Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Advancing A Step Endless Blue Skies

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“Ninth level! Ye Yuan he entered the ninth level! He . . . He surpassed Li Fantian, becoming the number one person in these ten thousand years!”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s name appear at the ninth level on the light screen, Guo Taoqun suddenly exclaimed.

Ever since they knew that Ye Yuan entered the eighth level, these few people were no longer in the mood to be in closed-seclusion.

Especially when Ye Yuan actually stayed for ten days at the eighth level. This whetted their appetites even more.

Even Qi Hai raised his head to look at the light screen every now and then too, wanting to see if Ye Yuan entered the ninth level or not.

But Ye Yuan seemed to stagnate at the eighth level and did not have any activities all along.

Guo Taoqun they all simply talked it over; each one of them took turn to keep watch daily to see if Ye Yuan entered the ninth level or not.

All the way until today, Guo Taoqun finally saw Ye Yuan’s name appear in the ninth level!

With him crying out, everyone all stood up with a start.

What the ninth level signified, these few people were all too clear!

Not knowing when it started, Li Fantian’s name had always been crowned with the title of ‘Number one talent in ten thousand years.’

And now, this title was going to be crowned on Ye Yuan!

Even though the Endless World was just a small world, how many geniuses would be born in ten thousand years?

Among these geniuses, there was no lack of some astounding to the max characters, such as the Grand Yan True Lord, Lu Linfeng!

But now, these so-called geniuses all had to bow their heads in submission at Ye Yuan’s feet!

These few former strongest people among the junior generation, witnessing this historical moment, the agitation and admiration in their hearts were naturally hard to express with words.

Ever since Ye Yuan made it into the eighth level, these four people including Liu Hong already let go of all of their pride.

Even if they were any more rampant and any prouder, they examined their consciousness and knew that it was impossible for them to make it to the eighth level, this sort of level, as well.

The fifth level and the eighth level. The gap in-between this could not be measured with distance.

Now that Ye Yuan stepped into the final level, this already made them prostrate on all fours in admiration.

Just as Qi Hai said back then, maybe someday, they would be proud because of following Ye Yuan!

“Even though it’s just a legend, these last three levels’ difficulties are definitely what we can’t imagine. Ye Yuan he could actually clear two rounds consecutively under such a difficulty level. Truly astonishing!” Qin Yan said.

“Back then, the Grand Yan True Lord, that astonishingly talented figure, only made it into the seventh level. Ye Yuan charged into the ninth level now. His accomplishments at the minimum also won’t be lower than his, right?” Guo Taoqun said.

“That’s for certain! Since ancient times, there has never been anyone who made it into the ninth level. At least, Ye Yuan can’t possibly be worse than Grand Yan True Lord either!” Qin Yan said.

“Heh,I wonder how many years Ye Yuan’s legend will circulate in our Endless World! I now feel that being his follower isn’t anything bad. Perhaps after he ascends to the Divine Realm, we can be fowls and dogs riding on his coattails too!” Guo Taoqun said.

“Pooh!You’re the fowl and dog! But right now, I really feel that Ye Yuan is somebody with a great destiny. Following by his side, we might receive endless benefits!” Qin Yan said.

By the side, Yin Yanhua nodded her head silently. Clearly, she very much approved of these words too.

And even though Liu Hong did not speak, it could be seen from his expression as well that he already did not have any opinion about becoming Ye Yuan’s follower.

Qi Hai did not speak all along, staring at the light screen blankly. It was also uncertain what he was thinking about . . .

. . . . . .

The ninth level’s space. The black-clothed person stared at Ye Yuan opposite and said with an emotional sigh, “You finally still came here. I thought that you’d choose to quit!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “I don’t have the habit of giving up halfway.”

“Do you feel that you can make it through this ninth level with your current strength? With your wit, you should be able to guess how powerful this palm will be. With your present strength, it’s simply impossible to be able to pass it! And the outcome of failing to pass it . . . is death! You’re the most talented youth in these ten thousand years. Killing you personally, I can’t really bear to,” said the black-clothed person.

The black-clothed person witnessed Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying talent along the way. He was naturally unwilling to destroy such a genius in his heart.

“Huhu, how will one know without trying? Senior, make your move!” Ye Yuan said indifferently without a care in this world.

The black-clothed person kept quiet and did not speak. The reason why he judged that Ye Yuan could not clear the ninth level was actually that Ye Yuan did not do anything in the later five days. He meditated in seclusion at the eighth level for five days!

Previously, Ye Yuan using three days to find the method to maneuver the strength of a true dragon, it truly astonished the black-clothed person for a bit.

But what made him puzzled was that Ye Yuan actually meditated in seclusion the entire time in the later five days!

Martial technique and comprehending concepts were different. The former needed one to constantly train.

Especially the dragon race’s martial technique, it needed time to polish even more so.

Ye Yuan did not think that he could clear the ninth level by being able to maneuver the strength of a true dragon, right?

Maneuvering true dragon’s strength to unleash a palm and using the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm to unleash a palm were two entirely different concepts!

Or perhaps, Ye Yuan was comprehending the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm during these five days, but he had no gains?

No matter which angle one looked at, Ye Yuan did not have hopes of making it through the ninth level.

“I advise that you better give up! The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm ultimate palm, although I’m only using 20% strength, it’s also not what the current you can contend with. If you can comprehend the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, then there’s still hope. Although you can’t score a victory, you at least have the strength to protect yourself. But you only comprehended the method to maneuver the strength of a true dragon and have not learned the rudiments regarding the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm. It’s simply impossible to survive!” musing briefly, the black-clothed person still exhorted him.

It was not that the black-clothed person was pessimistic about Ye Yuan. On the contrary, he was too optimistic about Ye Yuan.

But he was even clearer about the might of the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

The might of this martial technique, Ye Yuan was simply unable to experience.

The difficulty of this ninth level was too perverse!

“You should withdraw out of the Vast Heaven Pagoda first. You’re still young. Come again to the Vast Heaven Pagoda after ten years, this ninth level wouldn’t be considered much to you either! At that time, you will be able to experience the feeling of an awe-inspiring view from a high place! Young man, sometimes, take a step back, and it’s endless blue skies!” urged the black-clothed person.

Ye Yuan looked at the black-clothed person and suddenly grinned and said, “Many thanks for Senior’s concern. But this ninth level, I still want to challenge! In my world, behind are all sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. Only in front of me there are endless blue skies!”

It was not some heroic words, but the powerful self-confidence Ye Yuan exuded moved the black-clothed person visibly.

Yet, the way the black-clothed person saw it, he was still unable to understand Ye Yuan’s thinking.

A step back, endless blue skies; this was the black-clothed person’s understanding of life.

But advancing a step, endless blue skies, this was Ye Yuan’s understanding towards life!

Regardless of whether it was the previous life or this life, there was no ‘backing down,’ these two words in Ye Yuan’s dictionary!

Furthermore, to Ye Yuan, he truly could not wait for the next ten years!

Ten years were too long for Ye Yuan!

“Heh,you this boy, are really quite different! However . . . this is you asking for it yourself. if you die in my hands, you mustn’t have any grievances!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “No complaints nor regrets!”