Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Continue Killing Finish

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“This stinking brat! Gave me a fright!” Ren Xingchun finally heaved a sigh in relief secretly in his heart.

Even if he had experienced countless great storms and waves, his heart still leaped to his throat earlier.

If Ye Yuan were to be kicked out like this, then his face would be trashed badly.

Fortunately, Ye Yuan finally charged into the second level at the final juncture!

“What kind of situation is this? Ye Yuan he actually charged into the second level at the last moment!”

“Yeah. If he long had this strength, why not enter earlier? But if he didn’t have this strength, how did he charge inside ultimately?”

“This Ye Yuan is really . . . He’s clearing the Vast Heaven Pagoda while actually teasing with this kind of thrill . . .”

One had to acknowledge that Ye Yuan teasing with this roller-coaster ride had indeed made many people have a feeling of plummeting from above the clouds, exhilarating to the max.

Actually, many people were already prepared to watch the spectacle. In the end, Ye Yuan just had to clear the first level.

This made those people preparing to watch a show suddenly feel very bored.

“That’s not right. Logically speaking, with Ye Yuan’s strength, it’s impossible to not clear the first level. But why did he only rush in at the last moment? Just what on earth is he doing inside?” Qin Hongtao was similarly very convoluted by Ye Yuan’s actions.

Their thinking previously was also all very simple. They thought that Ye Yuan’s essence energy was not abundant enough, or that only his explosive power was great and actually his endurance was lacking.

Thinking carefully about it now, Ye Yuan should not be like this.

But for such a long time, what in the world was Ye Yuan doing in the first level?

Qi Hai’s gaze was glued fixedly on Ye Yuan’s name. All of a sudden, he had some guesses.

“This boy wouldn’t be tempering himself inside, right?”

. . . . . .

Somewhere in the second level, Ye Yuan pointed a finger and killed a lion-form demonic beast. His brows could not help furrowing.

“Is the second level’s guardian demonic beasts the Aurora Electric Lion? That’s pretty hard to deal with!”

The Aurora Electric Lion is a kind of Tier 3 demonic beasts. Not only was its speed unbelievable abnormal, its attacks even carried lightning-attribute, rather nasty.

An Aurora Electric Lion was naturally nothing much to Ye Yuan. But at the thought of that horrifying number in the first level, even Ye Yuan could not help shuddering.

Although the demonic beasts in the Vast Heaven Pagoda were not corporeal bodies, their attributes and strength were no different from the outside world.

Fortunately, the multiple Aurora Electric Lions that Ye Yuan killed were all just initial-stage Tier 3. If this level was all initial-stage Tier 3 Aurora Electric Lions, it might not be without the possibility of duking it out.

Even so, the difficulty of this second level threw the first level behind by several grades.

Tier 3 demonic beasts and Peak Tier 2 demonic beasts were on an entirely different level!

“No wonder Lu Linfeng only made it to the seventh level too. Advancing upwards at this degree of difficulty, how terrifying would it be when arriving at the ninth level!” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

Thinking it over, Ye Yuan still decided to enter the third level after killing off all the demonic beasts.

The allure of the nameless essence energy was seriously too great to Ye Yuan.

Previously at the first level, he only used several drops of nameless essence energy and killed all of the demonic beasts.

After absorbing those demonic beasts’ nameless energy, Ye Yuan discovered that his own realm could no longer be kept in check, so he went with the momentum and chose to broke through.

With this breakthrough, Ye Yuan directly charged to peak Third Level Sea Transformation, just a bit more to reach First Level Sea Transformation.

Ye Yuan shockingly discovered that this nameless essence energy actually had the effect of hewing open his essence energy sea!

Originally, according to his estimations, Third Level Sea Transformation should have a 90 feet essence energy sea. But now, Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea already opened up to 100 feet circumference!

One should not look at how it was just a circumference of ten feet. For Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea to open up and to form perfect spirit condensation, even just opening up a fraction more was also extremely, extremely difficult.

One had to know that Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea previously was already around the same as the Divine Realm’s pinnacle young geniuses.

Now, cleaving open a circumference of ten feet more, it already surpassed those geniuses with absolute certainty!

Ye Yuan discovered that this nameless essence energy was truly incomparably mysterious.

Apart from instant-casting martial techniques and amplifying martial techniques, it actually had the effect of opening up his essence energy sea!

He had no idea just what was the origin of this nameless essence energy, and what other functions did it still have. But Ye Yuan dared to assume that this type of essence energy was absolutely a heaven-defying level treasure!

At least in the Divine Realm, Ye Yuan had never heard before any kind of special essence energy that could have so many enhancement effects!

Ye Yuan was increasingly curious about this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s origin. It was simply a treasure vault!

Ignoring other things, just this nameless essence energy was enough to make all martial artists go crazy.

After musing for a moment, Ye Yuan started making his way to the second level’s inner region.

Due to the others entering two days earlier than him, they were probably about to rush into the third level at this time. This entrance area was naturally already void of people.

But Ye Yuan learned to be more cautious this time. He absorbed and refined the nameless essence energy while killing the Aurora Electric Lions so as to maintain sufficient essence energy.

With the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s prowess, as long as Ye Yuan did not over expend it like at the first level, the problem of essence energy drying up would not arise.

Ye Yuan planned to kill a batch of Aurora Electric Lions first, then absorb a portion of nameless energy and make use of the momentum to break through to the Fourth Level Sea Transformation. He would then head for the entrance to the third level.

These Aurora Electric Lion contained a trace of nameless energy too. Moreover, it was much stronger compared to the first level’s demonic beasts. If he could kill off all the Aurora Electric Lions in the second level, Ye Yuan could refine a lot of this type of nameless energy even while expending them.

. . . . . .

At the third level’s entrance area, dozens of martial artists were surrounded by numerous Aurora Electric Lion. The battle situation was very alarming.

In the fight, there were martial artists killed by the Aurora Electric Lions every now and then and transported out of the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

At this second level, the martial artists were all feeling increasingly pressured. Even Soul Sea Realm experts were no exception.

Even though these Aurora Electric Lion could not threaten them, for them to want to be as leisure as in the first level was not doable.

Qin Yan casually slashed out a sword and killed multiple Aurora Electric Lions. But his gaze was looking at the Liu Hong ahead.

“I don’t know where this person popped out from. His strength is actually so formidable! An itinerant cultivator can actually cultivate to such a level too?” Qin Yan said.

“I have a feeling that he’s still preserving strength now. He should be planning on using it at the back!” By the side, Guo Taoqun had a solemn look too.

“Heh heh,which of the three of us don’t have our own trump cards? When the time comes, we might have to use them in order to charge into the fifth level!” Qin Yan said smilingly.

Guo Taoqun nodded slightly and suddenly said,“Oh,right, after I separated from Ye Yuan at the first level, I never saw him all this while. Have you seen him?”

Qin Yan was stunned and only came back to his senses now. He shook his head and said, “I’ve really not seen him. With his strength, he should have reached here long ago!”

“Yeah. I looked for trouble competing in the speed of killing demonic beasts one time at the first level with him. The result was utter defeat! I feel that even that Liu Hong might not be faster than Ye Yuan either!” Guo Taoqun said.

Qin Yan laughed in spite of himself and said, “You were really taking the road to ruin! Ye Yuan’s prowess isn’t just reflected by killing a Soul Sea Realm! Forget it, he shouldn’t need us to worry. Let’s enter the next level quickly. The demonic beasts here are getting more and more now.”