Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Vast Heaven Stele

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Different how?

Too different!

Only the Qin Yan trio who had personally experienced Ye Yuan’s terror knew how monstrous Ye Yuan was!

The other people, including all the Soul Sea Realms present, only heard about Ye Yuan from other people’s mouths.

These people were all proud children of heaven. Who would truly be convinced by a genius that they had only heard of before?

Let alone that this so-called genius was even so much slower than them to enter the inheritance space!

“You all don’t need to ask anymore. When the time comes, you’ll naturally know. Now, prepare to receive the rewards.”

The mysterious person’s hollow voice sounded out once more as if it was not interested in replying Liu Hong’s question at all.

Right at this time, several dozen streams of light shot down from the air, suspending in front of everybody.

After a short while, the light faded away. All kinds of rewards suspended before their eyes quietly.

The other people tossed Ye Yuan’s problem to the back of their minds very quickly. No matter how monstrous Ye Yuan was, it had nothing to do with them in the slightest either. But these rewards were real.

“Hahaha!This is a Tier 5 cultivation method! It can cultivate all the way to Peak Divine Traversing Realm! This cultivation method is way stronger compared to our sect’s main cultivation method! It can be used as the sect’s supreme treasure!”

“This . . . This is . . . Three Gods Nine Cries Pill! The effect is . . . improving the meridians, increasing 10% cultivation speed!Hahaha!Really picked up a treasure! A medicinal pill with such effects is simply unheard of! Too heaven-defying!”

“This . . . This is a profound artifact? Even though it’s a low-grade profound artifact, the quality is exceedingly high!”

. . . . . .

On these treasures, all of them had simple inscriptions, telling these martial artists the functions.

The way these people saw it, these rewards were already very incredible. Just a cultivation method was already much stronger than their sect’s.

These things were all very heaven-defying existences when brought outside. No wonder the final accomplishments of the people who walked out from here were all extraordinary!

But these treasures clearly had the distinction of good and bad too.

In comparison, cultivation methods were the best, medicinal pills were second, and finally, weapons were the lousiest.

Cultivation methods could be regarded as a legacy treasure. This martial artist taking it out could even establish a sect!

Medicinal pills could aid cultivation, especially medicinal pills which improved the meridians. This was simply a heaven-defying treasure.

As for weapons, it was merely just external objects. Even though it could improve strength in a short time, it was ultimately just an assistance.

Martial artists’ prowess ultimately relied on oneself.

Of course, if one was so powerful, having a heaven-defying weapon was naturally something superfluous.

“Qin Yan, what’s that of yours?” Guo Taoqun asked.

“Martial technique! You?”

“Mine is martial technique too! Moreover, it seems to be a martial technique custom-made for me!” Guo Taoqun said rather excitedly.

For them, unless it was a heaven-defying class cultivation method, otherwise, they would not take fancy of it at all.

But martial techniques were different. A powerful martial technique could even boost their combat power several times over!

And the four of them including Liu Hong all obtained a martial technique!

Even though Liu Hong overwhelmed Guo Taoqun they all, the disparity was very small.

Even though Liu Hong was formidable, in terms of combat power, he might not be much stronger than Guo Taoqun they all. As for the specifics, without going through a fight, there was simply no way to speculate.


A gigantic stone stele descended from the sky and landed in the inheritance space.

“The Vast Heaven Stele! It’s the Vast Heaven Stele! It finally came out!” seeing that stele, a martial artist immediately cried out agitatedly.

When Qin Yan trio saw this stele, they were rather excited too.

“Alright. The time flow rate here is one-fifteenth of the outside world’s. You all have one day’s time to contemplate the Vast Heaven Stele! How much you can comprehend will be up to your fortune. After fifteen days, you all will automatically enter the fourth level. If you want to study the Vast Heaven Stele again, you must clear the sixth level. You guys try your best!”

When the mysterious person finished talking, he did not make any more sound again.

But the others were already not interested to bother with him. The time to contemplate on the Vast Heaven Stele was too precious. Not a single second could be wasted!

For a time, the inheritance space was dead silent. They all started contemplating on the Vast Heaven Stele.

. . . . . .

When the others were currently studying the Vast Heaven Stele, Ye Yuan was currently in the heat of battle in the third level!

“Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword: Myriad Rain Sword Blades!” Ye Yuan growled. Ten thousand sword blades rushed towards the black bull herds like raindrops!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The power of the Myriad Rain Sword Blades was seriously too strong. This one move down was akin to the wind sweeping away fallen leaves. Waves of Armored Diamond Bulls turned into flying ash.

Ye Yuan’s current essence energy sea was already three times bigger than before. But this move still expended close to one-third of his essence energy!

This move was powerful. It just cost too much essence energy.

One-third essence energy was even more than the total essence energy when he was fighting Dai Yuhen!

The power of this move could be seen at a glance!

Those Armored Diamond Bulls were hailed as impervious to swords and spears. But under this move of Ye Yuan, it was like paper; they were utterly unable to withstand it even in the slightest.

The sword blades directly pierced through far into the distance before gradually vanishing.

The power of condensed form of gathered essence was not what these Tier 3 demonic beasts could withstand.

This sword slashing down, most probably tens of thousands of Armored Diamond Bulls were instantly killed.

But the problem was that these Armored Diamond Bulls did not have their own consciousness at all. They totally did not know what was called being afraid!

The place of those large black bulls killed were very quickly filled in by their companions that charged at Ye Yuan once more without fear of death.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and did not attack either. His figure moved, fluttering like a piece of paper.

No matter how ferocious those raging bulls’ attacks were, it could not touch the corners of his sleeves!

Even though the Armored Diamond Bulls’ natural endowments were extraordinary, in terms of dodging, how could they be mentioned in the same breath with the Ye Yuan who comprehended the True Intent of Wind Flow?

Ye Yuan shuttled back and forth within the bull herd, like fish in water.

At this time, Ye Yuan used the Wind Flow True Intent in the Concept of Wind and the Transmission True Intent in the Concept of Fire at the same time, lowering the essence energy consumption to the minimum.

At the same time, the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art within his body was revolved to the limits, recovering essence energy frenziedly!

Just like this, Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea was slowly recovering!

Roughly the greater part of an hour later, Ye Yuan’s expenditure previously was finally finished replenishing!

Hence, Ye Yuan wielded Xuanying Sword. Myriad Rain Sword Blades was released once more!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Waves of Armored Diamond Bulls collapsed again!

This was the method that Ye Yuan thought of in the end. Since medicinal pills were unable to be used, then he would absorb essence energy himself to recover!

At this time, the powerful aspect of Ye Yuan’s cultivation method was manifested!

How could ordinary cultivation methods possibly replenish the expended essence energy in such a short time?

Furthermore, at the same time that Ye Yuan was replenishing essence energy, he was still expending a portion of it to maintain his movement technique.

The essence energy within this Vast Heaven Pagoda was very plentiful. Ye Yuan absorbing it was accomplished with high proficiency. Just within a greater part of an hour and it would replenish completely.

Just like this, every greater part of an hour passed, Ye Yuan would fire out Myriad Rain Sword Blades once, killing large groups of Armored Diamond Bulls.