Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 565

Chapter 565 Cracking The Formation With Might

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Seeing those phantoms, Ye Yuan could not help turning solemn.

“Illusionary spirit bodies!”

That middle-aged man at the helm was stunned hearing that as well and said rather surprisedly, “Young man, you actually know about the illusionary spirit body. Indeed, you have some knowledge and experience. No wonder you could perfectly clear the first three level.”

The so-called illusionary spirit body was created by refining the divine soul spiritual body with an extremely special method into a virtually undying, imperishable state.

This sort of illusionary spirit body was exceedingly hard to tangle with. Because they were very difficult to kill.

Even when blasting them into dregs, they could still restore their original appearance very quickly.

Unless the martial artist’s realm was much higher than the illusionary spirit body’s and used a mighty arcane ability to utterly annihilate them, that was how one could kill them.

Ye Yuan had very in-depth research into the divine soul before and saw through at one glance that these people were illusionary spirit bodies.

“Uh. . . Senior, you actually have your own consciousness!”

Hearing this middle-aged man actually speak to him, Ye Yuan was stunned as well.

As far as he knew, illusionary spirit bodies generally had their consciousness wiped by others, becoming an unfeeling killing machine.

Yet, these people in front of him had intelligent eyes. Clearly, they had their own consciousness. This unwittingly made Ye Yuan greatly surprised.

“Looks like you know quite a bit! Relax, we were refined to become illusionary spirit bodies out of our own accords and at the same time preserving our own consciousness,” said the middle-aged man.

“Willingly?” Ye Yuan could not help being amazed.

The process of refining an illusionary spirit body was exceedingly tortuous. Even for the divine soul spirit body, that anguish could also overwhelm people until they wished for death.

Moreover, to refine an illusionary spirit body, one must kill the other party in front of them, and extract the soul to undergo refinement. The method was exceptionally cruel.

It was precisely because of so that this sort of method was classified as a forbidden art in the Divine Realm. Once it was discovered that somebody refined an illusionary spirit body, they would be rallied upon and attacked together.

These illusionary spirit bodies before his eyes were all actually refined out of their own free will. This truly gave Ye Yuan a surprise.

“That’s right! We received the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s owner’s great grace while we were still living. But because of an accident, all of us fell. The Vast Heaven Pagoda’s owner made it at the last moment and killed the adversary. That’s how we were spared from the outcome of our souls dissipating.” The middle-aged man seemed to be very spirited and actually chatted with Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan only came to a realization after hearing it. But he said doubtfully again, “With the Vast Heaven Pagoda owner’s means, even if he couldn’t revive you guys, finding a couple of bodies to let you all take possession to revive should still be achievable, right?”

The middle-aged man laughed and said, “Certainly! It’s just that we weren’t willing, that’s all. Back then, the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s owner gave us two options. One was to let us take possession and revive. The other was to become this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s guardian spirits. The few of us discussed it and finally still decided to become the guardian spirits!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly. Since these people were willing, then he was naturally disinclined to poke a finger into other people’s affairs as well.

“Senior, just what kind of person is this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s owner?” Ye Yuan could not hold back the puzzlement in his heart, and he inquired.

“I can’t talk about this. If you have an affinity with this Vast Heaven Pagoda, you’ll naturally know in the future,” said the middle-aged man.

Looking at the middle-aged man’s appearance, Ye Yuan knew that he could not inquire anything either. He clasped his hands and said, “Make a move then, Senior.”

The middle-aged man looked at Ye Yuan and said smilingly, “Even though I find you, this brat, rather pleasing to the eye, we won’t pull our punches!”

“Senior just feel free to take action will do!” Ye Yuan did not care a whit.

These illusionary spirit bodies before his eyes were clearly not just Sea Transformation Realm strength. But they suppressed their realms at the middle-stage Sea Transformation without exception, matching theirs with Ye Yuan’s realm.

The power of the array was released, and Ye Yuan sensed a pressure blotting out the heaven and earth approaching.

With Ye Yuan’s knowledge and experience, he could naturally discern that these illusionary spirit bodies formed a set of array formation!

Furthermore, this set of array formation, Ye Yuan actually had not seen before!

But using his butt to think, even he could also figure out that the power of this array formation was bound to be extraordinary.

“Young man, take this!”

A cold light flashed. Countless streaks of sword light assailed towards Ye Yuan.

With this attack, Ye Yuan knew that the difficulty of this round rose more than just a tiny bit compared to the first three levels.

Even though it was much lesser in numbers, in terms of quality, it was more than a level stronger.

Although the first three levels were challenging, that was only in terms of demonic beasts numbers. On a small-scale, it simply had no way of stopping Liu Hong and Qin Yan these people.

But wanting to charge out of the formation in this fourth round, without some capabilities, one probably could not pass it.

However, Ye Yuan’s current goal was not just to make it through, but it was to thoroughly crack the array formation, even going as far as to kill all of these illusionary spirit bodies!

Having tasted the benefits of Perfect Clear, Ye Yuan was naturally unresigned to just simply succeed in clearing the round.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth level, these three levels, he wanted to perfectly clear them too!

The allure of the Vast Heaven Stele was seriously too great!

“Heh heh,just comprehended the Flame Movement Carnage. Perfect for trying it this time!” Ye Yuan chuckled lightly, his figure instantly becoming strange.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ye Yuan unleashed three punches in succession, directly scattering aside all of the sword shadows!

“Scorching True Intent! Fine lad!” The middle-aged man’s shock was by no means small.

This array formation of theirs killing middle-stage Sea Transformations was no different from pinching an ant to death. But now, it actually could not form an effective attack in front of Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan just relied on the Flame Movement Carnage and actually utterly suppressed all of them!

This involuntarily made the middle-aged man feel very aggrieved. This fourth level’s mission was to make them suppress their boundaries to the same level as the challenger. They were simply unable to unleash the strength that they should have.

Initially, with their Martial Path cultivation and coupled with this set of array formation, suppressing opponents at the same realm was simply like playing around.

But he never could have expected that Ye Yuan’s true combat strength far surpassed his own realm. Moreover, Flame Movement Carnage this move was extremely powerful. It was simply unrivaled in front of those at the same realm!

If not for their Martial Path experience being very abundant, that strike just now would already have let Ye Yuan directly crack the array formation.

With the middle-aged man’s visual prowess, he could obviously tell that with their present strength, they were simply incapable of stopping Ye Yuan from entering the next level.

Right at this time, a voice sounded by the middle-aged man’s ear, “Kuai Liang, raise the threshold to the late-stage Sea Transformation!”

Kuai Liang’s eyes lit up, and his face could not help showing an amused look.

This voice came from none other than precisely that mysterious person.


Very clearly, the others received the same order too.

In an instant, these people’s auras skyrocketed, instantly breaking through the middle-stage Sea Transformation, and rising to the late-stage Sea Transformation!

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he could not refrain from saying disdainfully, “Senior, can you all still be like this when guarding the pass? Isn’t it too shameless?”

Kuai Liang chortled with laughter and said, “Young man, we can’t be blamed for this. Want to blame, blame for yourself for being too monstrous! Come on!”

Ye Yuan grinned and said with a laugh, “Senior is thinking too much. Do you think that by advancing to late-stage Sea Transformation, you can stop me from cracking the formation? Are you ready? I’m coming!”

Kuai Liang’s smile froze abruptly on his face.

“Quick! Combine attacks and kill this boy!”

This blow of Ye Yuan’s carried tremendous power. The might of one punch actually made even him feel somewhat of a shudder!


Just one punch shattered the grand array which Kuai Liang presided over into smithereens!