Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 549

Chapter 549 Prediction

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“Oh?I heard that the Three Sects already had no one make it to the fifth level for close to a hundred years. You’re actually so confident?” Ye Yuan asked.

“Heh,although this Qin can’t match up to Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I still have some confidence after I look at myself. If it were before breaking through to Soul Sea, I really wouldn’t dare to say this. But now . . .”

Qin Yan’s words at the back were not said finish. But it was very clear he had absolute confidence in himself passing through the fourth level.

In the case of genius martial artists, they all had full confidence in themselves. This was the essential condition to become a powerhouse.

Qin Yan was indeed an outstanding figure among the Endless World’s junior generation. Him having this confidence was nothing inappropriate either.

If he did not have such confidence in himself, it was not possible to break through to the Soul Sea Realm very quickly after receiving stimulation from the incident with Ye Yuan.

“Huhu,then I’ll have to congratulate Senior Apprentice Brother Qin in becoming the number one person in a hundred years!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

“Dare not, dare not. With Junior Apprentice Brother Ye around, how can I dare to call myself the number one person? Furthermore, Guo Taoqun and Yin Yanhua are definitely unwilling to be left behind as well,” Qin Yan hurriedly said.


“Turns out that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye doesn’t know yet. The two of them already broke through to the Soul Sea Realm before coming to Vast Heaven Mystic Realm.” Qin Yan knew that he had yet to receive the news when he saw Ye Yuan’s expression.

Regarding news of this aspect, Ye Yuan had always been slow.

Ye Yuan could not help chuckling when he heard this. “The three of you are following really tightly behind. But this way is good as well. Walking alone at the front is a bit too lonely.”

Qin Yan nodded and felt that what Ye Yuan said was correct as well.

But he came to his senses very soon. Wasn’t this person before his eyes the one walking alone at the front?

Even the current him did not dare say to surely beat Ye Yuan, let alone talked about going after the Vast Heaven Inheritance.

Second Level Sea Transformation and able to kill a Soul Sea Realm expert. This Ye Yuan was simply monstrous until it made people feel dread.

Actually, after being captured to be a hostage by Ye Yuan, Qin Yan was still very unresigned.

He was holding on to this grievance too; that was why he could break through to Soul Sea Realm so quickly.

But when he heard the news of Ye Yuan slaying a Soul Sea Realm expert alone, he could not invoke the thought of finding Ye Yuan to take revenge anymore.

His disparity with Ye Yuan was too great. Furthermore, this disparity would only become increasingly bigger.

Him suppressing Ye Yuan by a major realm did not seem to have the slightest hint of advantage to talk about at all.

Moreover, with Ye Yuan’s potential, his cultivation speed would only be faster than him!

. . . . . .

Accompanying Ye Yuan to tour one round, Qin Yan followed Ye Yuan back to the place where those major powers gathered.

When Guo Taoqun saw Ye Yuan, he immediately came up to greet warmly. He sai,“Haha!Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you actually came together with Qin Yan. I just asked City Lord, His Excellency, and was just about to go find you!”

Ye Yuan’s impression of this easy-going Guo Taoqun was not bad. He said with a smile, “Having not met for several days, Senior Apprentice Brother Guo improved again. Congratulations!”

“Sigh,isn’t this still all thanks to you? If not for you stimulating Qin Yan, Fairy Ice Cloud and I wouldn’t be stimulated by him either! I, Guo Taoqun, only submit to you, Ye Yuan, alone. Qin Yan this punk beating me, I’m not convinced!” Guo Taoqun said smilingly.

“Humph!No matter what, I won this time too!” Qin Yan said with a cold snort.

These two people were natural foes. Being together, they would argue within three sentences.

“So what then? Now, everybody is about the same again. If you’re not convinced, let’s just come and compete for one round!” Guo Taoqun said without yielding at all.

“Alright. What’s the use of fighting and showing off? If you have the strength, why not spend it on the Fierce Gale World martial artists!” Yin Yanhua came over here at this time too and broke off the pair’s intense confrontation.

