Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 542

Chapter 542 Insist On Not Accepting

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“Changed! Changed! It really changed!”

“The Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew really has Seven Star Grass inside!”

“Fu Yunjing is too much! To actually slander Wu Xuan like this! This fellow is really shameless!”

. . . . . .

Following placing a small amount of white colored powder into a cup of Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew, the originally clear liquor became lilac color very quickly.

With this, just who caused a disturbance first was perfectly clear.

Many people had a feeling of being duped and became indignant right away, cursing Fu Yunjing’s shamelessness.

This fellow was clearly envious that Wu Xuan brewed better Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew than what he could. That was why he vilified Wu Xuan.

What improve the formula! Utter bullshit!

“What are you still standing there for? Could it be you still want this old man to invite you to leave? Get lost!” Qi Hai said coldly.

If today wasn’t Ye Yuan’s parents’ joyous day, Qi Hai might have made a move and injured people.

This fellow actually forced him into a very awkward situation earlier. If not for Ye Yuan instructing him secretly on how to break the deadlock, he would really be stuck today.

Although Qi Hai was very easy-going, this did not mean that anyone could trample on his reputation.

Although Fu Yunjing’s strength was decent, it was still lacking in front of Qi Hai, and he did not have the qualifications to pick a fight with him either.

Being forced into a dilemma by such a person, the fury in Qi Hai’s heart could be imagined.

The lie was exposed. Fu Yunjing naturally had no face to stay here anymore either. In truth, he already incurred public wrath today. In the future, he would probably have no way of even staying in this Wu Fang City.

Fu Yunjing shot Ye Yuan a fierce glare and said with a cold snort, “Leave then leave! This old man admits to his bad luck today! Boy, we’ll wait and see! I, Fu Yunjing, will officially break away from Wu Fang City starting from today!”

Leaving behind a few fierce words, Fu Yunjing flicked his sleeves grandly and hastened out of the entrance like fleeing.

Seeing this scene, Qi Hai’s expression darkened slightly. He said to Ning Yixian, “Send people to keep an eye on this old punk. Today isn’t suited to get into a fight. After today passes, take good care of him for me!”

“Yes, Old Hai!”

Ning Yixian was also fooled by Fu Yunjing just now and even thought that Wu Xuan really stole the recipe.

To talk about taking care of Fu Yunjing, he had no problems at all, nodding his head at once and consenting to this.

Fu Yunjing was just an itinerant Alchemy Sovereign in Wu Fang City. Even though his strength was passable, he did not have too great of a background.

In the past, he still had some status among Wu Fang City’s upper echelons relying on the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew. But his actions today truly offended many people. Everybody naturally did not have much of a favorable impression towards him anymore either.

“Alright, alright! The time is almost here. Don’t dampen everybody’s spirits because of a stinky bug like this. Fine wine and delicacies are ahead. Everyone best savors it to your heart’s content!” Qi Hai said coolly.

With this reminder, everyone all came back to their senses as well.

There was free Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew to savor today. There wouldn’t be this stall anymore after passing this village.

While the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew which Wu Xuan brought here today was a lot, with so many people getting a share, there was actually not much left either.

Hence, the more these people drank, the more they treasured it. The more they drank, they more they would reminisce the aftertaste.

There were some people present who had drunk before Fu Yunjing’s Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew. But this wine drank today was even more fragrant than his.

Before long, Ren Yujie walked into the main hall and called out in a clear voice, “The auspicious hour has arrived! Please welcome, the City Lord, His Excellency!”

Ren Xingchun walked out in slow strides. He walked to the highest seat of honor and took his seat.

“Please welcome, the groom and the bride!”

The groom Ye Hang, all dressed in red-robes, led Ren Hongling who was wearing phoenix coronet and ceremonial robes and walked out too.

Next, was bowing to heaven and earth.

Ye Yuan looked at his blissful looking parents from below. A warm current brimmed in his heart too.

