Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 54

Chapter 54


Ye Hang’s hands moved like phantoms as he operated the pill cauldron. The medicinal pill in the pill cauldron was about to form as it gave off a faint light.


Ye Hang gave a low cry, and the light on the medicinal pill dissipated, forming a dark green medicinal pill.

Making a gesture of grabbing at it, the pill flew into Ye Hang’s hand.

“Sigh.I was too overconfident. If it were so easy to invent a new medicinal pill, how could it be that it’s my, Ye Hang’s, turn to do it?” Ye Hang shook his head and threw away the newly refined pill.

Presently, Ye Hang looked utterly haggard. It was evident that he was greatly exhausted.

He was attempting to develop new medicinal pills without getting any sleep or rest these few days in order to prevent the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion from declining. But all of his efforts were in vain.

Even though Essence Qi Pill was not among high-tier pills, after countless years of development, it was actually incomparably mature.

How could it be easy to develop a new medicinal pill which had even stronger medicinal effects than Essence Qi Pill to replace it?

“I didn’t think that after working hard for so many years, I, Ye Hang, still can’t escape the outcome of defeat. What a failure!” Ye Hang sighed again.

Unwittingly, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly appeared in Ye Hang’s mind, and some clarity was restored in his hazy eyes.

“If I’m defeated, then I’m defeated. At least my son has that mysterious teacher. His future accomplishments will definitely be limitless.”

He was naturally aware of Ye Yuan’s performance in the Dan Wu Academy these past few days, and he was delighted in his heart.

But he was still not aware that Ye Yuan had already advanced to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, passed the Black Rank Advancement test, and became an Earth Rank student.

Ye Hang was originally a sanguine person and did not take defeat heavily. It was just that this bunch of old fellows at the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion had followed him for a long time. His individual success or failure was connected to the livelihood of many people. That was why he tried day and night to regain some lost ground.

Perhaps their hearts were connected. Just as Ye Hang thought about his son, Ye Yuan’s knocking on the door sounded. “Father, this Child is back. May I enter?”

Ye Hang’s heart shook slightly, and he went to open the door. Sure enough, it was Ye Yuan.

“Father, I heard that you were in a closed-door seclusion, so I came here directly. I didn’t interrupt you, did I?”Ye Yuan bowed towards Ye Hang and asked.

“Haha.What’s there to interrupt? Yuan-er is back. Any important matter has to be put aside! Come, let us father and son talk in the study room. Tell me what happened in the Dan Wu Academy.” Ye Hang pulled his son and headed out.

Ye Yuan was touched. Ye Hang’s love for his son really surpassed everything.

Even at this time, Ye Hang was interested to find out about Ye Yuan’s experience in the Dan Wu Academy rather than finding a way to save the situation. One could only imagine Ye Yuan’s place in Ye Hang’s heart.

Before leaving, Ye Yuan swept his eyes around the pill refinement room and sniffed the medicinal fragrance lingering in the air. He already knew the goal of Ye Hang’s closed-door seclusion.

. . . . . .

“Yuan-er, I heard that you had a deathmatch with that brat from the Wan Family whose surname was Fei, right after you returned to the academy? And that you finished him off with your Third Level Essence Qi Realm strength? That is so satisfying!Yii?Y-you . . . already broke through to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm?”

Just now, Ye Hang did not notice yet. But as he was talking, he discovered that Ye Yuan’s aura was much stronger than before he left. Clearly, he already broke through to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, so he could not help but be astonished.

“Haha.I was fortunate and broke through two days ago. I also passed through three advancement tests consecutively yesterday. Now, I’m already an Earth Rank student.”

Ye Yuan was not showing off, but it was because he knew that his father was in a lousy mood. So he found something to cheer him up. It was clear just how much effort he expended from how worn out Ye Hang looked. Ye Yuan felt his heart ache just by looking at him.

