Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 543

Chapter 543 The Road Underfoot

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Ye Yuan looked at Ren Xingchun, feeling very amused in his heart.

If it were in the past, this old fellow would have long sent a palm howling over. But now, he was talking reason with him. It was also aggrieving enough.

However, Ye Yuan did not have plans on changing his thinking.

The vast sky allowed a bird to fly, and the wide sea allowed a fish to leap about. It was naturally impossible for him to stay in a tiny little Wu Fang City to be some young lord.

“I have my own plans for the future. It’s impossible to keep on staying in Wu Fang City. And Ren Dong already acknowledged me as his master. I naturally have to guide him well. As for this young lord position, I can recommend a person to you,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Ren Xingchun was rather curious. Apart from Ye Yuan and Ren Dong, who else had the capabilities to be qualified for this young lord position.

“Say it.”

Ye Yuan’s gaze landed on Ye Hang, and he said with a smile, “Far away on the horizon, and yet right before your eyes!”

Ye Hang was stupefied and pointed to himself and said, “Me? What kind of joke is this?!”

Ren Xingchun’s expression darkened once more. This punk was purely making a laughing stock out of him!

How much capabilities Ye Hang had that he could still not be aware of? If Ye Hang had this capability, why would he object to Ren Hongling being together with him so determinedly back then?

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m not joking! Father, you don’t need to belittle yourself either. Within ten years, you can definitely surpass Old Man Ren!”

Ye Yuan did not approve of Ren Xingchun up until now either, so he kept calling him Old Man Ren.

Of course, Old Man Ren’s mind was completely not focused on this. He was currently burning with rage.

This punk was getting more preposterous as he spoke!

Ye Hang surpassing him within ten years? Wasn’t this a fantasy tale?

“Ye Yuan! Messing around got to have a limit too! Even if you don’t acknowledge this old man, there isn’t a need to make this sort of joke in front of so many people either!” Ren Xingchun said furiously.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “I already said, I’m not joking around! Like this, how about we make a bet? If Father is unable to surpass you within ten years, I’ll come back and be the Young Lord for you!”

What Ye Yuan was implying was Ye Hang being the City Lord and not Young Lord!

This sort of ‘big talk,’ probably only Ye Yuan dared to say it.

Actually, Ye Yuan naturally had full confidence in Ye Hang. He cultivated the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art and Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation, these two cultivation methods. If he still could not break through to the Alchemy Sovereign Realm within ten years, then that would be unbelievable!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan knew that Ye Hang’s talent was not bad.

Back then, the reason why he was inferior to Ren Hongling was entirely that of family background and resources problem.

Now that Ye Hang’s back was leaning on City Lord Manor this big tree, and he had the Divine Realm’s pinnacle level cultivation methods, cultivating to the Alchemy Sovereign Realm within ten years was absolutely as easy as turning over one’s hand.

It was just that these people had no way of understanding.

But Ye Yuan believed that before long, Ye Han’s improvement speed would leave everyone dumbfounded.

“Fine! This old man will bet with you!” Ren Xingchun agreed without any hesitation.

Ten years time was not considered long to him. He could totally wait.

At that time, if Ye Hang did not have the qualifications, wouldn’t Ye Yuan still come back obediently to take over Wu Fang City?

How could he know that how could Ye Yuan possibly stay in the Lower Realms for ten years?

. . . . . .

The next day, a high platform was built in the Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s Thousand Query Wall’s main hall.

A youth was currently sitting upright solemnly, with the air of a great master.

But all the people below the stage were older than him, looking rather incongruous.

This sort of thing like hosting a forum and giving a lecture, without reaching a certain level, nobody dared to do it. Especially in Wu Fang City, the alchemy holy land.

The level of the alchemists’ standards here practically assembled all of Endless World’s alchemy path elites.

Without Alchemy Sovereign strength, how could the average person dare to open a forum and give a lecture?

But Ye Yuan this Quasi-Alchemy King Realm youth actually did it.

Even though Ye Yuan was at the height of his popularity right now in Wu Fang City, it was not enough. The people who came to watch him make a fool of himself today was actually not the minority.

Ye Yuan was seriously too young. As the saying went: young people couldn’t be trusted with important tasks.

Many people only heard rumors of the Thousand Query Wall’s seventh level’s questions being answered by someone. But not many people believed it.

Of course, among the people here today, there were many who were alchemists present on that day. They all witnessed Ye Yuan’s spectacular performance.

Today was the first day the Ren Family took over the Thousand Query Wall. Many people were also skeptical about whether or not the Ren Family had the foundation to take over.

Ye Yuan sat at the top very composedly, without the slightest hint of stage fright.

In his previous life, he had opened forums and given lectures more than once. Regarding such spectacles, he was all too familiar. It was simply far from getting stage fright.

Compared to his previous life, the levels of these people in front of him was seriously too low.

One had to know that each time Ji Qingyun hosted a forum and gave a lecture in his previous life, there were even quite a number of Alchemy Emperor powerhouses who came upon hearing the news!

Likewise, an Alchemy Emperor, Ye Yuan’s strength was much stronger compared to those people!

Now, facing this small scene, it was simply child’s play to Ye Yuan.

After everybody settled down, Ye Yuan’s first words made everyone’s glasses fall off.

“The Alchemy Path and Martial Path are the same; they are also a kind of Great Dao! The direction of Dao is formed by accumulating it step by step! As the saying goes: without the accumulations of small steps, it’s impossible to walk and finish a journey of a thousand miles; without accumulating small, trickling streams, it’s unable to form a great sea. There is no lack of Quasi-Alchemy Kings, Alchemy Kings, and even Alchemy Sovereign experts among you all. But touch your heart and ask yourselves, this road underneath your foot, was it really walked properly? This first day today, what I’ll be narrating to you all is the refinement of Tier 1 medicinal pills!”

“What did he say just now? At the start, hearing it was still quite interesting. But why did the style change as he spoke? With our strength, do we still need to listen to the refining methods of Tier 1 medicinal pills? Simply ludicrous!”

“Yeah! What kind of bullshit hosting a forum and giving a lecture! Simply courting people’s favor by talking big to impress! City Lord Manor actually sent a small child here to host a forum and give a lecture. What a joke!”

“Let’s leave, leave! We came all the way here; could it be to just listen to a child talk about refining Tier 1 medicinal pills? Isn’t this wasting time?!”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan’s words immediately incurred everyone’s intense backlash.

Even those who had seen before Ye Yuan’s spectacular performance were also very disappointed by Ye Yuan’s performance today.

Could it be that Ye Yuan came prepared that day? That was why he was so mind-boggling?

Today, in front of everyone, his true colors were revealed?

Ye Yuan finished saying the first sentence, and there were already many people starting to walk out.

Regardless of whether they were martial artists or alchemists, their eyes were forever looking up. There would never be anyone who would think much of martial artists lower rank than themselves.

Of course, Ye Yuan was an exception.

The way these people saw it, Tier 1 medicinal pills utterly did not even count as learning the rudiments. Was there still a need to pretend and host a forum to give a lecture?

But the reason why Ye Yuan could have such great accomplishments in his previous life was that his foundation was laid down too solidly!

Wait until his boundary became high; it was merely just piecing together the originally simple things.

The refining methods which looked to be extremely unfathomable in other people’s eyes was very simple in Ye Yuan’s view.

Ye Yuan did not bother with those people who left but continued to speak with fervor and confidence.

Some people left, but some people reined in their impatience and stayed behind.

And the expression on their faces also changed to become fervor from the initial disdain and finally became enthrallment.