Actually, in his mother’s heart, she still worried about this unreasonable father of hers. This point, Ye Yuan was naturally clear in his heart as somebody with two lifetimes. Otherwise, he would not give Ren Xingchun a chance either.

With Ren Xingchun this backing, Ye Yuan could put his mind completely at ease when going out to make a break in the future.

The remaining thing was to deal with the Fierce Gale World’s invasion.

Ye Yuan kept feeling that the Fierce Gale World’s invasion had some areas which were not right. But he could never figure out what was wrong.

This feeling of losing control made him very uncomfortable.

But this kind of thing, unless Zhao Tianyin told him personally, otherwise, there was simply no way of knowing. Now, he could only just take it one step at a time too.

The most important thing now was still to increase his strength as soon as possible. Only through his way could he have the strength to protect himself facing these Fierce Gale World’s experts.

Even though his current strength far surpassed martial artists at the same rank, in front of a real expert in a true battle, he still could not take a single blow.

Hence, Ye Yuan was still harboring considerable hope towards the Vast Heaven Pagoda inheritance this time.

After the ceremony ended, Ren Xingchun suddenly got up and said in a clear voice, “Thank you all for coming to support. This Ren is endlessly grateful. Taking advantage of this joyous day today, this Ren still has something to announce.”

Ren Xingchun paused for a bit, glanced at Ye Yuan, and said, “This old man did a wrong thing back then. This matter, everybody is already aware. This old man won’t hide it from everyone either. Today, it’s all thanks to this grandson of mine that I was able to see the error of my ways and repent! Therefore, today, I want to appoint Ye Yuan as Wu Fang City’s Young Lord. I wonder what are everyone’s opinions?”

Although City Lord Manor had the final say in Wu Fang City, the Ren Family was not the fixed city lord.

Back then, the Cao Family dominated the city lord position for a very long time but was replaced by Ren Xingchun.

Hence, for Ren Xingchun to want to appoint a young lord, it still needed to go through everyone’s approval.

Ye Yuan, regardless whether was it talent or strength, there was probably not a single person who dared to say a word of objection.

Ye Yuan being this young lord was naturally also getting what was deserved.

“Ye Yuan is a young hero. He can naturally take on this great responsibility!”

“I have no objections. City Lord, you make the call!”

“This Cao represents the Cao Family and firmly endorses Young Lord Ye Yuan!”

When Ren Xingchun’s words were spoken, everyone all clamored to respond.

Seeing this scene, Ren Xingchun nodded his head slightly too and said to Ye Yuan, “Ye Yuan, from now onwards, you’ll be . . .”

“Hold on!” Ye Yuan extended a hand and interrupted Ren Xingchun’s words, saying, “This status of a young lord, I’m not interested!”

Ren Xingchun’s face went black. Wasn’t this punk too uncivil?

Wu Fang City’s Young Lord was an existence on the same level as the Three Sect’s head disciples. It was already the highest position among the Endless World’s junior generation.

This boy actually refused!

Could it be that this boy was still harboring hatred in his heart and wanted to make him look bad in front of everyone?

How could he know that how could Ye Yuan settle on a puny little Wu Fang City Young Lord?

Among the people present, probably only Qi Hai could slightly understand Ye Yuan’s thoughts.

But even he was unable to understand how great Ye Yuan’s horizons were either.

“Not just me, Ren Dong that boy, I’m bringing away too!” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

When these words came out, the audience burst into an uproar.

It was fine if this boy did not accept the position of City Lord himself, he actually forbid Ren Xingchun’s most favored grandson to be City Lord too.

This time, it was really overboard!

“Ye Yuan, this old man already issued a self-admonishing edict. You should understand what this means. Are you going to ruin my Ren Family’s future in front of so many people?”

Rivers and mountains may be changed, but it’s hard to alter a man’s nature.

Ye Yuan slapped his face in public. The fury in his heart could be imagined.