Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Flame Movement Carnage

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“This is already Ye Yuan’s third day inside this inheritance space, right? The reward of this Perfect Clear is truly incomparably bountiful!”

“Yeah. The quintessence of this Vast Heaven Pagoda is the Vast Heaven Stele’s comprehension. Ye Yuan obtained Perfect Clear. The time is actually three times of others! I really don’t know what level Ye Yuan will reach after coming out from the Vast Heaven Pagoda!”

“The inheritance space’s time flow rate is 15 times slower compared to the outside world. Which is also to say that Ye Yuan has 45 days’ time to go and comprehend the Vast Heaven Stele! With his talent, I really don’t know to what degree he can comprehend to!”

Seeing that gilded name on the light projection, the audience all felt envious.

To the vast majority of martial artists, the Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance only had the opportunity to comprehend the Vast Heaven Stele once. It was because they simply could not make it past the sixth level.

Which was also to say that how much could be comprehended after clearing the third level would be up to the martial artist’s own comprehension abilities.

The time was only 15 days. Some people would be able to rely on this opportunity to soar to the heavens in one move, while others still remain lost in the masses.

But without any doubt, to be able to obtain the chance to contemplate the Vast Heaven Stele, one would at least be a notable figure in a region!

“City Lord Ren, congratulations! Your grandson is actually able to achieve the Perfect Completion in the legends. His gains this time is bound to be unbelievably startling. Wu Fang City’s position, nobody in the entire Endless World can replace it!” Ning Yixian went forward to congratulate.

“Haha,not at all, not at all! This boy’s temper is stubborn as hell. This old man can’t tame him at all. I only hope that he doesn’t add more problems for me!”

Although Ren Xingchun kept only grumbling in his words, the expression on his face betrayed him. Anyone also knew the delight in his heart right now.

As it went, when one man attained the Dao, his fowls and dogs ascended to heaven too. It was roughly this meaning.

At this point, nobody suspected Qi Hai’s words anymore.

The reward of this Perfect Completion was absolutely incomparably lavish!

Otherwise, how could Ye Yuan possibly stop for three day’s time in the inheritance space?

The momentum of Wu Fang City’s rise was already unstoppable. In the future, it might even overpower the Three Sects.

Therefore, starting from just now, there were many people going forward to congratulate to express goodwill to Ren Xingchun, so as to establish a relationship with Wu Fang City.

But toward this situation, the Three Sects’ old ancestors did not seem to have any displeasure.

In truth, when they knew that Ye Yuan was Ren Xingchun’s grandson, the Three Sects knew that Wu Fang City was likely about to become the Endless World’s most special existence already.

It was just that they did not expect that this day would actually arrive so quickly.

If there weren’t the Fierce Gale World’s invasion, these three sects would surely think of ways to suppress Ye Yuan and not let Wu Fang City rise up.

But being forced by the current situation, internal strife would only let the Endless World fall apart to pieces. The Three Sects’ old ancestors naturally did not dare to make a move without careful consideration. They were even the same as other people, going to build a connection with Ren Xingchun as well.

In truth, everyone had a score in their hearts. If the Endless World were able to beat back the Fierce Gale World by luck this time, the Northern Domain’s topographical arrangements would undergo titanic changes too.

. . . . . .

Within the Vast Heaven Stele’s consciousness space, Ye Yuan was already the embodiment of a flame person at this time.

Over 30 days had already passed from the very first time being ‘burnt to death.’ And in these 30 plus days, he already ‘died’ several hundred times.

From the earlier survival of just at most few breaths of time, now he could already persevere for an entire day!

The surrounding flame temperature was unbelievably high. If one did not know the Scorching True Intent, one would simply not be able to make it through very long.

And the Scorching True Intent was also an extremely profound and powerful true intent. It was even harder to comprehend than Ye Yuan’s own Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword Intent.

For ordinary martial artists, even for martial artists that cultivated fire-attribute cultivation methods, wanting to comprehend the Scorching True Intent was exceedingly difficult too.

And the supreme true intent that evolved from the Scorching True Intent was even more absurdly daunting.

This supreme true intent was also one of the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s greatest reliance to roam the Divine Realm unhindered. It could be seen how hard this true intent was to comprehend.

If Ye Yuan could comprehend the Scorching Supreme True Intent, its power would be much more daunting compared to the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword!

This was also one of the reasons why Ye Yuan was so interested in the Scorching True Intent.

Another reason was naturally that he liked to play with fire inherently.

As an alchemist, he naturally sowed inseparable destiny with fire.

But an alchemist’s fire control and comprehending true intent were two entirely different concepts.

Controlling fire was the manipulation of essence fire. As long as one had the corresponding seals, it would do.

But comprehending true intent required understanding the original source of flames. What one comprehended was the Great Dao maxim of the fire element.

Although fire control was also an extremely profound study to alchemists, compared to comprehending concepts, the degree of difficulty was still a little lower.

If not like so, Ye Yuan would also not possibly have not comprehended Scorching True Intent until now.

But within this Vast Heaven Stele’s consciousness space, Ye Yuan finally found the turning point for comprehension!

Experiencing over 30 days of tempering, Ye Yuan finally fumbled out some knack to it.

“Looks like this fire control and the True Intent of Fire are completely two extremes! The art of fire control is to produce a resonance with the essence energy within the body and essence fire, and from there, drive the essence energy for one’s own use. While the True Intent of Fire is to convert essence energy into the most fundamental form of fire to immolate the opponent with an exceptionally terrifying temperature! No wonder I couldn’t find the entrance threshold of the Scorching True Intent all this while. Looks like it was alchemist this occupation which misdirected me! If not for contemplating the Vast Heaven Stele this time, I’m afraid that I would still have to wander around inside this mistaken area for a long time! But looking at it now, 45 days should be enough!” Ye Yuan said with a vicissitude of emotion.

Ye Yuan being ‘burnt to death’ so many times was naturally also not dying for naught.

Gradually, he touched upon some Scorching True Intent’s tricks as well and started to maneuver the essence energy within the body to simulate the Concept of Scorching Heat.

“Argh!”Ye Yuan gave a miserable cry and was burnt to death by the flames once more.

Very quickly, he obtained new life again and endured the broiling of this limitless flames once more.

For so many days, Ye Yuan’s path of comprehension was not that simple. He went through a torment that the average person could not imagine!

Even though this immolation would not really cause death, that kind of anguish made people go insane.

This method of comprehension was for the sake of letting the martial artist clearly sense the Scorching True Intent with every inch of their flesh and skin. That kind of torment was even harder to bear.

Furthermore, this kind of agony became clearer along with the true intent Ye Yuan comprehended becoming increasingly profound.

Because in pace with the survival time extending, this agony was magnified limitlessly.

If it were a normal person, they would long have been unable to bear it. They would withdraw out of this consciousness space themselves.

Yet, Ye Yuan did not ease up for even a moment, repeating this process of revival after death, and dying again after living, for hundreds of times!

On the 45th day, Ye Yuan who had been standing still freely allowing the flames to burn finally had some movement!

It was only to see him tightly clenching both fists, bending his body slightly, then abruptly blasting both fists out, akin to a flood dragon heading out to sea!

“Flame Movement Carnage!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. All of a sudden, the entire consciousness space trembled. The flames which originally filled the entire consciousness space actually scattered and disappeared into nothingness under Ye Yuan’s one punch!