Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 551

Chapter 551 Why Did You Only Just Arrive?

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Hearing Ye Yuan’s query, Guo Taoqun could not help being stupefied.

“This . . . I really don’t know. Probably, no one will be dumb enough to kill off all the demonic beasts here, right? Although these demonic beasts are not corporeal bodies, their strength is not the slightest bit inferior to real demonic beasts. Those endless demonic beasts, unless one has a Divine Traversing Realm strength, otherwise, nobody dares to stay here to kill off all the demonic beasts.”

Guo Taoqun felt that this question of Ye Yuan’s was somewhat hard to answer, so he replied it like this.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and did not say anything.

He killed a demonic beast earlier and also felt that these demonic beasts were not corporeal, but it seemed to be formed from some type of energy.

But the strength of that demonic beast just now was not the slightest bit inferior to Tier 2 demonic beasts.

If these demonic beasts reached a certain number, even Soul Sea Realm experts would not dare to clash head-on either.

“They all went to the inner region. Let’s go too,” Ye Yuan said.

Guo Taoqun hurriedly followed after and said to Ye Yuan, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, it’s very easy to pass through this first level. How about we compete on who passes the first level first?”

To the current Guo Taoqun, Tier 2 demonic beasts truly had no way of threatening him. As long as he charged over with all his might, those demonic beasts could not stop him.

With the desire to win stirring inside him, Guo Taoqun gave birth to the thought of competing with Ye Yuan for a bit.

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard and said, “If it’s battling you, I really don’t have much assurance in beating you. But to compete in speed with you, you’ll definitely lose.”

Guo Taoqun had a face full of disbelief and said, “Might not be so, right?”

He was at the Soul Sea Realm now. Even if he did not have full assurance in winning Ye Yuan, in terms of battle endurance and explosive power, he was confident that he could surpass Ye Yuan.

The reason why Ye Yuan could cross boundaries to battle and his greatest reliance were that terrifying concept comprehension of his.

If it was competing in speed, with Ye Yuan facing so many Tier 2 demonic beasts’ obstruction, for him wanting to be faster than Guo Taoqun, it was virtually impossible.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “If you don’t believe me, let’s just compete. But we don’t need to compete until the finish point. Just determining the victor will do.”

“Fine! Compete away then! Starting now!”

Guo Taoqun’s voice had yet to fade, and his entire person already dashed out like an arrow discharging.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly. His movement technique activated, and he followed after too.

At the start, this stretch of area was practically a vast expanse of flat land. What these two people competed in was naturally leg strength.

Yet, Guo Taoqun discovered to his dismay that no matter how hard he exerted his strength to speed up his movement technique, Ye Yuan was around not far from him from start to end. Ye Yuan was like a dog-skin plaster sticking to him.

Ye Yuan’s current movement technique was still Spirit Void Shattering Space. But ever since comprehending the Concept of Wind, Ye Yuan applied the Concept of Wind into his movement technique.

The two superimposed. Although Ye Yuan was only Second Level Sea Transformation right now, his speed was not the slightest bit slower than Guo Taoqun’s.

Along the way, the two people casually slew the Tier 2 demonic beasts around them, running neck to neck all the way.

After two hours, Guo Taoqun stopped gloomily and said to Ye Yuan, “I say, aren’t you too freakish? Offensive power so formidable, even movement technique is also so freakish! I broke through to Soul Sea Realm now and cultivated Tier 4 movement technique and actually can’t shake you off!”

Ye Yuan stopped too and said smilingly, “This movement technique of yours isn’t bad. If you can train it to the Great Circle Stage, I won’t be able to keep up.”

Guo Taoqun involuntarily rolled his eyes. He just broke through to Soul Sea Realm not long ago. How could he possibly train the Tier 4 movement technique to the Great Circle Stage?

“Heh heh,even if your movement technique is any faster, it’s useless too! Starting from now, the number of demonic beasts will get increasingly more. Although movement technique is important, endurance and essence energy are the key to determining victory!”

Guo Taoqun finished talking and dashed out once more.

Before long, sure enough, as Guo Taoqun said, the number of demonic beasts became increasingly more, virtually surrounding the two people.

Everyone’s destination was pretty much the same. With 300 people in this first level, the chances of everyone bumping was still very high.

But as they got deeper and deeper in, martial artists’ miserable cries would sound out from time to time from the two people’s surroundings and then disappear. Clearly, they were transported out of Vast Heaven Pagoda.

But those being transported out were basically all Sea Transformation Realm martial artists.

Like Guo Taoqun said, this first level was going to eliminate a large batch of martial artists.

Guo Taoqun was a peak existence among the junior generation himself. Now, especially after breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm, his strength was incomparably daunting.

Demonic beasts that approached him practically all had the outcome of being instantly killed.

But along with the increasing number of demonic beasts, Guo Taoqun also gradually put away his mentality of playing around and started to treat things seriously.

Failing miserably at a simple task was not something fun.

Around another two hours passed. Guo Taoqun finally could not resist darting a glance to the back with his eyes. He was delighted inwardly. Because there was already no sign of Ye Yuan.

Evidently, Ye Yuan was already blocked by the demonic beasts.

Even though he overwhelmed Ye Yuan with the advantage of cultivation realm, Guo Taoqun still felt very accomplished.

Ye Yuan’s monstrousness virtually made people despair.

Regardless of winning him under any kind of circumstances, it was all something to be very thrilled about.

Being besieged by so many demonic beasts, the consumption speed of a Sea Transformation Realm’s essence energy was much faster than a Soul Sea Realm’s.

In order to reduce this kind of expenditure, the martial artist must carefully utilize their own essence energy. This way, the speed of killing demonic beasts was bound to slow down.

Charging ahead blindly, the speed of essence energy consumption would shoot up by several folds.

With Ye Yuan’s Second Level Sea Transformation essence energy level, it would be exhausted entirely very quickly.

How could such a clever person like Ye Yuan possibly do this kind of foolish thing because of a small competition?

“Heh heh,charge ahead for a distance, then wait for Ye Yuan and tell him that I won!Haha!I really want to see the expression of him losing the competition!”

Guo Taoqun was talking, but his hands were not slow. In a blink of an eye, another dozen over demonic beasts were killed, and he charged forward once again.

After a while, Guo Taoqun suddenly discovered that the demonic beasts ahead seemed to be increasingly lesser.

“En?What’s going on? Logically speaking, the further in one goes, there should be more demonic beasts. Could it be that I had too much fun killing and actually lost my way? That’s wrong, the direction should be correct. Really weird!” Guo Taoqun could not figure it out.

He continued dashing ahead but discovered that the demonic beasts around became lesser and lesser. The puzzlement in his heart grew.

All of a sudden, ahead of him was clear and spacious, without even a single demonic beast.

And in front of him, Ye Yuan was currently looking at him calmly, with a wide grin on his face.

“Why are you only here now? I’ve already waited for a long time! With nothing to do, I cleared away the surrounding demonic beasts and finally can have a break,” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

“. . . . . .” Guo Taoqun stared at Ye Yuan with wide-saucers for eyes, as if he had seen a ghost.

“You . . . Just how did you do it? You’re only at the Sea Transformation Realm. How can you possibly be so much faster than me?” It was only after some time did Guo Taoqun come back to his senses and ask out this question.