As expected, when Ye Yuan told him that, Ye Hang immediately perked up and exclaimed in delight, “The heavens had opened their eyes! My son really became competent! That brat from the Wan Family only just advanced to become Earth Rank, but my son only used a month to do the same! What a resounding face-smacking difference!Hahaha!”

After a bout of hearty laughter, Ye Hang gradually quietened down. But the joy on his face could not be concealed.

Suddenly recalling something, Ye Hang frowned slightly and asked him, “Yuan-er, it’s naturally a good thing for your strength to advance so quickly. But would it affect your future cultivation?”

Ye Hang’s worry happened to coincide with Jiang Yunhe’s. This concern was not without reason.

Cultivating the Martial Dao always focused on moving along carefully each step of the way. It was cultivation’s great taboo to neglect a solid foundation in pursuit of a temporary spurt of progress.

Ye Yuan’s advancement was truly too rapid. As a father, he was naturally concerned whether or not his son’s foundation was unstable, and if it would affect future cultivation.

“Don’t worry, Father. I know what I’m doing. The cultivation law that Master passed on to me is highly mystical. If I didn’t fear that my cultivation realm rising too quickly would affect my foundation, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to cultivate to the Seventh or Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm right now,” Ye Yuan replied indifferently.

After he said that, Ye Hang calmed down even though he was still a little worried.

The Master in Ye Yuan’s dream was unfathomable and passed him so many techniques. He most likely would not harm him.

“Then it’s alright.Ohright. You just went to the academy a while ago. Why did you return to the capital again? Do you lack cultivation resources?”

The matter of Ye Yuan participating in the alchemist test was only decided yesterday. Ye Hang did not receive the news yet.

“In four days’ time, a party from the academy will undergo a group test at the Alchemist Association. I’m here to take part in the alchemist test.”

“Alchemist test?Oh.You can refine Heart Inch Fissure. So taking the Alchemist Apprentice test is obviously not an issue. It’s just that the alchemist test only has three chances. Yuan-er, your experience is still too little after all. Are you confident?”

The way Ye Hang saw it, Ye Yuan definitely failed countless times before he succeeded in refining the Heart Inch Fissure back then.

Nobody knew him like his father. In the past, Ye Yuan basically never even touched alchemy before. How could one possibly increase the success rate of pill refinement without their technique being tempered through countless practices?

“I trained quite a bit these past few days, so it shouldn’t be an issue.” Ye Yuan smiled.

“Then that’s good. Take these two days to adjust yourself properly to take the test in your best condition.” Ye Hang encouraged him.

Ye Yuan naturally nodded and acknowledged those words. Following which, he took the opportunity to ask,”Father, when I just came back, I asked shopkeeper Feng. Are you worrying about the Essence Gathering Pill these past few days, Father?”

When Ye Yuan mentioned this matter, a trace of uneasiness flashed across Ye Hang’s face. But it was quickly covered up as he smiled and said, “Yuan-er, you just have to cultivate well in the academy. Don’t worry about what’s happening at home. Wan Donghai couldn’t do anything to your father after so many years. This time around, it’s obviously going to be the same.”

Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, “Father, I’m already grown up. This kind of low-level lie won’t work on me.”

Ye Hang gave an awkward look.“H-haha.Actually . . . this time around . . . it’s a little bit problematic.”

“Father, Master taught me many areas of alchemy in my dream. There is a type of medicinal pill called Explosive Yuan Pill. The medicinal effects are multiple times of the Essence Qi Pill. It should help you tide over the crisis this time,” Ye Yuan said solemnly.

“Multiple times? You are talking about Tier 2 medicinal pills, right? Then it’s useless.” Ye Hang shook his head. He did not think that there were any Tier 1 medicinal pills with multiple times the medicinal effects of the Essence Qi Pill.

However, Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Not a Tier 2. It’s only a Tier 1 medicinal pill.”

“What? A Tier 1 medicinal pill? Multiple times? How is that possible?!” Ye Hang stared wide-eyed at him, with disbelief written all over his face.