Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 562

Chapter 562 Nine Characters True Word Formula

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A long, long silence . . .

Ye Yuan did not rush that mysterious person. He just waited quietly.

All of a sudden, several beams of light descended from the sky. Three talismans suspended in front of Ye Yuan quietly.

“This is your reward. Three Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talismans! Each Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman is equivalent to a Peak Divine Traversing Realm martial artist’s all-out attack once! Additionally, there is still a martial technique. You open up your sea of consciousness now. The Vast Heaven Pagoda will imprint it into your sea of consciousness. You can slowly comprehend it,” said mysterious person after falling silent for a long time.

Seeing those three Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talismans, Ye Yuan’s eyes could not help lighting up.

This was good stuff. If used well, it could even kill a Peak Divine Traversing Realm martial artist!

Such a talisman was absolutely a heaven-defying class treasure in the Endless World.

Ye Yuan’s research into talismans was not much. But he also knew that this kind of one-time attack talisman was exceedingly valuable. It was equal to storing an extremely powerful martial technique.

This was undoubtedly an additional major killing tool to the current Ye Yuan!

As long as he did not battle against peak Divine Traversing Realm experts, he could practically do whatever he wanted in the Endless World.

Ye Yuan was not courteous either, off-handedly keeping the three talismans into the spatial spirit artifact.

But what made Ye Yuan even more curious was still this martial technique.

Regarding imprinting in the sea of consciousness this sort of inheritance method, Ye Yuan was naturally not foreign.

Any and all things passed down through this sort of method, the power was all extremely formidable. Furthermore, they were incredibly abstruse and hard to understand. It was because this sort of martial technique could only be understood but not expressed in words. It was simply unable to be inscribed into jade slips.

“Now, you can begin receiving the inheritance!”

Once the mysterious person’s voice faded, a stream of light shot out from the firmament and directly entered into Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

Ye Yuan naturally would not fully open up his sea of consciousness. He shielded the golden characters and the black bead these things using mystic arts.

One could not be without vigilance against others. Ye Yuan did not wish for his secrets to be pried by people.

The light flashed, then faded. Ye Yuan instantly felt that inside his sea of consciousness had additional nine words: Lin, Bing, Dou, Zhe, Jie, Lie, Zhen, Qian, Xing!

“This is the Nine Characters True Word Formula. Each word encompasses the maxim of the Great Dao. You should study it well! This martial technique is not some earth-shaking great skills, but it can develop the potential in the human body to the extreme. It is far from what ordinary martial techniques can be equated to.

The mysterious person seemed to be worried that Ye Yuan did not know about the goods. That was why he talked a whole bunch to explain it.

Ye Yuan’s entire body trembled!

He was an Alchemy Emperor of his generation in his previous life. His understanding of Heavenly Dao was exceedingly profound. How could he not tell that these nine characters contained the maxim of the Great Dao?

With his horizons, he was actually unable to fully understand a single word!

Just as the mysterious person said, this martial technique was not some earth-shaking great skill. But it was even more incredible than those things.

Cultivating them to the peak, he would most probably have the capability of obliterating heaven and earth, even affirming one’s Dao and becoming a deity!

The item rewarded from this Perfect Clear was indeed incomparable from normal rewards.

Ye Yuan knew that this Nine Characters True Word Formula, even when placed in the Divine Realm, would probably stir up a bloody slaughter among martial artists too.

“Thank you very much for Senior’s present! Ye Yuan is endlessly grateful!” Ye Yuan cupped his fists and said gratefully to the void.

Yet, the mysterious person ignored him. The Vast Heaven Stele directly descended from the sky and landed in front of Ye Yuan.

“You cleared the first three levels perfectly. The time for comprehending the Vast Heaven Stele is three times of others, which is also 45 days’ time. Grasp it well!” sait the mysterious person coldly, and then no longer made a sound.

Ye Yuan could not help smiling wryly. This mysterious person seemed to be throwing a little tantrum because of his contempt previously and did not want to respond to him.

But Ye Yuan did not think too much either. His attention was very quickly drawn by the Vast Heaven Stele.

The first impression that the Vast Heaven Stele gave Ye Yuan was . . . all-encompassing!

As if this small stone tablet was the crystallization of myriad life on earth.

Ye Yuan’s understanding of the Dao was far from what those rookies could compare to. But even he could not discern this Vast Heaven Stele’s origin.

“This Vast Heaven Inheritance is truly unbelievably mystical. Could it actually be . . . an item left behind by a Deity Realm powerhouse? Disregarding this Vast Heaven Stele, even the Nine Characters True Word Formula and that nameless energy are top-notch inheritances when placed in the Divine Realm too!” Ye Yuan was incomparably shocked in his heart.

However, he had a feeling that within this Vast Heaven Stele, the most powerful object was none other than this stele before his eyes!

On it was teeming with the aura of the Dao. It was simply a heaven-defying treasure.

Ye Yuan put away his thoughts very quickly and entered Heart Like Still Water heart realm, sinking his divine sense into the Vast Heaven Stele.

45 days’ time looked to be a lot, but to contemplate this stele, it’s something in the course of a twinkle. Having such a precious opportunity, Ye Yuan did not wish to waste it.


Instantaneously, Ye Yuan was seemingly placed within a boundless sea of fire. His entire person seemed to be about to combust.

Ye Yuan was dragged into this space right as his consciousness came into contact with the Vast Heaven Stele.

This stretch of space, apart from flames, did not have anything!

“Didn’t expect that what I will contemplate in is the Concept of Fire. It’s just who knows how much can be comprehended from the visualization this time!” Ye Yuan was also somewhat secretly looking forward to it.

The Concept of Fire was actually the concept that Ye Yuan wanted to comprehend the most. In his previous life and this, he had a baffling affinity with fire.

But yet, he used essence fire to an exceptionally profound realm but did not comprehend any kind of true intent involving fire.

To think that this Vast Heaven Stele was actually this mystical, knowing what he needed, directly bringing him to a flame world.

It’s just that these flames don’t seem to be that powerful. How should I comprehend true intent?”

Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that the surrounding flames were not as powerful as imagined. It could not cause any harm to him at all.

Under such circumstances, how should he comprehend concepts?

“En?No, wait! The temperature of these flames is slowly rising. If one doesn’t pay attention, it won’t be detected at all!”

Ye Yuan suddenly discovered the abnormality and became alert.

The surrounding flames suddenly became violent. Tongues of flames wantonly extended, as if it was going to devour everything!

In an instant, Ye Yuan was engulfed by countless flame tongues, burning him to ashes fully.

Coming back to his senses again, Ye Yuan was actually standing there perfectly well again, as if the same as when he just came in!

The neither warm nor violent flames were currently blazing as if it was completely harmless to man and beast. But all of a sudden, the flames erupted abruptly, leaping up once more!

“Is this wanting to burn me to death countless times to let me experience the flames’ Scorching True Intent personally?Heh heh,indeed a fine method! This Vast Heaven Stele is indeed mystical!” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

That taste of being burned to death, Ye Yuan felt like he had experienced it in person. If he did not wish to be burned to death, then he had to comprehend the Scorching True Intent as soon as possible to be able to be spared from the torture of being immolated.

Fortunately, although it was the consciousness which entered into the space inside the Vast Heaven Stele, Heart Like Still Water heart realm could still be used.

Ye Yuan was not careless either, directly entering into the state of Heart Like Still Water Realm and started comprehending the Concept of Scorching Flames!