Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 552

Chapter 552 Nameless Energy

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Of course, Ye Yuan would be that much faster than him!

The number of these demonic beasts looked to be extremely horrifying. But to talk about crowd-control measures, was there any martial technique more powerful than Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals?

At least in this Endless World, such a martial technique probably could not be found.

If these demonic beasts’ ranks were high, then forget it. If it were just Tier 2 demonic beasts, Ye Yuan could casually summon a cluster of petals and it would basically be an instant kill.

More importantly, Thousand Flowing Petals was a type of perpetual martial technique. As long as Ye Yuan’s essence energy was not exhausted, he could constantly summon more petals by his side.

Guo Taoqun naturally had crowd-control type martial techniques too. But firstly, crowd-control type martial techniques had tremendous expenditure. Secondly, unleashing it takes time. The losses outweighed the gains.

To the vast majority of the people in the Vast Heaven Pagoda right now, charging into the second level was the most important thing. Guo Taoqun was clearly not an exception too.

Along the way, Ye Yuan displayed the Thousand Flowing Petals. His advancement speed was not much slower compared to when without demonic beasts.

In comparison, the demonic beasts in front of Guo Taoqun got increasingly more. His speed naturally slowed down.

“Huhu,I said that you’d definitely lose. You just had to insist on a pummeling. Alright, you go to the second level by yourself. I’ll circle around the first level some more,” said Ye Yuan. As he said this, he was making his move to leave.

Guo Taoqun was stunned. “What’s there to circle around in the first level? The first level had long been cleared countless times. If there were any hidden rewards, it would have long been discovered by people. But up till today, there was simply nobody who discovered any additional rewards.”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “It’s fine. I’m just curious. You go on first.”

As he said this, Ye Yuan’s figure leaped, vanishing inside the demonic beast herd.

Guo Taoqun saw Ye Yuan moving freely among the demonic beasts. It was as if it was an uninhabited land. His eye could not help becoming wide-saucers.

Only at this time did he know why Ye Yuan’s speed was much faster than his.

The demonic beasts here completely did not have their own consciousness and attacked martial artists with no fear of death at all. But those demonic beasts simply could not approach Ye Yuan’s body.

Clusters of petals willfully reaped the lives of those demonic beasts.

“Hiss . . . Monsters are monsters. Indeed not what mortals like us can compare to!”

After a long while, Guo Taoqun gave a sigh and turned around, rushing to the depths of the first level.

. . . . . .

After half a day, in a remote corner of the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s first level, Ye Yuan suddenly opened both eyes.

“These demonic beasts are all formed from a type of energy. Slaying these demonic beasts can actually acquire a trace of this type of energy! And this type of energy can actually convert into essence energy, promoting the advancement of cultivation! Truly unbelievably miraculous!” Ye Yuan muttered under his breath.

In the beginning, Ye Yuan did not notice yet. But when he was competing with Guo Taoqun, Ye Yuan slaughtered large numbers of demonic beasts and finally noticed a hint of something wrong.

After those demonic beasts were killed, there was a strand of extremely minute energy that entered inside Ye Yuan’s body.

This wisp of energy was extremely minute; it was virtually undetectable.

If it weren’t for the fact that Ye Yuan killed a large number of demonic beasts within a period of time and those energies converged to form a small tuft, Ye Yuan would not be able to discover it at all.

Ye Yuan was also uncertain if this type of energy was harmful to the body or not. So he bid farewell to Guo Taoqun and found a covert place to investigate.

He casually laid down a set of array formation. Those Tier 2 demonic beasts were simply incapable of barging inside. Then he started to study this small tuft of energy.

But with this investigation, Ye Yuan discovered that with his experience and knowledge, he actually could not recognize what this energy was!

After failing to glean anything with numerous attempts, Ye Yuan simply mustered essence energy and attempted to force that trace of energy out of the body.

But Ye Yuan did not expect that once the energy came into contact with essence energy, it actually merged into the essence energy with awhoosh.

This was no trifling matter. Ye Yuan hurriedly wanted to expel the nameless energy. But after that tuft of energy fused into his own essence energy, it was like a poisonous sore inflicted deep into the bones, no longer able to separate.

Ye Yuan unleashed all of his skills to the utmost and could not do anything to that mass of nameless energy.

But that mass of energy just quietly lay within his essence energy sea and did not have make any excessive action. Only then did this let Ye Yuan be slightly at ease.

Later on, Ye Yuan might as well just circulate the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art and started to refine that mass of essence energy.

What surprised Ye Yuan was that the nameless energy really reacted!

Before long, the nameless energy was actually refined into essence energy. It made Ye Yuan’s boundary loosen up a trace. This made Ye Yuan very surprised.

Although Ye Yuan had killed many demonic beasts, the nameless energy obtained was an extremely, extremely tiny speck.

Ye Yuan internally viewed that trace of essence energy. It seemed to be a little different from the essence energy that he originally cultivated. But just how was it different, Ye Yuan could not determine it.

To really say it out, Ye Yuan had a feeling that this kind of essence energy seemed to be even more powerful than the essence energy which he previously cultivated!

“This type of energy can actually promote essence energy. Then wouldn’t I be able to use this energy to undergo cultivation? Guo Taoqun said that this first level did not have any additional rewards. Could it be that this is the first level’s hidden boon? It’s just that this type of energy . . Just what in the world is it? Why is it that even I haven’t heard of it before?”

Ye Yuan thought for a long time and could not figure out the reason why either.

But he felt that this energy should not be harmful to the human body. Hence, he made a bold decision: kill off all the demonic beasts in the first level!

Since this type of energy could increase cultivation, how could Ye Yuan let it slip by?

“When soldiers arrive, use a general to keep them off. When water rises, build a dam with earth. If some problem were to really occur, just think of ways to resolve it in the future!”

. . . . . .

Outside the Vast Heaven pagoda, those sects’ old ancestors all stared at the light screen, wanting to see to what extent their own juniors had progressed to.

“Somebody entered the second level!”

“En?Who is Liu Hong? He’s actually the first one to enter the second level!”

“The first to rush into the second level is actually not the Three Sects’ head disciples? Where did this Liu Hong pop out from?”

. . . . . .

The second level was totally empty right now. Therefore, Liu Hong’s name was very conspicuous.

This name appeared abruptly, making everyone all feel somewhat caught off-guard. Because before this, simply no one had heard of this name.

The expressions of the Three Sects’ old ancestors were very ugly. They had a feeling of getting their faces slapped.

It was fine if Ye Yuan was monstrous. Where did this Liu Hong pop out from? To actually prevail over the Three Sects?

One had to know that Qin Yan and Guo Taoqun they all were at the Soul Sea Realm now. Among the junior generation, they should be sweeping away everyone else. But now, they were actually surpassed by an unknown boy!

“I have some impression of this Liu Hong. Seems to be an itinerant cultivator. During the itinerant martial artists’ selection, this person’s performance was remarkably astonishing; he directly overwhelmed everybody and obtained the right to enter the Vast Heaven Pagoda with the status of the first place! To think that he still held back during the selections. His strength is actually so formidable!”said a Heavenly Martial Sect’s grand elder.

He was the main examiner-in-charge of the itinerant cultivators’ selection and had some impression of this Liu Hong.

“Quickly look! Qin Yan the three of them virtually rushed into the second level at the same time!” At this time, somebody exclaimed.

Only after seeing Qin Yan trio entering the second level closely behind Liu Hong did the expressions on the three old ancestors’ faces become slightly better.