Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Small Talk

Ye Yuan felt speechless as he saw a crafty look flashed across Feng Zhirou's eyes.

This lass definitely knew about the horrible relationship between Wan Yuan and me, so she purposely shook aside Wan Yuan to greet me.

This was drawing agro to Ye Yuan. But he and Wan Yuan were already at the stage where one of them had to die, so a little more did not matter.

Ye Yuan had a headache. Why was Feng Zhirou's personality completely different from the sayings? To think that he even used her last time to annoy Liu Ruoshui.

"What's the point of coming so early? It hasn't even begun yet. No need to make a huge fuss over it. It's just a test." Ye Yuan grumbled.

"Humph! I already heard all about you from Aunt. All the way until now, it's just empty talk. Who knows where you saw a bunch of crap from some records or books, to actually coax my aunt like this." Feng Zhirou snorted.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered to explain to her, and he directly walked past her to greet Feng Ruoqing.

This scene when reflected in Wan Yuan's eyes looked more like flirting between couples, making him gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Although he liked Liu Ruoshui, Feng Zhirou greatly outclassed her. If he could win the heart of this beauty, would that little Liu Ruoshui even matter?

Feng Zhirou was the goddess of the male students, and that naturally included Wan Yuan as well. It was just that Feng Zhirou's status and his was too far apart in the past. So there was no opportunity to make contact with her.

Presently, Wan Yuan was an Earth Rank student. Moreover, he was a middle-rank Alchemy Apprentice. He had full confidence in passing the high-rank Alchemy Apprentice test this time.

Wan Yuan believed that before long, he could stand on the same starting line as Feng Zhirou.

With adequate strength, Wan Yuan naturally started having other thoughts.

Wan Yuan did not expect to meet Feng Zhirou during this alchemist test. So he thickened his face and introduced his background. But Feng Zhirou did not even react to it.

Within the State of Qin, a middle-rank Alchemy Master was absolutely a figure that everyone wanted to curry favor with. If that was not the case, why would Liu Ruoshui walk so closely with Wan Yuan?

However, this title did not seem to be very useful with Feng Zhirou. It was like she had never even heard of the name Wan Donghai.

Wan Yuan was stunned for a moment, but he felt relieved after thinking for a moment. The future accomplishments of the top three figures on the Martial Roll of Honor would definitely not be beneath his father's. Being a little proud was normal.

However, once these thoughts started to stir, it could no longer be suppressed.

When chasing girls, the harder it was, the more it would arouse the fighting spirit of men.

Except that Wan Yuan did not expect to see Ye Yuan here. Furthermore, Ye Yuan actually looked like he was on pretty good terms with Feng Zhirou. Besides, there were those vague rumors about Feng Ruoqing and Ye Yuan, making Wan Yuan's heart ablaze with the flames of jealousy.

Who was Ye Yuan to even have such deep connections with the two great goddesses of the Dan Wu Academy?

Although Ye Yuan recently rose up fiercely and even made Wan Yuan feel threatened, his scorn for Ye Yuan was deeply ingrained. He instinctively felt that Ye Yuan was not worthy to have all these.

Feng Ruoqing's eyes lit up when she saw Ye Yuan and pulled him aside to talk to him quietly.

"I've pretty much mastered the left hand drawing a circle and right hand drawing a square training that you asked me to do. I didn't think that it would be quite beneficial for the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique!"

Feng Ruoqing was always calm and collected, but she was quite agitated right now. If not for the fact that this was not a suitable place, she even wanted to let out a cry of relief.

The truth was, she already had practiced this Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique for a long time. But no matter how much she trained, she could not find a way to learn it.

Now, after training for a few days according to Ye Yuan's method, her Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique unexpectedly improved by leaps and bounds.

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes at Feng Ruoqing and then said indignantly, "Didn't you say it was useless back then? Why did you pick it up again?"

Feng Ruoqing's excitement was abruptly cut, and she gave an embarrassed look. At the same time, she cursed endlessly in her heart, why did this punk not have the slightest bit of tenderness towards women? He actually embarrassed me right in front of my face!

"You didn't say anything back then. How would I know whether it's useful or not? You should have at least explained to me why I had to do it!" Feng Ruoqing was somewhat aggrieved.

Looking at Feng Ruoqing's pitiful appearance, Ye Yuan did not feel it was nice to deride her anymore. "The essence of the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique is dual-tasking. When you are using the technique, your essence energy was chaotic, and your two hands were not able to coordinate. It would be weirder for you to succeed! I asked you to train drawing so that you could learn how to dual-task. But this is just the initial step. You still need bitter hard work if you want your two hands to control essence energy to the point of Yin Yang harmony."

Feng Ruoqing gave a look of sudden realization. "So that's the case. No wonder I couldn't improve no matter how much I trained!"

In all matters, the beginning was the hardest. Although Ye Yuan said that Feng Ruoqing had just taken the initial step, as long as that step was taken, the path in the future would be much smoother.

As an alchemist, Feng Ruoqing's talent was not bad. What was missing was outlook and experience.

"Alright. I don't need you to pay any tuition fees. But don't look for me to be an assistant in the future. I'm very busy." Ye Yuan waved his hands.

Hearing this, Feng Ruoqing felt another wave of bitterness. Other people could not wait to become her assistant, but Ye Yuan avoided her like the plague. Was she really not that attractive?

Women were mysterious creatures. Sometimes, the more you chased her, the more she found you irritating. But after you maintained a distance away from her, she would feel a sense of loss.

These two people whispering to each other naturally drew a lot of attention.

Even though nobody knew what they were talking about, Feng Ruoqing looked like a little wife getting scolded.

The crowd could not help but wonder if there really was something going on between the two of them.

At this time, several red-robed old men walked into the hall from the side door. Two of the old men even brought along a young lady each with them.

Feng Ruoqing was the instructor leading the group for this test. She was swapped in at the last minute.

This was obviously the time for her to step out.

"Haha. Are you well, Miss Feng? You haven't been to our association for some time. I'm afraid you are probably absorbed in researching alchemy again, are you? If you carry on like this, us old men are going to feel ashamed!"

An old man at the front seemed to be old acquaintances with Feng Ruoqing and started a small talk right away.

At this moment, Feng Ruoqing recovered her demeanor as the beautiful, otherworldly instructor. She smiled lightly as she greeted the group of old men, "Chairman Wang, Chairman Sun, and elders. How do you do? Chairman Wang is pulling my leg, the last time I was here was half a year ago. How was that long? With Ruoqing's measly cultivation, how would I dare to make Chairman Wang feel ashamed? You are the leading authority in the alchemist world in the State of Qin!"

"Haha. Miss Feng really knows how to talk. But I, Old Wang, am not joking around. The way I see it, the State of Qin would probably have another Alchemy Master in less than three years." Chairman Wang did not seem to be faking it and was actually full of praise for Feng Ruoqing.

Feng Ruoqing smiled faintly and said, "Chairman Wang is too kind. Ruoqing is not worthy."

Chairman Wang laughed loudly. "You are worthy! Worthy! Yii? Isn't this Honorable Nephew Wan Yuan? I didn't think that you would also come to take part in the test this time. Taking the high-rank Alchemy Apprentice test?"

Instantly, all eyes turned to Wan Yuan. Clearly, they did not expect Wan Yuan to know the deputy chairman of the Alchemist Association.

Wan Yuan looked gloatingly at Ye Yuan and went up to greet them. He then said, "Have you been well, Chairman Wang? This Little Nephew is here to take part in the high-rank Alchemy Apprentice test."