Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Illusionary Spirits Killing Array

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Inside the inheritance space, the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled slightly. His consciousness had already withdrawn out of the Vast Heaven Stele.

It could be discerned from Ye Yuan’s expression that he was still pretty satisfied with the power of that one punch earlier.

“My sword moves are mostly long-distance attacks. Close-combat has always been the weakest link. But with the Flame Movement Carnage, my close-combat abilities now are rather impressive as well! This Vast Heaven Stele is indeed mystical, to actually be able to let people comprehend true intent with this kind of method. Truly remarkable!” Ye Yuan muttered to himself.

Ye Yuan comprehended the Scorching True Intent and created this Flame Movement Carnage move in these 45 days. This was what he completely did not expect before this.

Ye Yuan had close ties with the Spirit Bristle Divine King in his previous life and had a clear understanding of both the Scorching True Intent’s comprehension difficulty and power.

Therefore, prior to this, Ye Yuan actually did not have confidence in comprehending true intent at all.

It was just that he did not expect that this consciousness space was very mystical, to actually be able to let people comprehend concepts through such a method of experiencing true intent personally.

This Flame Movement Carnage was a martial technique that Ye Yuan created himself. He formed his own style.

In terms of power, this move, apart from Myriad Rain Sword Blades, was already not weaker than his other martial techniques!

Listening to it did not seem to be anything impressive, but one had to know that this move was still a move released with the Scorching True Intent.

Once Ye Yuan made further progress and comprehended the Scorching Supreme True Intent, how terrifying would the power of his moves be?!

Although this move was not as outrageous as the Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon, the power could not be underestimated either. More importantly, this move compensated for Ye Yuan’s close-combat weak point, making his combat abilities even more comprehensive!

Flame Movement Carnage this move was executed by converting the essence energy into Scorching True Intent and storing it in the fist. Once it landed on the other party, it could pour in the extremely scorching energy into the other party’s body, causing tremendous damage from there!

With Ye Yuan’s bizarre and agile movement technique, coupling it with the Flame Movement Carnage was absolutely formidable to the extreme!

Furthermore, the area-of-effect of this move is extremely small, so the essence energy expended was very little. Ye Yuan’s control over essence energy was extremely precise in the first place. Using this move could entirely be sustained for a very long time.

If he had comprehended this move before this, the first three levels would not need to be so taxing at all.

“It’s time to go to the fourth level!”

Three days was almost already up. Ye Yuan had comprehended the Scorching True Intent too. He obviously would not stay here on top of that.

All of a sudden, the inheritance space trembled abruptly. A vortex suddenly appeared behind Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was sucked into the vortex without the slightest precaution.

“This brat, to actually dare look down on this venerated self. Serves you right to suffer some hardship!” at this time, within a nameless space, a faint black shadow said with a cold snort.

Hearing the voice, who could it be but that mysterious person?

Looks like he was still very displeased with Ye Yuan’s haughty attitude!

“However . . . this boy actually comprehended the Scorching True Intent within such a short time. Truly staggering talent! His talent is not at all inferior to Master’s!” muttered the mysterious person to himself again.

The mysterious person also did not expect that Ye Yuan actually directly visualized out the Scorching True Intent.

In the beginning, he still felt that Ye Yuan was reaching too far beyond his grasp. After all, this Scorching True Intent was famed for being hard to comprehend.

Even for some normal true intent, comprehending them requires more than ten years as well. And this standard was still applicable to Qin Yan, Guo Taoqun, their level of geniuses.

To ordinary martial artists, they would not be able to comprehend even an extremely simple true intent for all their lives.

To ordinary people, true intent was a height that they would be unable to reach for all their lives.

The Scorching True Intent was an extremely high-end existence among true intents. Even if one’s talent was startling, comprehension time was also calculated in units of decades.

Unless one’s talent was heaven-defying until the mysterious person’s master’s height, otherwise, it was absolutely reaching beyond one’s grasp.

Even though the mysterious person was very pleased with Ye Yuan’s performance in the first three rounds, he was still not optimistic about Ye Yuan being able to fully comprehend the Scorching True Intent within a short 45 days!

Yet, Ye Yuan’s performance made him wide-eyed and dumbfounded with shock!

Right at the beginning, Ye Yuan was burnt to death by the flames very quickly. The mysterious person was still secretly taking delight in his misfortune by the side.

But a few days later, he could not laugh anymore.

Ye Yuan’s improvement speed was too rapid!

From several breaths to several dozen breaths. Then to 15 minutes, an hour, two hours. Ye Yuan’s improvement speed practically climbed vertically!

Over a dozen days later, the mysterious person was long already staring woodenly with his jaw slack.

At the rate of this improvement speed, maybe Ye Yuan could really comprehend the Scorching True Intent within 45 days!

When Ye Yuan’s Flame Movement Carnage was executed, the mysterious person almost jumped up.

Ye Yuan really did it!

He completely comprehended the Scorching True Intent!

Within 45 days, from being instantly killed to fully comprehending the Scorching True Intent; just how heaven-defying a talent did this require?!

How could there be such a freak in this world?

“Heh,this brat is really interesting! I increased a bit of difficulty for him previously in the third level. To think that he still finished perfectly. Now, he even fully comprehended the Scorching True Intent during the first reward. Truly remarkable! Looks like he really cares not for cultivation methods and medicinal pills. This brat’s soul force isn’t weak. Could he be an alchemist still? If that’s true, then this boy will really be heaven-defying! This venerable has guarded here for countless years. Finally, I encountered an interesting youth! In these countless years, this is still the first time that I’m so looking forward to a youth!” said the mysterious person to himself.

. . . . . .


Ye Yuan gave a miserable cry, landing heavily onto the ground.

“This fellow is actually so petty! I merely just didn’t want his cultivation methods and medicinal pills, and he actually restrained my essence energy, directly throwing me into the fourth level!” Ye Yuan rubbed his buttocks and stood up.

Right away, Ye Yuan guessed that it was the mysterious person playing tricks.

But this fall was really heavy. Even with Ye Yuan’s physique, he cried out in pain too.

However, after entering the fourth level, Ye Yuan’s essence energy was already recovered. Slightly circulating essence energy a bit, the pain instantly disappeared.

“En?The fifth level’s entrance is actually right there? What the hell is with this fourth level? Why isn’t there anything at all? Could it be that that mysterious person saw that this Young Master is incomparably talented and that the fourth level couldn’t stump me, so he directly guaranteed me to enter the fifth level?” Ye Yuan guessed very cockily.

This fourth level was greatly different from the first three levels. It could be seen through at a glance. The fifth level’s entrance was not far ahead. Ye Yuan could go over with a few leaps.

Furthermore, this fourth level’s layout was different from before. It seemed to be an illusionary space. The surrounding was void of anything.

“Who cares. Head over first before talking!”

As he said, Ye Yuan opened up his footsteps and directly walked over towards the fifth level’s entrance.

Yet, he had just walked for not very far when all of a sudden, several dozen phantoms descended from the sky, encircling Ye Yuan in the center.

“Illusionary Spirits Killing Array, activate now!” said one of the phantoms faintly.