Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Can I Stand on the Right?

"Good. Good. Honorable Nephew really has profound family teachings to already have the strength of a high-rank Alchemy Apprentice at such a young age. Old Brother Wan has a worthy successor! Each new generation really excels the old one. I'm really old already."

Chairman Wang ridiculed himself slightly.

"Chairman Wang is still in your prime. Why would you say that you are old? All the elders here are our State of Qin's alchemists, people who are supporting the cauldron. Chairman Wang and Chairman Sun are even the leading figures. We juniors still have a long way to go." Wan Yuan's flattering was so resounding that he threw everyone in.

"Haha. I'm old, old already. Can't compare to back then. Miss Feng, Old Sun and I brought along two juniors today. Do you mind us cutting your queue here?" Chairman Wang turned to Feng Ruoqing.

Feng Ruoqing nodded slightly and said, "To let them witness your two accomplished disciples' power and know that there is always someone better is undoubtedly a good thing."

"Don't say that! This is my last disciple, Xu Feng-er. The one beside Old Sun is my granddaughter and also his proud successor, Sun Keyun. These two juniors are good-for-nothings, so don't laugh later, Miss Feng. The two of you, why haven't you come to greet Teacher Feng? She's only a few years older than you, but she is already a middle-rank Alchemy Master. You two have to learn more from her."

Even though Chairman Wang belittled the two young ladies, he could not hide the satisfaction in his eyes.

It looked like were it not for these two young ladies, with Chairman Wang's and Chairman Sun's status as Alchemy Grandmasters, they would not have personally came to host the test.

"Feng-er (Keyun) has seen Teacher Feng." The two ladies gave Feng Ruoqing a bow, their eyes filled with worship.

To become a middle-rank Alchemy Master at this age was absolutely a target worth prostrating to for all young people.

Ye Yuan silently sized up these two lasses. Their soul strength was indeed mighty. It looked like it should not be an issue for them to become Alchemy Masters after stepping into the Spirit Condensation Realm.

"Alright. Everyone is an outstanding student of the Dan Wu Academy. Some of you have already participated in this test several times before so I won't go through the rules too much. The first test that takes place will be the Alchemy Apprentice test, followed by the Alchemy Master test. Each group will have five people entering the refinement room. Now, those participating in the Alchemy Apprentice test stand on the left. Those taking the Alchemy Master test stand on the right." Chairman Wang organized them into groups.

There were only twenty people from the Dan Wu Academy participating in the test this time. Including Xu Feng-er and Sun Keyun, there were only twenty-two people. The majority of them came to participate in the Alchemy Apprentice test, and only two of them are taking the Alchemy Master test. One of them was Feng Zhirou, while the other was one rank below Feng Zhirou on the Alchemy Roll of Honor, Cao Yu.

After Chairman Wang said this, a large group moved to the left, while Feng Zhirou and Cao Yu stood to the right; leaving Ye Yuan standing in his original position and not moving.

Seeing this, Chairman Wang frowned and was slightly displeased. "This Young Friend, didn't you hear what I say?"

Everyone looked at Ye Yuan in amazement, while Wan Yuan had a gloating face. This punk was indeed still an eccentric. Was it not courting death to behave like that in front of a top figure like Chairman Wang?

Seeing that Ye Yuan still did not move, Feng Ruoqing became anxious and called out, "What are you still standing there for, Ye Yuan? Quickly move to the left!"

"Uh . . . Actually, I want to ask if I can stand on the right side," Ye Yuan said a little helplessly.

He did not want to be unconventional, but since he promised Feng Ruoqing to go all out, Ye Yuan did not plan on concealing his strength.

When he promised Feng Ruoqing, Ye Yuan thought about it a little.

In the future, with the increase in strength, he would not be able to avoid this hurdle called Alchemist Association. If his Alchemy Dao was extraordinarily strong, but he did not take part in the alchemist tests all the way, then he would genuinely be a maverick.

If at that time, it spreads to the ears of that traitor or the Alchemist Association's Headquarters, then it would not be fun. It would be very easy to arouse their suspicion.

"Hahaha . . ." There was an uproar of laughter.

"A Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm wants to participate in the Alchemy Master test? Are you joking or are you making fun of both Chairman Wang and Chairman Sun?" Wan Yuan berated out loud, but he actually had the sinister intentions of making the two chairmen get a terrible impression of Ye Yuan.

As expected, when the two of then heard what Wan Yuan said, their faces turned ugly.

"This Young Friend, didn't you hear clearly? The right side is for those taking the Alchemy Master test!"Chairman Wang's face fell, and his words became less courteous. It was clear that he was unhappy.

"Ye Yuan! Why haven't you apologized to the two chairmen? This is the Alchemist Association! You can't act wildly here!" Feng Ruoqing repeatedly signaled with her eyes at Ye Yuan worriedly. Offending the two big heads of the Alchemist Association at the same time was no laughing matter.

The Alchemist Association had always been an aloof existence. Even the Imperial family could not command them. Nobody had dared to make fun of the Alchemist Association's chairmen before.

But now, Ye Yuan set a new precedent! Of course, this was how the others saw it.

However, Ye Yuan did not seem to see it like that. Instead, he smiled and then said to Chairman Wang, "This Junior has heard clearly, and I want to stand on the right side. I want to participate in the Alchemy Master test."

"You, a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, wants to join the Alchemy Master test?" Chairman Wang indeed became angry.

"That's right." Ye Yuan remained fearless.

"Whose family's brat are you?! To actually be so impertinent! Did you come here today to beguile us elders?!" Chairman Wang was already on the edge of exploding. If it was not for the sake of Feng Ruoqing's face, he would have thrown Ye Yuan out long ago.

At this time, Wan Yuan came forward very naturally to follow up. "Please calm down, Chairman Wang. This person has always been arrogant, and he never respects his elders. But speaking of his family, I believe Chairman Wang also knows his father."

"Oh? Do say, Honorable Nephew. Who is his father?" Chairman Wang asked curiously.

"His father is Ye Hang, the owner of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion," Wan Yuan replied respectfully.

Hearing that, Chairman Wang frowned and said, "He is actually Old Brother Ye's son? Old Brother Ye is a tiger father, how could he possibly beget such a shallow and frivolous son?"

Ye Yuan was around the same age as Wan Yuan but was only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. Clearly, he was someone who made no effort to seek progress.

If he was only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, then forget it. But he actually did not know what was good for him and wanted to participate in the Alchemy Master test. Did he think that Alchemy Masters were like cabbages?

He had gradually advanced along the Alchemy Path for so many years now, but he had never heard of any Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm becoming an Alchemy Master, let alone a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm.

God knew how many Spirit Condensation Realms were stopped outside the gate of Alchemy Master, yet a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm shameless boasted that he wanted to participate in the Alchemy Master test. If this was not causing trouble on purpose, then what was?

"I'm not bored enough to be here and entertain you. I just feel that taking the test one rank at a time wastes too much time, so it's better to just take the Alchemy Master test directly." Ye Yuan's words shocked everyone greatly.

"Humph! Taking into account that you are Ye Hang's son, I will overlook this sin of disrespect, but I think you can forget about this test. Miss Feng, it's not that this old man isn't giving you any face, but this brat is too mischievous. Men, throw this person out for me!" Chairman Wang finally lost his temper.

Wan Yuan was bursting with joy right now and thought to himself that the evil that people brought on themselves were the hardest to bear.

"Hold on!" at that moment, Feng Ruoqing finally called out to stop this.