Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 585

Chapter 585 A Geniuss Unyielding Pride

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Fine. Since its like this, Ill fulfill your wish!

The black-clothed person finished talking. The entire ninth level space became dim.

Now, it was only to see he lifted his palm up. An exceedingly violent aura spread out in all directions.

A colossal azure dragon gradually became distinct, coiling around behind the black-clothed person, with its face showing savageness as it looked at Ye Yuan.

Although he knew that this was just a dharma idol, Ye Yuan still felt tremendous pressure.

A fierce wind blew past, lifting the corner of Ye Yuans sleeves.

The palm force had yet to be released. There was already an imposing momentum that blotted out the skies and covered the earth engulfing everything.

This Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm is hailed as able to shatter the firmament with force! Indeed, well-deserving of its reputation! He suppressed his cultivation to the Eighth Level Sea Transformation and only used 20% true dragons strength. This final palm actually has such power!

This palm of the black-clothed persons was much more powerful than Ye Yuan imagined!

The ninth levels and eighth levels difficulties were indeed not on the same level with this current level.

No wonder the black-clothed person kept on urging him to withdraw out of the ninth level. This level of difficulty was really not an ordinary kind of freakish!

He really did not know if this Vast Heaven Pagoda owner was a psychopath or not, to actually set up such a level of difficulty as a hurdle? How could this possibly be cleared?

Furthermore, without any doubt, this black-clothed persons true dragon strength was clearly already cultivated to an extremely high level. Just 20% true dragons strength could actually generate such a horrifying move.

Ye Yuan stared at the black-clothed person without moving his gaze, mapping each one of his movements into his brain.

Suddenly, a hint of a smile flashed across the corners of Ye Yuans mouth, So thats how it is!

He slowly closed his eyes. The muscles on his body started to shake with a kind of strange tempo.

Ye Yuan learned from the black-clothed persons manner, lifting his palm and maneuvering the true dragon strength in his entire body!

A faint phantom appeared behind Ye Yuan. It was actually a dharma idol azure dragon too!

When the black-clothed person saw this scene, his pupils constricted and his gaze revealed unbelievable shock.

This boy . . . Just how did he accomplish it? This is my first time casting the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palms ultimate palm. He . . . He actually learned it? How is this possible?

At this moment, the astonishment in the black-clothed persons heart simply could not be described using words.

He was really incapable of imagining how monstrous a talent could comprehend the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm in such a short time!

There was actually such a heaven-defyingly talented youth in this world?

The black-clothed already arrived at the critical juncture of casting his skills at this time. He forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart and continued casting the skill.

Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm: Shattering Stars!

The black-clothed person gave a sharp cry. The dharma idol true dragon was released with a roar.

That momentum was truly startling heaven and earth and making gods and ghosts weep!

A dharma idol true dragon flew towards Ye Yuan with baring its fangs and brandishing its claws!

To be able to condense a dharma idol, it indicated that the bloodline power was very strong.

And a true dragon dharma idol was all the more an extremely difficult dharma idol to condense. Even in the true dragon race, very few people could condense it as well.

Hence, this azure dragon before his eyes was on an entirely different level from the previous two levels.

At this time, Ye Yuan snapped opened both eyes, seemingly exerting all the strength in his body, pushing out the dharma idol behind him.

Compared to the black-clothed persons dharma idol azure dragon, Ye Yuans dharma idol azure dragon was much more illusory and a size smaller too. Clearly, it was way lousier.

But this was not the key. The critical thing was that a little rookie like Ye Yuan could actually condense a dharma idol azure dragon!


Two dharma idol azure dragon collided together fiercely. The shock wave produced practically affected the entire ninth level!

The black-clothed person did not budge an inch in this tempest. Such an intense collision actually did not have any effect on him.

But Ye Yuan could not. He directly vomited a large mouthful of blood, receiving a tremendous impact.

If not that his current body went through the dragon bloods remolding and was already no longer what it was, this blow could claim his life!

However, it was not over yet!

The black-clothed persons dharma idol azure dragon directly smashed Ye Yuans dharma idol and continued charging towards Ye Yuan!

But the dharma idol azure dragon at this time was only left with a faint image. Clearly, a large portion of the true dragon strength was expended.

Myriad Rain Sword Blades!

Ye Yuan did not have the slightest hesitation. He forcefully suppressed the injuries on his body and maneuvered all the essence energy in his body, executing the Myriad Rain Sword Blades without holding anything back!


Another violent collision!

But the commotion this time was far from as intense as before.

Ye Yuan vomited a large mouthful of blood again, collapsing weakly onto the ground.

Although the dharma idol azure dragon only had a faint phantom left, the power was still extremely strong.

Ye Yuan forcefully deployed essence energy under the circumstances where he was injured. It originally already caused his injuries to pile on. Suffering an intense impact once more, he was already very weak at this time.

However, the black-clothed persons dharma idol azure dragon was completely exhausted by Ye Yuan in the end.

The black-clothed person looked at this scene and was speechless for a long time. He finally still heaved a sigh and said, I really have no way of imagining just how did you comprehend the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm! Such a pity . . . According to that fellows requirements, you must stand up in the end! But youre heavily injured right now and your essence energy depleted. Forget about standing up, even moving a bit is probably impossible!

The black-clothed person was indeed shocked. But he was incapable of going against the Vast Heaven Pagoda owners requirements.

If Ye Yuan could not stand up, he would still fail in the end!

But you dont need to feel sorry either. Youve already done very well! Vast Heaven Pagoda doesnt forbid martial artists from entering a second time. With your talent, the ninth level would simply be unworthy of mentioning in front of you ten years later! The black-clothed person consoled.

Ye Yuan lying on the ground seemed to be stimulated and started to struggle to his feet.

Not . . . Its not over yet!

Ye Yuans fists clenched tightly as he used all the strength in the body, wanting to get up!

The black-clothed persons expression changed. His judgment regarding Ye Yuans injuries should not be wrong.

Logically speaking, it was simply impossible for Ye Yuan to stand up. But . . .

This boy . . .


Ye Yuan struggled a bit but still fell to the ground again.

Dont struggle anymore. Youll die if this continues! Admit defeat. The Vast Heaven Pagoda can treat your wounds!

Seeing Ye Yuan being so stubborn, the black-clothed person could not help being quite worried as well.

This Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palms final palm was nothing to be trifled with. Ye Yuan had injuries piling on top of injuries right now. Even if his body had undergone the dragon bloods remolding, it already reached the limit too.

Ye Yuan messing around like this would really be putting his life at risk!

No! I . . . I can . . . stand up! Ye Yuan said obstinately.

He panted very heavily like puffing bellows. Clearly, his body already reached the limit.

Yet, he still stubbornly propped his body up and slowly got up!

The black-clothed person was visibly moved looking at this scene too. He wished that he could go forward and give Ye Yuan a hand.

But the black-clothed person knew that if he really did that, not only would Ye Yuan not thank him, he would hate him instead.

Because that way would not only make Ye Yuans challenge fail, it even trampled on Ye Yuans dignity!

This was a peerless geniuss pride. Ye Yuan could die, but he absolutely did not need other peoples charity!

I finally understand why you want to set up such a stage! He and you . . . are really alike! the black-clothed person murmured to himself. He seemed to have understood something. They were too similar.