Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 550

Chapter 550 The First Level

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“The Vast Heaven Pagoda opened!”

“Haha!To think that I still have the opportunity to enter the Vast Heaven Pagoda in this life! Thinking about it really makes people agitated!”

“Success or failure hinges on this one action! I must stand out above the masses!”

The Vast Heaven Pagoda’s abnormal activity aroused commotion from those sects and itinerant cultivators who were taking part for the first time.

Compared to them, the Three Sects’ disciples appeared rather calm.

A light screen poured down from the top of the pagoda, akin to quicksilver spilling over the ground; it was an incredibly grand sight.

The pagoda body being swept by this light screen, it actually displayed out rows of names!

Ye Yuan focused his gaze. It was only to see a name inscribed at the most conspicuous place: Li Fantian.

Affixed on top of this name was the eighth level. He was also the one and only martial artist who made it past the seventh level and entered the eighth level in these ten thousand years.

Ye Yuan continued looking down. There were three names under the seventh level.

The first name was called Luo Yanqing. The second name was called Zhuo Fei.

And the third name was shockingly Lu Linfeng!

“This old punk was likely a legendary figure in the Endless World back then too. It’s just that with the passing of time, his legend has already been gradually forgotten by the later generations.” Ye Yuan sighed in his heart.

Actually, the primary reason why Lu Linfeng was forgotten by the Endless World was still that of the Grand Yan True Sect’s destruction.

Otherwise, with the Grand Yan True Sect’s legacy, no matter how useless, they would also be the overlord of a region in the Endless World too.

As for after the sixth level, the names were densely packed. It was also uncertain how many there were. Ye Yuan was no longer interested in looking anymore.

Ye Yuan coming to the Vast Heaven Pagoda this time, the lowest target was also the seventh level!

If he could not even match up to Lu Linfeng, then what right did he have to get involved with those turbulent waves in the Divine Realm?

But Ye Yuan was also very curious about which era those figures Luo Yanqing and Zhuo Fei were from. Ye Yuan unexpectedly had not heard of them before.

Logically speaking, they could make it to the seventh level, they should absolutely not be unrecorded nameless people.

“Looks like the mighty current of time buried countless geniuses in oblivion! Even if Lu Linfeng roams unobstructed in the Divine Realm right now, there might not be people who can remember him years later.” Ye Yuan sighed quietly.

Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that beside the names, there was still a patch of blank light screen, but he did not know what use it had.

“After you all enter, the light screen will display your names and the level you are at. This Vast Heaven Mystic Realm doesn’t have any danger. But once the mission fails, you’ll be transported out by the pagoda. Your names will disappear with it too. Furthermore, inside the mystic realm, all the pain is real, even if it’s death!”

Ye Yuan looked sideways. Qi Hai already arrived beside him since who knew when.

“Old Hai, why did you come?” Ye Yuan said in surprise.

“Huhu,Little Brother Ye clearing the Vast Heaven Pagoda, how can I not come and bear witness to this historical moment? In this thousand years, you’re the martial artist with the greatest hope of charging to the sixth level! But sadly, time waits for no one. If your boundary could increase some more, you might have hopes of making it to the seventh level!” Qi Hai said with a slight pity.

In the end, it was still that Ye Yuan’s current boundary was too low.

His present strength was at best also just around the strength of Qin Yan and the others. If counting in potential, Qi Hai’s judgment of Ye Yuan was the same; it was entering the sixth level.

If Ye Yuan could break through a few more realms, Qi Hai’s judgment of Ye Yuan would naturally be much higher.

But this Vast Heaven Pagoda was clearly harder the further back. The seventh level was already the limits that everyone could understand!

Except that everybody including Qi Hai all did not know that the lowest target Ye Yuan set for himself was the seventh level!

“Haha!Since Old Hai thinks so highly of Ye Yuan, I have to take on this sixth level no matter what!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

“Huhu,this old man will wait and see! Alright, it’s almost time. You guys should enter!” Qi Hai said.

