Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Different In What Way

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“Damn. Is this to let I, Little Lord, to review the troops? So many Armored Diamond Bulls are here just to wait for me?”

Only seeing the scene before his eyes did Ye Yuan finally know why he did not run into demonic beasts along the way.

All the demonic beasts were already gathered here, waiting in battle formation!

In front of Ye Yuan, it was all herds of large black bulls as far as the eyes could see, stretching to infinity.

These big black bulls were blazing with anger and seething with killing intent as if they had long been awaiting him.

Of course, Ye Yuan was still currently unaware that what those people previously encountered were all Blue Sand Beasts and not the Armored Diamond Bulls!

This Armored Diamond Bulls belonged to the category of extremely formidable existences among Tier 3 demonic beasts.

The skins of these large black bulls were coarse. They had thick flesh. Ordinary attacks simply had no way of penetrating their defense!

Under normal circumstances, even peak Crystal Formation Realm human martial artists had no way of breaching middle-stage Tier 3 Armored Diamond Bulls’ defense too!

One could imagine just how freakish this demonic beast was.

More importantly, this type of demonic beasts even had the bull-species’ savageness. Its offensive power was extremely formidable.

Ordinary martial artists, even if they got grazed, the outcome would be exceedingly wretched too.

Of course, no matter how powerful the Armored Diamond Bull was, it was merely just a Tier 3 demonic beast. To those at the Sea Transformation Realms and Soul Sea Realms, they were not worth mentioning at all.

Yet, Armored Diamond Bulls which blotted out the skies and covered the earth was an entirely different matter!

If what those people previously encountered were Armored Diamond Bulls, it would be pretty good to have five people managing to get past it.

It was precisely because he knew these Armored Diamond Bulls’ prowess that Ye Yuan could not resist swearing and have a myriad of profanities running through his head.

If he could use medicinal pills, Ye Yuan would not fear these savage bulls at all. But without the support of medicinal pills, the result was hard to say.

This was a very spectacular image. On one side were massive black bull herds blotting out the skies and covering the earth. On the other was a frail youth.

The visual impact of this image was incredibly intense. The two sides formed a strong contrast!

Ye Yuan in front of this sea of Armored Diamond Bulls was a feeble existence like a small rowboat, possible to capsize at any moment.

“However . . . killing these large raging bulls should be able to obtain considerable nameless essence energy, right?”

As he said, Ye Yuan took out the Xuanying Sword and accumulated his power, waiting to make a move.

“Come on, large raging bulls!”

Ye Yuan gave a clear cry. A Half-Moon Slash cleaved out domineeringly!


Roaring sounds that reverberated throughout the skies emitted from these bulls’ mouth, vibrating until Ye Yuan’s eardrums hurt.

At the same time Ye Yuan raised his sword, those Armored Diamond Bulls moved too!

They charged towards Ye Yuan without heed for anything. That imposing manner could really topple mountains and overturn the seas!


Half-Moon Slash stuck close to the ground and flew over towards the Armored Diamond Bulls, cleaving a large gouge in the ground!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The places where the Half-Moon Slash passed through, the Armored Diamond Bulls were completely decimated and wiped out.

Just one move and several hundred Armored Diamond Bulls were killed.

But sadly, several hundreds did not even count as a single hair from nine oxen to such a massive bull herd.

Ye Yuan was very unsatisfied at the effects of this attack. The defense of these large savage bulls was not ordinary at all. If they were to be other demonic beasts, this attack should be able to cut down up to a thousand.

If he attacked like this, his essence energy expenditure would be much fiercer!

Even though his present essence energy sea already expanded to a circumference of 150 feet, the strength of the demonic beasts rose by a lot too.

If he continued expending essence energy like this, he would not be able to take it either.

“Coarse skin and thick flesh. Indeed, not easy to deal with!” Ye Yuan sighed with a vicissitude of emotion.

The attacks of these large black bulls, Ye Yuan was not very concerned. He had comprehended the Concept of Wind Flow. Under such circumstances, it was even easier to avoid those large black bulls’ attacks. These large black bulls simply could not touch him.

The problem was how much consumption could his essence energy take?

Unless there were no other alternatives, Ye Yuan did not wish to employ the nameless essence energy. Expending the nameless essence energy in such a place was truly too regretful.

He was not worried about these large black bulls’ attacks now. But once his essence energy ran out, the attacks of these large black bulls would be terrifying.

Ye Yuan slaughtered the Armored Diamond Bulls non-stop while he was coming up with countermeasures.

. . . . . .

In the inheritance space, those martial artists had blank looks.

“Different from us? What does that mean?”

“Could it be that Ye Yuan still hasn’t been eliminated now, and he’s still in the midst of clearing the rounds?”

“No way, right? Already six, seven days have passed here. He should be in the third level right now. His clearing speed is so slow. He’s not even equal to us!”

Very clearly, these people all knew that the mysterious person and Yin Yanhua were talking about the same person; it was Ye Yuan.

However, the mysterious person’s appraisal made these people all very displeased.

If Ye Yuan entered ahead of them, then forget it. But it was very clear right now that Ye Yuan was inferior to them.

Even if he was not eliminated, what could such slow clearing speed explain?

In these people’s thinking derived from experience, it was still whoever entered the next level faster, the better. Nobody would be foolish enough to stay behind to kill off all the demonic beasts in a level.

Hearing the mysterious person’s appraisal, Liu Hong frowned slightly too.

Before coming to the Vast Heaven Pagoda, he already planned properly. This time, he must shock everyone in one move, and to overpower the Three Sects’ head disciples!

Now, he accomplished it!

Clearing the rounds twice consecutively, he was the first person to enter the next level!

And the competition at the back, he believed that he would not lose as well.

But now, what did this mean?

That punk called Ye Yuan was not here at all. Could it be that Ye Yuan was even more incredible than him?

Liu Hong was a shockingly talented itinerant cultivator. After his sect was destroyed, he obtained a peak Divine Traversing Realm expert’s inheritance by chance.

During the past years, he had been cultivating bitterly in closed-seclusion all along and finally acquired a certain level of achievement.

Coincidentally, the Three Sects opened up the Vast Heaven Pagoda this time. Liu Hong naturally had to come and give it a shot in order to advance further.

His horizons were exceedingly high now and were long already not that small sect’s disciple back then.

Liu Hong’s current goal was very clear. He wanted to ascend to the Divine Realm!

Right at this time, the Three Sects opened up the Vast Heaven Pagoda too. This was simply a god-sent opportunity!

“Even the heaven wants me, Liu Hong, to soar to the skies with one leap! What reason do I, Liu Hong, have to refuse?” This was Liu Hong’s first reaction after getting this news.

In Liu Hong’s view, this Vast Heaven Pagoda was specifically opened up for him.

Otherwise, why was it not opened up sooner or later, but it was opened to the public right at the critical juncture of him exiting seclusion?

Troubled times create heroes. He was surely the hero created by this era!

But what was the meaning of the words said by this mysterious person?

Could it be that this Ye Yuan was actually even more special than him?

Liu Hong had been in closed-seclusion all along. He was very uninformed about news and completely did not know just what kind of existence Ye Yuan was.

In his eyes, the Three Sects’ head disciples were the targets that he had to surpass.

“Senior, I wonder how is he different from us?”

Even since entering the Vast Heaven Pagoda, Liu Hong had been moving alone the entire time. But this time, he finally could not resist voicing out.

Yet, when he opened his mouth, the Qin Yan trio all looked at him as if they were looking at an idiot.