Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 547

Chapter 547 Vast Heaven Pagoda

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“Lord Father-in-Law’s meaning is . . . the Divine Realm?”

Even though Ye Hang already had surmises it long ago, it still felt immensely heavy to say out these two words.

His own son actually obtained the inheritance of a Divine Realm major power. This lucky encounter was sufficiently heaven-defying!

However, thinking about his son rising up from the tiny little State of Qin, probably only such an explanation made sense too.

Ren Xingchun nodded his head and said with a solemn expression, “In my view, that powerhouse who taught in the dream is likely an extremely formidable existence in the Divine Realm too! Ye Yuan’s alchemy level is not just as simple as surpassing Alchemy Sovereign!”

Ye Hang was slightly apprehensive in his heart. How powerful was extremely formidable, he really could not gauge.

In Ye Hang’s view, Ren Xingchun was already powerful until it made people feel suffocated. How powerful did that Divine Realm major power’s strength have to be?

The interactions between small worlds and the Divine Realm was too little. The Lower Realms simply had no way to obtain the Divine Realm’s news.

The more this was so, the more the Lower Realm martial artists felt that the Divine Realm was incomparably mysterious.

But it was indisputable that the strength of those Divine Realm major powers was totally not what they could imagine.

“About Old Hai’s evaluation of Ye Yuan being so high, it is most likely he’s eyeing that major power behind Ye Yuan too. Otherwise, with his boundary, even if Ye Yuan was any more talented, it’s also impossible to address him as brothers.”

Ren Xingchun was no fool. After knowing Ye Yuan’s details, he was not far off from Qi Hai’s thinking as well.

Ye Hang was not concerned about these though. As long as Ye Yuan could be safe and sound, he would be satisfied.

Of course, his son becoming a Divine Realm major power’s successor, Ye Hang was naturally very proud.

His son was so outstanding. Ye Hang as a father naturally could not lose face for his son either. At the very least, he had to stand at the pinnacle of this Endless World!

And now, Ye Hang finally knew how heaven-defying the two cultivation methods Ye Yuan imparted him was.

That was absolutely the Divine Realm’s powerful cultivation methods. If he still could not reach the pinnacle with a treasure mountain, then that would be too useless.

“This matter, the lesser people know, the better. Or else, I’m afraid there will be people with ill-intent towards him. But I reckon that those few old fellows from the Three Sects more or less have some conjectures. It’s just that they don’t dare to confirm it. Tomorrow, I’ll personally bring Ye Yuan to Vast Heaven Mystic Realm. The City Lord Manor’s affairs will be passed to Yujie and you,” Ren Xingchun said.

Ye Hang nodded his head and said, “Lord Father-in-Law, rest assured. Ye Hang knows what to do.”

. . . . . .

The next day early morning, Ye Yuan bid farewell to his parents and headed for the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm with Ren Xingchun.

In the past, this Vast Heaven Mystic Realm was monopolized by the Three Sects. Even Wu Fang City did not dare to stick their fingers in.

But this time, the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm was opened up to everybody. It let those martial artists who originally did not see hope have the chance to advance shoulder to shoulder with the geniuses.

And this time, Wu Fang City’s young talents, including Ren Dong and Cao Fang, had the qualifications to join in too.

The Vast Heaven Mystic Realm was at a place adjacent to the Three Sect’s forces. There was still a considerable distance away from Wu Fang City.

But Ren Xingchun rode on a profound artifact ranking spirit boat and only used three days to reach.

The Vast Heaven Mystic Realm had long already become an item kept in the Three Sects’ bags. Hence, there was completely no danger in here.

By the time Ye Yuan’s party arrived, there were already several hundred people waiting in the mystic realm.

Each time Vast Heaven Pagoda opened, there were merely 300 slots.

Actually, each time it opened, the slots of the Three Sects were all not used up. Only this time, did the Three Sects fill the slots to the brim, which was also 300 people.

