Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 55

Chapter 55


Modifying a matured medicinal pill formula to improve its medicinal effects was an extremely difficult thing.

Ye Hang was already a low-rank Alchemist Grandmaster, and even he could not improve the medicinal effects of the Essence Qi Pill. It was clear at a glance just how challenging that was.

As for creating a new Tier 1 medicinal pill with medicinal effects multiple times that of the Essence Qi Pill? That was merely a fantasy. Otherwise, how could the Drunken Star Manor’s Essence Gathering Pill possibly give Ye Hang such enormous pressure?

And now, the fantasy really became a reality. Imagine the shock in Ye Hang’s heart.

Ever since Ye Hang stepped onto the Alchemy Path, he had never heard of any Tier 1 medicinal pills with medicinal effects multiple times that of the Essence Qi Pill over the past few decades!

But Ye Yuan said that this Explosive Yuan Pill actually had such a miraculous effect!

Ye Hang was extremely conflicted right now. Reason told him that this was entirely a lie. But the person who uttered this lie was his son. So should he believe it or not?

After sucking in a deep breath, Ye Hang gave a pained look and asked, “Yuan-er, you aren’t joking with father, right?”

But Ye Yuan just smiled and said, “Why don’t you try it to see for yourself, father?”

Ye Hang quickly stood up and dragged Ye Yuan along. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go to the pill refinement room!”

“Don’t be anxious, Father. I still have something to tell you.” Ye Yuan did not move.

“Aiya.If there’s anything, we can talk about it later. Refining the Explosive Yuan Pill is the top priority.” Ye Hang already could hardly wait.

This concerned the survival of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. Even though Ye Hang looked calm on the outside, he was actually incomparably anxious on the inside.

The Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was the fruit of his life’s labor. No matter how sanguine about it he was, he was not willing to watch the monkeys scatter overnight when the tree falls.

However, Ye Yuan was not anxious at all. Pulling his father back to his seat, he smiled and said, “Explosive Yuan Pill is just a minor thing. I have countless pill formulas that Master passed on to me. What I’m about to say is the crucial thing. Just be a little more patient, Father.”

Ye Hang was a little perplexed. “What could be more important than saving the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion? En, En, alright, you talk, I’ll listen.”

Ye Yuan returned to his seat and said seriously, “There were many miscellaneous things that Master imparted to me in my dreams. But there are two sets of techniques I need to inform you about, Father. The first is called the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. The other is called the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation. Father, you can switch to thesetwo cultivation laws.1I believe that in the future, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would merely be a small sect to you.”

Listening to the names of the two cultivation techniques that Ye Yuan said shocked Ye Hang greatly. This time around, the shock that he felt was even greater than hearing about the Explosive Yuan Pill.

“Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation? Is that a cultivation technique for cultivating soul strength?” A tremor could be heard in Ye Hang’s voice. He was apparently very agitated.

Ye Hang did not know what the hell the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was. But he immediately connected the name Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation to a soul cultivation technique.

It was impossible to use words to describe just how valuable soul cultivation laws were in a place like the State of Qin.

Even if the lowest rank soul cultivation law came into being, it would set off a blood storm. It simply could not be measured using monetary terms.

For martial artists, essence energy cultivation techniques were commonplace. It was just differentiated into whether it was good or bad. But something like soul cultivation technique was so rare that it made one’s hair stand on end!

In comparison to essence energy, the soul was more arcane and veiled in mysteries. Wanting to create a set of soul cultivation laws was even harder than reaching the heavens!

Since ancient times, only major powers who had reached an exceedingly high realm in terms of soul cultivation and had an incredibly profound understanding towards the soul could create a soul cultivation technique that belongs to them.

The number of soul cultivation techniques was not even one in one hundred thousand of essence energy cultivation techniques. One could imagine the rarity of it.

However, the preciousness of soul cultivation techniques did not lie on increasing the strength of martial artists. In fact, how powerful a soul was had a very limited impact on the strength of a martial artist.

The prestige of soul cultivation techniques laid in that it could mass-produce alchemists! And what did alchemists mean? It meant endless medicinal pills. It meant that a sect could swiftly raise its strength!

Just imagine, if a sect had a large number of peak level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, but these martial artists were unable to break through due to limitations of their talent; at this time, the sect’s alchemists obtained a book on soul cultivation laws, and their strength soared, enabling them to refine medicinal pills capable of allowing Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists to break through.

Just how terrifying would something like that be?

Alchemist was an occupation with a very low entry threshold but was extremely difficult to raise further.

The low entry threshold was because One Star Alchemist, commonly called as Alchemy Apprentice, had very low requirements toward soul strength. One could reach it with just the soul strength of an Essence Qi Realm martial artist.

However, there was an enormous threshold from Alchemy Apprentice to Alchemy Master. That was because for Tier 2 medicinal pills onwards, there would be a drastic increase in the soul strength required for the alchemist!

This threshold called soul strength had blocked countless potential alchemists outside its gate.

Every time a martial artist advanced a major cultivation realm, their soul would receive the nourishment from heaven and earth essence energy and experience a substantial growth from there. However, this sort of growth could not catch up to the increase in soul strength requirement for alchemists.

Feng Zhirou had been a high-rank Alchemy Apprentice for a long time and also broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm long ago. Yet, she still could not become an Alchemy Master. The reason for that was insufficient soul strength.

Now, a set of soul cultivation laws was in front of Ye Hang. How could he not be agitated?

Ye Hang had remained a low-rank Alchemy Grandmaster for many years and was unable to break through all because his soul strength was lacking.

With the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation, it was only a matter of time for Ye Hang to step into the middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster!

Ye Yuan was right. That Explosive Yuan Pill and other matters were insignificant when compared to this Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation.

Even if he were beaten by Wan Donghai to the point where he could not retaliate right now, with this set of Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation, it would be as easy as flipping his hand to overturn the Drunken Star Manor in the future.

“That’s right. This Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation is precisely a soul cultivation law technique.” Ye Yuan gave his father an affirmative look.

‘That’s excellent! Excellent! Excellent! With this Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation, Wan Donghai is nothing!Hahaha!”

One could tell just how excited Ye Hang was to say three ‘Excellent’ consecutively.

After his exhilaration, Ye Hang suddenly felt that something was not quite right. He asked Ye Yuan, “Yuan-er, these two cultivation laws were imparted by that expert. If in the future, he found out that you secretly leaked out his cultivation techniques by imparting them to me privately, wouldn’t that make things hard for you? I-I better not learn them. You just tell me the pill formula for the Explosive Yuan Pill, and that would do.”

Ye Hang gritted his teeth and rejected Ye Yuan’s good intentions. But anyone could see the reluctance in those eyes.

However, Ye Yuan was shaken to his core.

He knew clearly the temptation a soul cultivation law had among alchemists. If one placed the throne, beautiful women, and a soul cultivation technique together, an alchemist would definitely choose the soul cultivation technique!

As an alchemist himself, Ye Yuan was all too clear on this point.

One could say that with a soul cultivation law, fame, status, and beauties would come forth one after another. How could an alchemist be foolish enough to choose the others?

After all, strength was the foundation for alchemists just like martial artists.

But Ye Hang would rather forsake the opportunity to become a high-tier alchemist for his sake. How could this not shock him?

Since reincarnating until now, every little bit that Ye Hang did for him came into his mind, heavily affecting Ye Yuan’s heart. Unknowingly, tears started to fall . . .