Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Alchemy God's Reincarnation

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“You still have the time to drink alcohol here? Master Ye’s lecture is about to start right away! If you still don’t go, there won’t be any seat anymore!”

“Master Ye? Who’s that?”

That person looked at the other party with eyes like he was looking at an alien, with a face full of contempt.

“You don’t even know who Master Ye is? He’s City Lord Manor’s grandson, Ye Yuan, Master Ye! Master Ye’s hosting a forum and giving lectures for five consecutive days at the Thousand Query Wall to answer any doubts. Once you pass this village, there won’t be this temple anymore!”

“Ah?It’s that grandson of the City Lord, His Excellency, that just got recently acknowledged? Isn’t he just a teenager? How can he host a forum and give lectures?”

“I say, what have you been busy with these few days? Master Ye’s lectures have already swept throughout the entire Wu Fang City! You actually don’t know?! Master Ye is simply like the reincarnation of an Alchemy God! If one can get Master Ye’s guidance, it beats 10 years of bitter cultivation! Now, even Alchemy Sovereign experts have started posing questions to Master Ye too!”

“Hiss. . . A teenage youth guiding Alchemy Sovereigns?Ohmy, heaven . . .”

“Forget it, I can’t be bothered with you. You continue to idle away here then. I’m going to the Exquisite Jade Pavilion!”

As he said, that person left like a gust of wind.

Today was already the fifth day, the last day, that Ye Yuan was hosting a forum and giving a lecture. During the previous four days, Ye Yuan’s reputation already resounded throughout the entire Wu Fang City.

Master Ye’s name was practically already a household name in Wu Fang City.

As long as one was an alchemist, regardless whether was it a little Alchemy Apprentice, Alchemy Master, or even a high and lofty Alchemy Sovereign expert, they all took pride in getting Master Ye’s guidance.

The Thousand Query Wall’s main hall was already close to bursting. Every time it reached this time, the inside would be densely packed with practically full of people.

Wu Fang City’s Alchemy Path was extremely flourishing. The number of alchemists in the city was immense.

Yet, these few days, every time it reached the time Ye Yuan was hosting a forum and giving a lecture, the streets inside the city were practically deserted.

The originally extremely bustling markets actually had nobody patronizing anymore.

After the first time, those alchemists who stayed behind to listen to the talk all became Ye Yuan’s loyal followers one by one. They all started to propagate Master Ye’s name without sparing any effort.

On the second day, the headcount in Exquisite Jade Pavilion already soared. It was actually ten times of the previous day’s.

But among these people, the majority was still harboring half-skeptical attitudes to come and take a look.

Ye Yuan carried on as before. What he talked about was all some very basic stuff.

But after the second day, none among these alchemists doubted Ye Yuan’s strength anymore.

Just like this, spreading from person to person, by the time it was the third day, Ye Yuan hosting a forum and giving a lecture already swept throughout the entire Wu Fang City.

Now, even those Alchemy Sovereign experts in the city came due to its fame as well.

Among them included Wu Xuan, Cao Zheng, these people.

Only until today did Cao Zheng know how brilliant this decision of presenting the Exquisite Jade Pavilion to the City Lord Manor was.

With Ye Yuan around, the Thousand Query Wall was simply a joke!

In these few days, there were many formidable people raising all manners of questions to Ye Yuan.

Yet, regardless whether their strength was high or low, how crafty the questions asked was, Ye Yuan’s answer was undeniably accurate and detailed, leaving no fault for people to pick out at all.

This prowess simply exceeded the people’s imaginations.

Even Dan Chenzi and Ren Xingchun could not possibly do it to such an extent either.

Most importantly was that when Ye Yuan answered these questions, it was practically blurted out without any effort as if it did not require any thinking process at all.

In the views of these alchemists, this already reached a god-like realm.

These alchemists simply did not know what the concept of an Alchemy God was. Just like this, the title of ‘Alchemy God’s reincarnation’ was attached to Ye Yuan.

Actually, to them, Ye Yuan was indeed a god-like existence.

At least in alchemy, the level Ye Yuan surpassed them simply could not be measured using realms.

Regarding unknown existences, people tend to be willing to throw ‘god’ this title on top.

Ye Yuan’s present situation was like so.

“Alright. Everybody quiet down,” Ye Yuan’s voice spread out faintly.

This instant, it was as if the entire world’s sounds was voided. The great hall that could accommodate 100 thousand people suddenly became dead silent.

Everyone held their breaths, fearful of missing out any word that Ye Yuan uttered.

“What we’re going to talk about today is . . .”

Ye Yuan started today’s lecture unhurriedly. In the entire main hall, only Ye Yuan’s voice was echoing still.

Originally, there were only several thousand people. Being able to maintain silence was very easy.

But now, the number of people already broke through to 100 thousand people. To still be able to maintain this kind of status, it could be seen how great the attraction of Ye Yuan’s lecture contents was to them!

Same as the previous few days, Ye Yuan’s talk was still just some of the most basic stuff.

These contents, those alchemists themselves were already familiar until they could not be any more familiar. But Ye Yuan talked for five consecutive days, and they still listened with great gusto.

The same kind of medicinal herbs, the same kind of refining methods, Ye Yuan’s narration was entirely different from their understanding.

Not only did it uttered out new meanings, it even showed them heights and depths in alchemy.

There was no lack of alchemists present who were here from day one. After they went back, they refined medicinal pills according to Ye Yuan’s method too.

They discovered to their amazement that some of the very simple things Ye Yuan talked about, even when applied to refining high tier medicinal pills, was similarly applicable!

The quality of the medicinal pills they refined had a considerable raise!

This was also the reason why they held Ye Yuan in increasingly greater esteem.

The contents Ye Yuan narrated today were a lot, talking all the way from morning till dusk, before it finally ended.

“Alright. The lecture ends here. The Thousand Query Wall will be opened as usual from hereafter. If everyone has any question, you can come here to pose them,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Only now, did everyone realize that the five days of lectures had already passed. Ye Yuan would not be giving lectures to everybody anymore.

“Master Ye, can you please expound to us for another three days! No, even just one day is fine as well!”

“Yeah, Master Ye! Listening to your talks these few days, I’ve gotten considerable gains. It simply beats closed-seclusion for ten years! I beseech you, just lecture for one more day!”

“Master Ye, just talk some more!”

. . . . . .

Ren Dong was indignant at this time. He stepped forward and said in a clear voice, “You all stop kicking up a row! Master he has to cultivate too! How can he possibly spend the whole day on giving you all talks? You people make him add one more day today, are you still going to make him add another day tomorrow? Like this, when will it end?”

Following Ye Yuan’s status rising, Ren Dong this apprentice also became an immensely popular figure in Wu Fang City.

In a daze, Ren Dong had a feeling of being apprenticed to a sage.

This feeling of lording above countless lives was what he simply had no way of experiencing when he was City Lord Manor’s Young Lord in the past.

Now, thanks to his new identity, Ren Dong instead had the liberating feeling of flying in the vast skies.

Being rebuked by Ren Dong like this, there was actually not a single person in the crowd below the stage who dared to refute.

But they still looked at Ye Yuan with heated eyes, hoping that he could change his decision.

Ye Yuan gave a sigh and said, “It’s not that I’m unwilling to continue giving lectures. I’ll be heading to the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm tomorrow to challenge the Vast Heaven Pagoda inheritance. I seriously can’t do anything about this.”