning to their family clan and getting married blissfully. I, as the elder brother, have to come and congratulate no matter what. This Goose Plume Treasure Armor was used by me in my early days. It’s already infinitely close to a profound artifact,” Qin Hongtao said with a loud laugh.

Ye Yuan’s heart was moved. Defensive spirit artifacts were extremely hard to come by and tend to be much greater in value compared to offensive ones.

Although this Goose Plume Treasure Armor had not yet reached the level of a profound artifact, its value was already not beneath the Xuanying Sword which Dan Chenzi gifted.

This Qin Hongtao making a move was rather extravagant.

“You, this old man’s opening move is the Goose Plume Treasure Armor. Doesn’t that make it hard for the two of us? Fortunately, this old man, I, have preparations. Come, Ye Yuan. This is Earthcore Spirit Essence Milk. With your knowledge, you should know its value. It’s absolutely not beneath that Goose Plume Treasure Armor of Old Man Qin!” Ning Yixian said with a smile.

“Ye Yuan, this is our Profound Ice Sect’s specialty product, Iceheart Tranquil Lotus. This lotus will only bloom once every hundred years. Even in my Profound Ice Sect, it’s an extremely rare object too,” Jing Xuan said.

When Ye Yuan saw this Iceheart Tranquil Lotus, he could not help becoming wildly ecstatic in his heart.

He truly did not expect that the Iceheart Tranquil Lotus actually really existed in the Endless World!

This Iceheart Tranquil Lotus was a Tier 5 item. To people who cultivated in ice-attribute cultivation laws, it was a greatly beneficial item.

Even when swallowing it whole, it could also be comparable to ten years of bitter cultivation! To the Profound Ice Sect’s martial artists, it was absolutely an extremely precious spirit medicine.

Of course, Ye Yuan was not concerned by this.

The reason why he was so elated was that this Iceheart Tranquil Lotus was a type of Tier 5 medicinal herb. It was also the mandatory material to refine the Tier 5 medicinal pill, Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill!

This Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill was a miracle elixir to treat the chronic disease in Lu-er’s body!

For such a long time, Lu-er had been staying inside Ye Yuan’s spatial spirit artifact all this while because she was unable to cultivate.

But Ye Yuan’s current realm was unable to help Lu-er uproot the chronic disease. This had always been a worry for Ye Yuan.

This Iceheart Tranquil Lotus was very seldom seen. Ye Yuan even thought that it probably could not be found in the Endless World. Who knew that it was acquired without any effort at all! This was actually the Profound Ice Sect’s specialty product!

As long as Ye Yuan broke through to Divine Traversing Realm, refining this Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill would naturally be easily accomplished.

Ye Yuan contained the joy in his heart and said to the three people with clasped hands, “Many thanks to three old ancestors! Elder Brother Wu Xuan prepared Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew for everybody! Three old ancestors, please head inside to have a taste!”

Qin Hongtao’s eyes lit up, and he said in ecstasy, “I’ve drunk the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew once at Fu Yunjing’s place. Until now, it still brings back endless aftertastes. Didn’t expect that Wu Xuan that old fellow actually knows how to brew it too? Old Man Ning, Jing Xuan, hurry, hurry! I want to go and have a taste!”

Ning Yixian had clearly heard of Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew’s great name before. At this time, his alcohol addiction flared up too. He said goodbye to Ye Yuan and went inside with Jing Xuan.

“Hahaha!Little Brother Ye, this old man came without an invitation. You mustn’t blame me!”

Ye Yuan hurriedly went up to greet with clasped hands as he said with a smile, “What’s Old Hai saying here? You’re working hard for the common people in the world. How can Ye Yuan dare to blame you? Furthermore, my parents are just holding a make-up wedding. How can we dare to trouble Old Hai to grace us with your grand presence?”

Qi Hai said with a laugh, “Even if I’m any busier, Little Brother Ye’s parents’ great event, I have to rush over too! Here, this is an Ancient Tiger Bone which I acquired some years back in the Endless Forest. I don’t have much use for it keeping it either. I’ll give it to you as a gift then!”

Qi Hai’s voice had yet to fade when a streak of white light flashed past and snatched away the tiger bone from Qi Hai’s hands. It was precisely White Light.

Ye Yuan furrowed his brows and said, “White Light! Don’t be rude!”

Qi Hai laughed and said,“Haha!No worries, no worries! This little white tiger of your is really smart. Presumably, this tiger bone is very useful to him.”

Qi Hai had seen before White Light around Ye Yuan long ago. He faintly sensed this little white tiger’s extraordinariness.

If not for this, how could White Light possibly snatch away things from Qi Hai’s hands with his present strength?

“Heh heh,Big Brother, I was too agitated just now! This tiger bone is very useful to me! I’ll accept it on your behalf!”

As he said, White Light’s figure moved, vanishing from everyone’s sights.

Ye Yuan could not help smiling wryly. This fellow was so impolite to his elders.

Seeing that the time was almost right, Ye Yuan said to Qi Hai, “Old Hai, the auspicious hour is drawing near. I, as the son, can’t screw up my parent’s great event. Let’s go in!”