Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Monopoly

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Hearing that Ye Yuan was going to challenge the Vast Heaven Pagoda, the originally clamoring shouting voices gradually ceased.

It was true. Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Path strength was indeed formidable. But his boundary was too low after all.

If they delayed Master Ye’s cultivation for more lectures, then that would be too sinful.

Master Ye was destined to be a sky-rocking figure in the future. How could he possibly waste time here to give talks to them constantly?

But a series of lamenting still sounded out in the crowd. They were clearly all very regretful.

At this time, a person suddenly shouted in a clear voice, “Master Ye, Yan Mu is willing to wait upon you carefully. Even if it’s just to be a little medicine boy. Master Ye, please grant my wish!”

Looking carefully, it was precisely that Alchemy King who was the first to pose a question to Ye Yuan on the first day.

This Yan Mu was a peak Alchemy King expert. Among so many alchemists here, he was an extremely daunting existence too. He actually requested to be a little medicine boy for Ye Yuan. It was truly rather ludicrous.

Yet, not a single one out of the 100 thousand alchemists present felt that it was unexpected as if it was something so natural.

But Yan Mu’s actions also reminded everyone. For a time, many people followed him to do so.

“Master Ye, I’m willing to slave for you as well!”

“My skin is solid and thick and can take lugging. Master Ye, please take me in!”

“I’m willing to be a bed-warmer little maid for Master Ye! Master Ye, please take me in!” shouted a female alchemist shrilly.

This woman already reached middle-age but had some good looks.

Except that her saying this incurred a bout of loud laughter.

“Hahaha!Old Hag Ding, you’re too old to even be Master Ye’s grandmother. To actually still want to be his bed-warming maid!”

“Even if this old lady is any older, I’m a woman too! Moreover, I’m a woman who ages pretty well! Master Ye is full of vigor and vitality and is clearly still a virgin boy. He just needs a maid like me to warm his bed! How can those little girls wait upon him be better than me?”

This old lady Ding had no qualms and restrictions at all, daring to say anything.

Ye Yuan also sweat profusely in his heart when he heard it. Finding such a bed-warming lass, he could not endure it.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Everybody’s good intentions, this Ye appreciates it. But this Ye is not used to being served by people. This matter of a medicine boy, better forget about it. Now that a formidable enemy lies ahead, it’s precisely the time for everyone to render your services. This Ye hosted a forum to give sermons in order to raise everybody’s strength. If everyone has the heart, you can join the City Lord Manor and offer help for the Endless Alliance. Since everybody regards this Ye highly, this Ye can promise everybody that each time this Ye returns to Wu Fang City next time, I’ll host a forum and give a lecture once. As for the time gap, this Ye dare not guarantee.”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, these alchemists could not help feeling disappointed.

But many people also secretly made up their minds to definitely join the City Lord Manor tomorrow. At least this way, they could be a little closer to Master Ye. Perhaps there might be the opportunity to consult Master Ye on problems.

Ye Yuan’s requirement towards accepting disciples was extremely high. Although there were some among these people whose talents were not bad, it was still too far away from Ye Yuan’s requirement.

Wanting to become Ye Yuan’s disciple, one at the bare minimum had to reach Xiao Ruyan’s and Ren Dong’s level.

With these people’s talent, they were clearly not just a level inferior.

Among these people, just the Alchemy King experts were a large bunch. But the accomplishments of the vast majority among them would halt here.

Such strength, how could Ye Yuan possibly expend painstaking effort on them?

But Ye Yuan not needing them did not mean that the City Lord Manor did not require them.

His old man was now the City Lord Manor’s Young Lord. He was bound to inherit Wu Fang City in the future. Ye Yuan naturally have to gather some forces for Ye Hang.

One could only imagine that the City Lord Manor’s door’s bottom frame would be trampled broken tomorrow.

In the past, the Cao Family could use the Thousand Query Wall to gather alchemists. Now, Ye Yuan’s status actually already surpassed the status of the Thousand Query Wall.

After all, no matter how strong the Thousand Query Wall was, it had no way of letting 100 thousand people’s strength increase either. But Ye Yuan accomplished this.

After these alchemists listened to five days of his lectures, their strength more or less had some improvement.

One individual’s strength increase might not have much use. But 100 thousand alchemists’ strength all increasing, this was a very terrifying force.

In the crowd, Cao Zheng gave a melancholic sigh. He said, “With this boy around, there is no longer the chance for my Cao Family to rise up within a thousand years! After this, Wu Fang City will be monopolized by the Ren Family! But offering the Thousand Query Wall to the Ren Family was the most correct thing that this old man did! This boy’s alchemy strength is too terrifying. He definitely had some staggering fortuitous encounter!”

“Father, after today, I plan to enter closed-seclusion for a period of time. My gains these few days have been considerable. Ye Yuan’s lectures opened up a brand new Alchemy Path for me. After the seclusion this time, I’ll definitely have breakthroughs!” Cao Kun said.

Cao Zheng’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Good, good! Kun-er, whether or not my Cao Family can persist, will be up to you! As long as you can break through to become a peak Alchemy Sovereign, you can definitely protect my Cao Family’s legacy for a thousand years! Of course, the prerequisite is not to have conflicts with the City Lord Manor, understood?”

Cao Kun nodded and said, “Father, rest assured. Your child has engraved the matter in his heart. For as long as your child lives, I absolutely won’t have any hint of conflict with the Ren Family! Furthermore, I have a feeling that Ye Yuan insisting on rejecting the position of Young Lord, his father Ye Hang’s, future accomplishments definitely won’t be beneath mine!”

“En?You have this feeling too? This boy seems to be impulsive when doing things. Actually, in the end, you’ll discover that everything is within his grasp! That Ye Hang’s age is still much younger than yours. His potential isn’t exhausted yet. How his future accomplishments will be is really hard to say!” Cao Zheng said with a grim expression.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan stirred up a storm in the entire Wu Fang City these few days. The astonished ones were not just those alchemists. The shock in Ren Xingchun’s heart was not the slightest bit lesser than the others.

He thought over and over again and still decided to come and find Ye Hang to inquire about Ye Yuan’s affairs.

“Honorable Son-in-Law, did Ye Yuan he . . . have some lucky encounter before?”

After talking aimlessly for a long time, Ren Xingchun finally turned the topic to Ye Yuan.

But his form of address towards Ye Hang had already unknowingly changed into ‘Honorable Son-in-Law.’

Ye Hang was a clever man too. He obviously knew that his position today was all given to him by Ye Yuan.

But there was no logic of a father being jealous of his son in this world. His son being promising, he was more than happy.

As for Ren Xingchun’s change in attitude, Ye Hang was naturally happy to see it.

Wasn’t the reason why he came back to Wu Fang City for the sake of this situation today? It was just that Ye Hang never expected that the one who helped him to fulfill his wish was not himself but his son.

However, Ye Hang secretly resolved his heart too, to definitely cultivate well from now on. He must break through to the Alchemy Sovereign Realm within ten years.

Otherwise, he would become Wu Fang City’s biggest joke.

“Lord Father-in-Law, Ye Yuan he told me before that he once obtained a pinnacle major power’s legacy in his dream before! I originally thought that he just obtained the Northern Domain’s, a certain major power like Father-in-law’s inheritance. I even suspected for a period of time that it was Lord Father-in-law yourself. But looking at it now, it’s probably not that simple,” Ye Hang said.

Ren Xingchun’s eyes glimmered, and he said solemnly, “Looks like Ye Yuan’s fortuitous encounter already surpassed the Endless World this small world!”