Ning Yixian said in a loud and clear voice, “The Vast Heaven Pagoda is already open. Everybody has to put in more effort when you’re inside! My Endless World’s future is resting on you all! But this old man will get the unpleasant things out of the way first. Opening up the Vast Heaven Pagoda this time is for the sake of my Endless World’s future and in order to resist the Fierce Gale World’s invasion. After you guys come out from the Vast Heaven Pagoda, you must join the Endless Alliance and serve the alliance! In the future, when the Fierce Gale World is defeated, we’ll naturally give you guys back your freedom!”

“Alliance Chief Ning, we’ll definitely put our best foot forward and serve the alliance!”

To these itinerant cultivator martial artists, this was an opportunity that only came once in a lifetime.

Once someone’s talent showed itself, founding a sect in the future was something easily accomplished too.

Ning Yixian said, “Alright, you all enter from the entrance by yourselves!”

Under Ning Yixian’s command, the group of martial artists all flew over to the entrance scrambling over each other, especially those itinerant cultivator martial artists.

To them, this was a great opportunity for the carp to leap over the dragon gate.

Furthermore, to be able to get selected, these people’s strength were all preeminent among the itinerant cultivator martial artists. There were people with exceptional talents. They were naturally unwilling to fall behind others.

Ye Yuan bid farewell to the group of old ancestors and also followed the group and flew into the pagoda.

. . . . . .

Entering the Vast Heaven Pagoda, the scenery before Ye Yuan’s eyes suddenly changed. It was as if he had arrived at a different world.

Ye Yuan had yet to land on his feet, and he saw a blur in front of him. A shadow attacked towards him.

But the speed of this shadow was as slow as a snail in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

Ye Yuan casually pointed a finger, and that shadow collapsed to the ground with a bang.

Looking closely, it was a Tier 2 demonic beast.

“Huhu,Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s luck is really booming. To actually bump into a demonic beast right after entering,” said Guo Taoqun who came to Ye Yuan’s side with a wide grin.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Just a Tier 2 demonic beast. Not worth mentioning. It’s just . . . the mission of this first level isn’t to hunt demonic beasts, right?”

Guo Taoqun smiled too and said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is indeed astute. Actually, the missions in the first three levels are all to hunt down demonic beasts. It’s just that the ranks of the demonic beasts are different. This first level only has Peak Tier 2 demonic beasts. What we need to do is to breach the blockade of the Tier 2 demonic beasts, and then we are to find the entrance leading to the second level to reach the next level!”

Ye Yuan was stunned. “So simple?”

Guo Taoqun burst into laughter and said, “Simple?Haha!It’s Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is thinking of things too simply! Don’t look at how we have 300 people who entered this Vast Heaven Mystic Realm. In this first level, close to half of the martial artists will be eliminated! We’re only at the entrance area right now, so the number of demonic beasts is not many. When reaching the deep regions of the first level, the numbers of these Tier 2 demonic beasts will reach an extremely terrifying number! Even Sea Transformation Realm experts might not be able to retreat unscathed! Although I broke through to the Soul Sea Realm now, I don’t dare to keep on fighting in the beast horde either. Otherwise, my essence energy will be exhausted sooner or later and be eliminated.”

Only now did Ye Yuan come to understand. If it was just vanquishing Tier 2 demonic beasts, then that was truly too simple.

Although the strength of Tier 2 demonic beasts was not powerful, once the numbers reach a certain level, it would produce a qualitative change.

No matter how high your boundary was, it could not withstand the exhaustion from confronting too many demonic beasts!

High tier martial artists were hailed as invincible. In real life situation, that was the case too.

But in theory, low ranking martial artists could completely use numbers to exhaust high-tier martial artists to death!

Ye Yuan thought about it and asked, “Could it be that the demonic beasts in this first level can’t all be killed completely?”