Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Fifth Level

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The might of that fist was dreadfully powerful!

In the past, when Ye Yuan encountered array formations, he would think of cracking them first.

But this time, he did not!

In order to test out the power of the Flame Movement Carnage, he threw a punch over crudely just like this!

This punch collided head-on with Kuai Liang without the slightest bit of gaudiness.

The result was Ye Yuan’s complete victory!

One had to know that behind Kuai Liang there was the support of an array formation. What Ye Yuan faced was not him alone, but it was the entire array formation.

Yet, this punch directly blasted everyone flying!

“Apologies for offending, Senior. This Ye wants to clear the round perfectly and have no choice but to kill you all!”

As he said, Ye Yuan’s figure moved, and a punch rumbled towards Kuai Liang once more.

“Fine lad! I’ll wait for you at the next level!”

At this time, the grand array was simply unable to finish forming. The late-stage Sea Transformation Kuai Liang when facing Ye Yuan only had the chance to close his eyes and await death.

“Okay. Let’s meet at the fifth level!”

Ye Yuan said verbally, but his attack was not careless at all, directly blasting Kuai Liang into residue with a punch.

Regarding the other people, Ye Yuan followed suit as well, disposing them one by one.

Without the combined power of the array formation, these late-stage Sea Transformation illusionary spirits simply could not cause any threat to Ye Yuan.

After these illusionary spirits were killed by Ye Yuan, they did not appear again. They vanished.

Since Kuai Liang said to meet again in the next level, it naturally showed that the next level was even harder and that he would not appear again.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate either and directly entered the fifth level from the passageway.

. . . . . .

“Quickly look! Ye Yuan entered the fifth level! Why is it so quick?”

“Hiss. . . He spent three days in all the first three levels before making it through. But in this fourth level, he actually didn’t even use 15 minutes? Isn’t this too exaggerated?”

“Right now in the fifth level, there’s only Liu Hong the four of them. They stayed in the fourth level for quite a few days. Ye Yuan he . . . actually passed through instantly!”

Ye Yuan’s name only stopped in the fourth level for a very short time before directly showing up in the fifth level. This gave everyone a huge shock.

About Ye Yuan being able to clear the fourth level, these people already did not have objections long ago. But nobody could have expected that Ye Yuan’s clearing speed would actually be so swift.

“What’s this boy . . . playing at again?” Ren Xingchun said somewhat perplexedly.

“Huhu,if my conjectures are right, Ye Yuan might have reaped considerable gains in the inheritance space, and his strength had a very great improvement. Hence, his clearing speed is this quick,” Qi Hai said.

“I think so too. But doesn’t this boy want to clear the round perfectly anymore?” Ren Xingchun said.

“How can Perfect Completion be that easy? After the fourth level, the difficulty will get increasingly greater. Wanting to clear the round perfectly is practically impossible. Looking from Ye Yuan’s performance previously, him clearing perfectly in the first three levels was probably very strenuous as well. Or else, he would not have passed through right on the time limit each time either. Now, he definitely knows that he’s incapable of clearing perfectly. Hence, that’s why he would choose to charge through directly,” Qi Hai said.

Ren Xingchun nodded his head and rather approved of this notion as well.

It was true that Ye Yuan was impressive. But to let him perfectly cleared another three rounds again, that was virtually something impossible.

This fourth round already had close to a hundred years since someone passed it. The level of difficulty could be imagined.

Even if Ye Yuan’s strength stood head and shoulders above others, if he wanted to clear the rounds perfectly again like before, the likelihood was not big.

And truthfully, wanting to clear Kuai Liang this round was not something that easy.

If Ye Yuan did not glean tremendous harvests in the first three levels and in the inheritance space, it was also impossible for him to want to pass through this round so effortlessly.

Perhaps, he would have to employ the Myriad Rain Sword Blades.

But with Ye Yuan’s present control over the Myriad Rain Sword Blades, unless he made use of the nameless essence energy, otherwise, Kuai Liang would not give him the time to execute the skill.

. . . . . .

In the fifth level, light flashed at the entrance area. Ye Yuan’s silhouette appeared.

Not far away, three people were currently looking at the Liu Hong within the array formation with ghostly pale expressions.

Within the array formation, Liu Hong was teetering on his feet. How was there still any hint of the demeanor of an expert?

“He’s about to die,” Ye Yuan judged the outcome indifferently.

Qin Yan trio watched too nervously, so they did not notice Ye Yuan’s appearance at all.

With Ye Yuan talking, the three of them were startled awake abruptly.

Turning around to look, Guo Taoqun said in astonishment, “Ye Yuan! You actually really made it here!”

The three of them were still unaware of the matter of Ye Yuan clearing the rounds perfectly. Although they heard the mysterious person said that Ye Yuan was different from them, but specifically in what way, they did not know.

Seeing Ye Yuan at this time, Guo Taoqun blurted it out right away.

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself and said, “You guys all made it over. Can’t I make it through?”

Guo Taoqun was stunned, then he said with a forced smile, “Makes sense. It’s just, why were you so slow? With your strength, you should have entered even earlier than us!”

Ye Yuan just smiled and did not answer, but looked at Liu Hong and said rather surprisedly, “Who is this person? To actually be able to make it here with you all?”

Qin Yan said with a disdainful look, “He’s called Liu Hong. A very cocky fellow! He kept on posturing in front of us and actually even wanted to clear the fifth level. You look . . . He can’t hold on anymore, right?”

Even though Qin Yan was very displeased with this Liu Hong, his strength was not the ordinary kind of strong!

During the fourth level, Liu Hong finally revealed his true strength, and he was again the first one to charge into the fifth level!

And Liu Hong’s battle finally made Qin Yan trio realize that this boy’s strength was indeed above theirs!

Now, Liu Hong had already fought for a day and night inside this array formation!

To be able to persevere in the fifth level until now, it could be seen that this Liu Hong’s strength was rather uncommon.

“En?How many days has it just been? You’re actually already Fourth Level Sea Transformation, almost Fifth Level Sea Transformation?” Qin Yan said in amazement.

Although just a few days had passed in reality, Ye Yuan already stayed for 45 days inside the inheritance space.

Experiencing this period of accumulation, Ye Yuan was only a step away from the Fifth Level Sea Transformation.

“Huhu,I had some gains in the first few levels, that’s how I was lucky to break through. That Liu Hong almost can’t hold on anymore. At most five moves, he’s dead for sure,” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

The three people being led by Ye Yuan like this, unconsciously looked towards Liu Hong.

Once five moves passed, Liu Hong was indeed stabbed by a sword with a moment of carelessness.

Following that, he was very quickly killed by a flurry of swords.

Afterward, Liu Hong’s body disappeared just like this and was transported out of the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

“Alright. You guys came first. I won’t snatch with you guys. You all discuss for a bit who goes first then,” Ye Yuan said faintly.

Qin Yan and Guo Taoqun exchanged glances, both having some fear.

These people were too strong. They made no pretense to be stronger than Liu Hong and simply could not make it through at all.

Including Yin Yanhua, they all did not move after hearing Ye Yuan’s words.

Ye Yuan gave them a glance and said smilingly, “Since you all are declining so modestly, then I won’t be courteous.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan leaped and directly stepped into the array formation.