Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 56

Chapter 56


In both his past and present life, this was the second time Ye Yuan cried.

The first time he cried was when his father, Zhengyang Zi, was killed by that traitor while protecting him.

Even after experiencing life and death samsara, that scene remained equally vivid in his memory.

The pain which was engraved into his bones and heart also pushed the Ye Yuan today to cultivate diligently in hopes that one day, he could slaughter his way back to the Divine Realm and kill that traitor with his own hands.

This was the second time Ye Yuan cried. Even though it was not during a matter of life and death, Ye Hang’s selfless fatherly love deeply touched Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan had only felt this feeling from Zhenyang Zi before. Regardless of whether Ye Hang was his real father or not, that unconditional love for him was true.

Qingyun Zi inherited and was influenced by Ye Yuan’s body. So he naturally felt close to Ye Hang.

In addition, Ye Hang’s impression on the newly reincarnated Ye Yuan was pretty good. Ye Yuan felt guilty in his heart, so he acknowledged this father.

But deep down inside him, Ye Yuan only treated him like somebody he was close with and did not have that kind of true father-son relationship.

In Ye Yuan’s heart, his real father was only Zhengyang Zi. Hence, he did not impart these things to Ye Hang previously.

But now, Ye Yuan approved Ye Hang as his father from the bottom of his heart.

Two lifetimes and both fathers had fatherly love akin to a mountain. It thawed Ye Yuan’s heart.

At first, when Ye Yuan took out these two sets of cultivation laws, he was actually still a little hesitant. However, if Ye Hang were ‘eaten up’ by Wan Donghai, his future cultivation road would become increasingly difficult.

With Wan Donghai’s personality, he definitely would not let the weakened Ye Hang off. Ye Yuan was currently still weak, and could not defend himself.

Thinking over and over again, Ye Yuan finally made this decision.

But now, Ye Yuan was wholly assured.

Looking at Ye Yuan’s tear-stricken face, Ye Hang was alarmed and quickly asked, “What’s wrong, Yuan-er? Did father say something wrong?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m fine. I was just feeling touched. I wasn’t sensible in the past and made you worry. In the future, I will definitely become your pride!”

Hearing this, Ye Hang calmed down and was overcome with emotion.“Haha.Silly son. You even learned to become melodramatic. We are father and son. Aren’t you treating me like a stranger by saying that? However, Yuan-er, do you know what made me relieved was not because you obtained some peerless expert’s inheritance, but because you grew up and became sensible! Men should never look back, but to go forward with indomitable will until they break through this world!”

Ye Yuan was visibly moved when he heard that speech. It was rarely seen for someone like Ye Hang in a tiny mortal country to harbor such ambition.

Ye Yuan knew that Ye Hang’s talent was not mediocre. What he lacked were resources.

As long as there were sufficient resources, Ye Hang’s future accomplishments definitely would not be small.

Ye Hang was not more than 40 years old this year. He was still considered young on the road of martial arts, so the probability was still relatively huge.

Ye Yuan gave Ye Hang a bow and said, “This child has learned well. However, Father still has to learn these two sets of cultivation laws. There’s nothing wrong with it. When that expert imparted these things to me, he didn’t say anything about not allowing me to pass it on. So clearly, he left it up to me to decide. Furthermore, I’m not imparting it recklessly. You are my closest kin. I believe that he wouldn’t say much if I pass it on to you.”

“This . . . is this really alright?” Ye Hang was still a little hesitant.

“Just think, Father. Would a peerless figure like that possibly make such a low-level mistake? If he didn’t allow me to spread these things, then he would definitely have warned me severely. But he didn’t even mention anything, so he should have left it to my discretion. If he really wanted to find somebody to pass his mantle onto, he most likely wouldn’t cripple me just because of this? At most, I will inform him of this the next time he comes to look for me. If he feels that it’s inappropriate, then let us father and son shoulder it together!”

Ye Yuan said all that with a heroic spirit that soared, dispelling Ye Hang’s misgivings.

“Fine. We, father and son, will shoulder it together!” Ye Yuan also said valiantly.

Although he said this verbally, Ye Hang actually thought otherwise.

