Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Master Ye

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High-rise buildings were raised from the ground up!

For Ye Yuan to be able to reach Peak Alchemy Emperor Realm, it was absolutely not by chance.

The sturdiness of his basic skills in alchemy could make everyone all perspire from embarrassment, let alone that the ones with the highest strength among these alchemists in front of him were Alchemy Sovereign?

Ye Yuan’s elucidation explained profound theories in simple terms, making those alchemists all have a feeling of suddenly becoming enlightened.

Only after these alchemists listened to his words did they know that their path all the way over here was like a large funnel.

Leaking as they walked.

Reaching their boundary now, they already missed God knows how many things.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s sermon, they wished that they could immediately go back to study Tier 1 medicinal pills, systems, and learn once more!

With Ye Yuan’s realm, narrating these basic theories was enough to make these people glean considerable gains.

In the beginning, it was still quite noisy inside the entire main hall.

But later on, the entire main hall became perfectly silent. Only Ye Yuan’s voice was reverberating.

Those alchemists, including Cao Zheng who came with the mood of attending the event, all became devout believers at this time.

The faces of these people would reveal a ‘so that’s how it is’ look every now and then.

“Alright. The sermon today will end here. Now is the time to raise questions. I can answer ten of your questions. Starting now then.”

Ye Yuan’s indifferent voice sounded out. Only now, did the audience startle awake.

Many people still had a look of recollecting the aftertaste. Evidently, they had not yet recovered from Ye Yuan’s sermon earlier.

Only at this time, did they abruptly wake up. The one giving them a sermon was merely a 17 year old youth!

How monstrous was this youth? To actually have such profound understanding of Tier 1 medicinal pills?

Compared to Ye Yuan’s lecture earlier, the Herbal Compendium was simply like a child’s play; too shallow!

They all could not understand how a 17 year old youth’s understanding of alchemy reached such a level.

“Master Ye, I have a question to ask!”

An Alchemy King was the first to react and was the first to raise his hand.

And in his words, Ye Yuan already became ‘Master Ye.’

Seeing that Alchemy King raise his hand, everyone was lamenting with regret in their hearts that they missed such a precious opportunity to clarify their doubts.

But they all secretly made up their minds to definitely be the first one to raise their hands next time!

Ren Dong was already standing on the platform at this time, helping Ye Yuan to maintain order.

He was listening to the lecture below the stage the entire time before this and also received considerable gains.

These few days, he had been researching Tier 1 medicinal pills the entire time and had long trained the Greater Phaseless Art to the Legendary Realm under Ye Yuan’s guidance.

Ren Dong felt that his understanding towards Tier 1 medicinal pills was already quite okay.

But after hearing Ye Yuan’s talk today, he discovered that he seemed to have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Although these Tier 1 medicinal pills were simple, the things that he needed to studied in-depth were way too many.

Standing on the platform at this time to help Ye Yuan maintain order and hearing these people call Master Ye one after the other, he had indescribable pride in his heart.

This master of his was considered acknowledged correctly!

Even though Ye Yuan was his cousin, the disparity between the two of them was too great.

“It’s you then! Ask away!” Ren Dong said.

But when that Alchemy King heard Ren Dong’s words, he became hesitant and actually did not open his mouth for a time.

Ren Dong said unhappily, “Is there a question or not? If there isn’t, switch to somebody else! Master’s time is very precious! Where does he have the time to dawdle with you here?”

Only then did the Alchemy King said hesitatingly, “Master Ye, my question concerns Tier 4 medicinal pills. I wonder . . .”

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, “Doesn’t matter. Ask away.”

This person was clearly afraid that he could not answer Tier 4 medicinal pills problems. Furthermore, the question asked was not too conforming with the contents of the sermon. Hence, he would appear hesitant.

That Alchemy King was immediately overjoyed when he heard and said, “Master Ye, recently when I’ve been refining the Phoenix Flame Pill, I noticed a problem. When the Phoenix Cry Grass and Bamboo Filament Azure Yellow are together, they keep on being unable to fuse together perfectly. From there, it caused my pill refinement success rate and quality unable to improve. I tried countless ways but always failed to resolve this issue. Master Ye, please resolve my doubt.”

When this Alchemy King expert was raising his problem, he was like a student asking a teacher questions, very devoutly.

But towards his attitude, nobody questioned it.

Ye Yuan already used his broad and profound alchemy knowledge to subdue everyone.

Among the people present, there were quite a few people who were among the group present when Ye Yuan challenged the Thousand Query Wall.

Regarding whether or not Ye Yuan could answer an Alchemy King’s question, they were not worried in the slightest.

Very uncoincidentally, this Alchemy King was not present the previous time. Hence, he was still somewhat doubtful about Ye Yuan’s ability.

After all, even if a person researched more thoroughly into Tier 1 medicinal pills, it did not have the slightest thing to do with Tier 4 medicinal pills either.

Ye Yuan said without any need to think, “The Phoenix Flame Grass and the Bamboo Filament Azure Yellow, their attributes clash. If you forcefully try to fuse them together, it naturally can’t do so perfectly. Each time you were refining the Phoenix Flame Pill, was there a feeling of losing control of the fire, the medicinal pill about to jump out of your palm, around 15 minutes before forming the pill?”

The Alchemy King’s eyes lit up, and he nodded his head like a chicken pecking for rice as he quickly said, “Yes, yes, yes! It’s like that! Master Ye is really like a deity, to actually even know when my problem occurs as if you’ve seen it with your own eyes! May I ask Master, why is this so? Is there any way to resolve?”

Seeing this scene, everyone all revealed looks of admiration.

Ye Yuan was able to guess when this Alchemy King’s problem occurred when he was refining pills just based on his simple description. Moreover, even the timing was said so accurately. This was simply godly skill!

Even Peak Alchemy Sovereign experts probably had no way of making such a judgment under the circumstance where they did not witness personally, right?

Ye Yuan said indifferently, “Is there a type of medicinal herb in the Phoenix Flame Pill called the Wood Immortal Root? Presumably, when you were refining pills, you should have overlooked its existence, right?”

The Alchemy King was stunned and said with a nod, “Master, please explain! Could it be that this Wood Immortal Root still has some special effect? I’ve also thought before in this direction, but after trying several times, I still can’t resolve the issue. So I thought that this Wood Immortal Root completely had no use.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The forming of a pill formula is through repeatedly tempering. Each type of pill formula is the crystallization of the predecessors’ wisdom. As long as the pill formula doesn’t have mistakes, how can the medicinal herbs inside be useless? Refining the Phoenix Flame Pill, this Wood Immortal Root’s effect is indeed not big. But to want to refine high quality Phoenix Flame Pill, this Wood Immortal Root’s effect is indispensable . . .”

Ye Yuan spoke with fervor and assurance, saying the refining method of this Wood Immortal Root detailedly once.

That Alchemy King became more excited as he listened. Towards the end, he was simply about to jump up.

When Ye Yuan finished talking, that Alchemy King bowed almost to the ground. He exclaimed, “Thankful for Master Ye’s guidance! Yan Mu will remember firmly in my heart!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said, “Next one.”

“Master, I have questions.”

“Master Ye, I have questions too!”

“Master, there’s still me.”


“. . . . . .”