With Yin Yanhua opening her mouth, the two people both shut their mouths sensibly and did not argue anymore.

Ye Yuan naturally perceived the delicate relationship between these three people and did not expose it either. He said with Yin Yanhua with clasped hands, “Congratulations to Fairy Ice Cloud for breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm.”

This Yin Yanhua had an icy appearance. Ye Yuan could not be too polite with her either and just lightly congratulated.

Yin Yanhua greeted with folded hands at the lower right side and said icily, “I’ve incurred Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s ridicule.”

“Hahaha!Little Brother Ye came. I was just betting with Old Ren earlier saying that you can definitely charge to the sixth level!”

Qin Hongtao came over to welcome with a loud laugh. Coming over together with him was still Ning Yixian, Jing Xuan, as well as Ren Xingchun and the rest.

These people were all the sects’ old ancestor level figures. For the sake of their juniors, they all put down the important things in their hands and came to the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm.

The matter of the alliance, these old ancestors determined the general direction. The remaining stuff naturally had other people to do.

Their most important thing apart from their own cultivation was to groom junior descendants.

Behind Qin Hongtao even tagged along that Zhou Ye. When he heard Qin Hongtao’s words, his face swelled to a purple color, secretly looking at Ye Yuan from time to time.

What kind of situation was this?

His own old ancestor was actually calling this boy his little brother?

Wasn’t this messing up the seniority?

Zhou Ye was thrown into confusion. But there was one point which he was very clear about. Qin Yan really was not joking around with him earlier!

This Ye Yuan was really not someone he could afford to offend!

These several old ancestor level figures were on such close terms with Ye Yuan, calling him little brother one after another. The more Zhou Ye listened, the more intense the chill deep in his heart.

He was quietly praying for Ye Yuan to not rat on him to his old ancestor. Otherwise, with his old ancestor’s temper, he probably would not spare him.

Zhou Ye started to listen to the few people converse on tenterhooks.

“Huhu,Old Ancestor Qin views me so high. If I don’t make it to the sixth level, I wouldn’t have the face to come out of the pagoda,” Ye Yuan responded with a laugh.

“Heh,Little Brother Ye don’t need to be humble anymore. My family’s stinking brat already said that he can make it to the fifth level. You charging to the sixth level is absolutely fine!” Qin Hongtao said with a guffaw.

Ye Yuan just smiled. Instead, he turned to Ren Xingchun and said, “Old Ancestor Qin guessed that I can reach the sixth level. I wonder what City Lord, Your Excellency, was saying earlier?”

Ren Xingchun smiled too and did not reply to Ye Yuan’s words.

Ning Yixian interjected, saying, “This Old Man Ren is shrewd and planning something bad. Just now, we forced him to take a stance. But he just won’t say. Maybe in his heart, Little Brother Ye making it to the seventh level isn’t without the possibility too!”

Of course, this was just Ning Yixian’s joking words.

In his heart, even though Ye Yuan was monstrous, this Vast Heaven Inheritance was even more monstrous.

To be able to make it to the sixth level was already the number one person in a thousand years for the Endless World.

How could the seventh level be barged inside that easily?

One had to know that up until today, just a mere scanty three people made it into the seventh level.

It was not that he did not believe in Ye Yuan, but this was the Vast Heaven Pagoda! It was too perverse!

Zhou ye was filled with fear listening to these few people chatting all this while, but Ye Yuan did not give him a single glance from start to finish as if he was like air.

After chatting for a period of time, Zhou Ye discovered that Ye Yuan seemed to have really forgotten about him. His tightly wound nerves finally eased up slightly.

Right at this time, an enormous rumbling sound suddenly came from the pagoda body. The dark pagoda body suddenly gave off a hundred thousand foot light, blinding until everyone could not open their eyes at all!


Vast Heaven Pagoda’s bottom-most level gigantic door slowly pulled open . . .