If that expert really comes to look for trouble for Yuan-er, then I will just cripple my martial arts as an apology! I can’t allow Yuan-er to shoulder this matter.

Of course, Ye Hang was not aware that the so-called expert did not even exist . . .

. . . . . .

The following days, both Ye Yuan and Ye Hang were in a closed-door seclusion and did not leave.

Ye Hang spent all of his time on comprehending the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation, while Ye Yuan was consolidating his cultivation realm.

Before entering a closed-door seclusion, Ye Hang instructed for the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to continue operating as per usual. Regardless of what the Drunken Star Manor did, they were not to do anything rash. Everything will wait until he exited his closed-door seclusion.

Now that he had the Explosive Yuan Pill, he was not in a hurry to make his move. He would first let Wan Donghai toss and turn around for a while, and then beat him to death with a single blow!

With the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion’s foundation, it was impossible to take down the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion in a short period of time even if Wan Donghai had those Essence Gathering Pills.

Ye Hang wanted to make use of this time to swiftly raise his strength!

In this world where the strong feasts on the weak, strength was the absolute truth.

Ye Hang knew that the Explosive Yuan Pill’s medicinal effects were multiple times of the Essence Qi Pill. But once it was exposed, the impact would not just be multiple times!

Without sufficient strength, this Explosive Yuan Pill would instead become the root of a calamity!

Ye Hang initially placed all of his attention on the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation and lacked interest in the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. However, he only knew the terrifying might of this Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art after cultivating it.

In only three days’ time, his cultivation realm that was stuck for a long time started to loosen. This was also the result of him cultivating the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation at the same time.

Borrowing the power of medicinal pills, Ye Hang burst through the hurdle in one move, rising one minor cultivation realm.

Above the Spirit Condensation Realm was the Crystal Formation Realm. In the Crystal Formation Realm, the difficulty of trying to break through a minor realm did not fall below that of training from the First Level Essence Qi Realm to the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Some people might not even be able to break through a minor realm in five years or maybe even ten years! The difficulty could not even be imagined.

But Ye Hang discovered that ever since he cultivated the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, the essence energy in his Dantian became much thicker. His crystallized essence energy seemed to show signs of liquefying and recondensing!

As for the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation, that was the soul incantation which Ye Yuan cultivated in his previous life. The pricelessness of it was naturally without any question.

Similarly, within three days, Ye Hang’s soul strength broke through, and he successfully broke through to become a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster.

However, Ye Hang still did not have any intention of exiting his closed-door seclusion. He wanted to continue and concentrate entirely on the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art. Only then could he raise his strength.

That was because Ye Hang was not certain what kind of a stir the Explosive Yuan Pill would cause once it surfaced.

. . . . . .

After four days, it was finally the day of the test. Ye Yuan exited seclusion and then headed to the Alchemist Association to gather with everyone.

When Ye Yuan arrived, the great hall of the Alchemist Association was completely fully packed.

He had not seen most of the people before, but he recognized a few of them, such as Feng Ruoqing, and her niece, as well as . . . Wan Yuan.

Wan Yuan indeed came from a family with profound teachings. He was already a middle-rank Alchemy Apprentice long ago. This time around, he should be here to participate in the high-rank Alchemy Apprentice test.

Furthermore, it was said that Wan Yuan’s soul strength was rather robust. It would not be an issue for him to become an Alchemy Master in the future. And because of that, Wan Yuan received a great deal of attention in the Dan Wu Academy.

Currently, Wan Yuan was talking to Feng Zhirou about something, while Feng Zhirou was as cold as ice and gave him the cold shoulder.

Wan Yuan did not feel disgruntled by Feng Zhirou’s action, but instead, had a smile on his face.

However, at this time, Feng Zhirou caught sight of Ye Yuan and suddenly showed an overjoyed expression. She shook off Wan Yuan and rushed over to Ye Yuan.

“Ye Yuan, why did you only arrive now? My aunt and I waited so long for you. We thought you were scared that you couldn’t pass and decided to not come!” Feng Zhirou said intimately.

Ye Yuan knew that Feng Zhirou was doing this to shake off Wan Yuan and could not help looking over at Wan Yuan. As expected, he saw that face which turned the color of a pig’s liver, along with a stare which could kill.