This time, the Three Sects opened up the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Many of the itinerant cultivators who fulfilled the conditions naturally did not wish to miss it either. The Three Sects underwent a round of screening and selected 50 itinerant cultivators who fit the requirements.

The various Northern Domain major factions excluding the Three Sects also picked 100 genius martial artists. Ye Yuan and the others, their names were naturally among the 100 too.

The remainder 150 slots, the Three Sects had 50 people each.

Counting it, it was actually still the Three Sects that occupied the absolute position.

But this could not be blamed on them either. Who asked the Three Sects’ might to be the greatest in the entire Endless World?

To be able to enter the mystic realm was already the greatest grace to other people.

Upon entering the mystic realm, Ye Yuan saw a huge pagoda far away, towering and grandiose.

Such a great distance away and Ye Yuan could clearly sense the archaic and mysterious aura coming from the pagoda.

Ye Yuan was slightly apprehensive in his heart. This Vast Heaven Pagoda was absolutely not ordinary!

It was just uncertain what on earth was inside this inheritance, to actually be able to let Lu Linfeng that old punk reach such a boundary!

Ren Xingchun seemed to have perceived Ye Yuan’s puzzlement and explained, “Nobody knows this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s origins. It was if before this Endless World formed, it was already standing here. For close to ten thousand years, this Vast Heaven Pagoda has experienced several dozen factions, but it ultimately stood firm and immovable. For close to ten thousand years, the talented martial artists who entered inside were as many as several hundred thousand. But just a mere one individual could make it to the eighth level! And the vast majority of the martial artists can’t even make it past the fifth level! However, just by completing the fifth level one can already obtain unimaginable benefits.”

Ye Yuan became interested when he heard and asked,“Oh?What kind of benefits are there?”

“Cultivation methods, martial techniques, medicinal pills, weapons, so on and so forth. The more levels passed, the more generous the rewards obtained. The martial techniques obtained from Vast Heaven Pagoda, even if it’s just a Tier 1 martial technique, are all very heaven-defying! After cultivating them, it’s virtually sweeping across those of the same rank!” Ren Xingchun said.

These things, Ye Yuan actually paid no attention to it. His cultivation methods and martial techniques are already sufficiently heaven-defying. Without the need for the cultivation methods and martial techniques inside, he could also full well sweep across those of the same rank.

“Apart from this?” Ye Yuan asked.

Towards Ye Yuan’s reaction, Ren Xingchun was not surprised. He was aware of Ye Yuan’s strength. These things simply had no attraction to him.

“Concept comprehension!” Ren Xingchun said.

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up.“En?How so?”

“What the specifics are like, I have no knowledge as well. But I know that any martial artist who make it past the fifth level and entered the sixth level virtually all ascended to the Divine Realm later! But in these recent thousand years, there has yet to be anyone who made it to the sixth level. There are quite a number of people who made it to the fifth level though. But they ultimately still failed on the verge of success. These recent hundred years, there’s not even a single person who made it to the fourth level!” Ren Xingchun said with a bitter smile.

The Endless World’s these hundred years was too disgraceful as well. To actually not even have a single person who made it to the fourth level. No wonder their strength was weak until like this.

But this had to do with the Three Sects monopolizing resources and all as well. If these slots had been evenly distributed to the other factions and itinerant cultivators, perhaps there might be awe-inspiring geniuses that appeared.

This method of closing their doors to the world ultimately cause talents to drop to zero.

Ye Yuan nodded slightly. Presumably, that Lu Linfeng should have comprehended the Concept of Formations Path in this Vast Heaven Pagoda. That was why he soared to the heaven in one leap.

It was just that Ye Yuan was curious about what kind of existence created this Vast Heaven Pagoda.

When Lu Linfeng was in the Lower Realms, his comprehension of concepts already far surpassed the Endless World, this small world. And he only made it to the seventh level. Then, the things in the eighth level and ninth level should be able to reach the level of the Divine Realm!

Why would such an existence show up in the Endless World and leave a legacy?