Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Vast Heaven Pagoda's New Owner

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This story lasted for 50 thousand years, all the way till today.

Long Teng said it very briefly, but Ye Yuan did not find it brief at all when he listened.

Ye Yuan’s knowledge and experience were far from this. So he could totally discern just how soul-stirring Long Teng’s sketched over contents were.

“Then Senior Fang Tian he . . .” Ye Yuan inquired.

Long Teng shook his head and said, “That fellow threw the Vast Heaven Stele here, and his whereabouts became unknown. And I was afflicted with a deadly poison during that battle as well, that’s why I turned into this manner. If not for hiding inside this Vast Heaven Pagoda, I’d have already become a withered skeleton long ago.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly. Looks like that great battle 50 thousand years ago was really abnormally cruel. Even Long Teng, this level of expert, ended up in this miserable state.

“Then Senior Fang Tian . . . was he a Deity Realm powerhouse?” Ye Yuan carried some agitation as he asked.

“Huhu,how can Deity Realm be so easy to reach? Under this stretch of heaven, it is already incapable of giving birth to Deity Realm powerhouses again!” Long Teng said with a sigh/

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he inquired, “May I ask Senior why is this so?”

Long Teng shook his head and said, “Divine Realm powerhouses disappeared from the Divine Realm overnight. Since then, only legends of the Divine Realm was left behind. To talk about the reason, probably only they know it, right?”

Hearing this answer, Ye Yuan was quite disappointed too.

Deity Realm was his life’s aspiration. Barely managed to see a trace of hope, and it was shattered again.

But he was still unresigned as he said, “This Vast Heaven Stele should exceed Divine King standards, right? Furthermore, that Vast Heaven Stele has an extraordinary background. Could it be that such an existence still couldn’t reach the level of Deity Realm?”

Long Teng shook his head and said, “Can’t reach! Deity Realm is far more powerful than you imagine. Fang Tian thought that he already reached Deity Realm back then too. But later on, he discovered that that was simply not the case.”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed and suddenly recalled the words that father, Ji Zhengyang, said to him on his deathbed.

Because he obtained the Medicine God’s Soul Canon when he was still living, his divine soul reached a very abstruse boundary.

Could it be that for martial artists’ cultivation, there were still even stronger realms above Divine King?

The more Ye Yuan thought, the more baffled he became and felt that he was less and less able to see through this world.

Long Teng saw Ye Yuan’s look of dilemma and said smilingly, “No need to be bewildered on this sort of thing. You only have Sea Transformation Realm strength right now. Thinking about this is a bit too distant. Being down-to-earth is still better.”

Ye Yuan was stunned and laughed in spite of himself as he said, “What senior said is right. Ye Yuan was impetuous. Senior Long, could your meaning previously be that this Vast Heaven Stele will belong to me from now on?”

“That’s right!”

Long Teng reached his hand out and beckoned. The Vast Heaven Stele appeared before Ye Yuan.

“Before that fellow left, he already removed his own brand. You only have to drip your own blood essence on it, and you can refine it to acknowledge an owner.” Long Teng said.

Ye Yuan was stupefied as he said, “So simple?”

“En,it’s that simple. Logically speaking, such a heaven-defying treasure should be very hard to refine. But it’s just this simple! When you grasp the Vast Heaven Stele, you can control the Vast Heaven Pagoda. But with your current realm, you can’t unleash its power at all.” Long Teng said.

“Heh,no matter what, collect first before talking!”

Ye Yuan was not courteous either. He dripped a drop of blood essence on the Vast Heaven Stele. The Vast Heaven Stele immediately erupted with rays of brilliant light.

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan felt that he had established a kind of inexplicable connection with the Vast Heaven Stele.

Evidently, he had already become this Vast Heaven Stele’s owner.

Except that Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that even though he became the Vast Heaven Stele’s owner, he was still utterly clueless about it.

“Even though you’ve dripped your blood and got it to acknowledge an owner now, with your current realm, you’re simply unable to deploy the Vast Heaven Stele and Vast Heaven Pagoda. If you forcefully deploy them, you’ll only be drained dry,” Long Teng warned him.

Ye Yuan could not help being speechless when he heard that. He said helplessly, “Then isn’t it the same effect as not getting it?”

Long Teng said with a laugh, “Of course it’s different! With the Vast Heaven Stele, you can enter inside the stele’s space to comprehend concepts at any time. This is a treatment that nobody is able to enjoy!”

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up. This Vast Heaven Stele was absolutely a heaven-defying treasure, to be able to aid martial artists in comprehending concepts.

If he could meditate on the Vast Heaven Stele as he wished, then Ye Yuan would really be taking the expressway.

Ye Yuan suddenly thought of something and asked again,“Oh,right, can this Vast Heaven Pagoda change the flow of time?”

“You don’t need to think about this! In order to slow down my aging, Fang Tian changed the flow of time around my physical body. The instant that you cleared the ninth level, the inheritance space was also utterly destroyed already. Now, this Vast Heaven Inheritance is no longer an inheritance item. It belongs to you! Alright, I know that you still have many queries, but I’m unable to answer you one by one either. My exhaustion the round clearing this time is too great. I’m about to fall in a deep sleep right away.”

As he said, Long Teng fired out a seal, imprinting directly between Ye Yuan’s eyebrows and vanished.

“This is the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm and dragon wave’s cultivation methods. Train well. If you can enter the dragon race in the future, help me teach them a good lesson!”

Finished talking, Long Teng directly disappeared right before Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was not very surprised. He had long seen through that this Long Teng was just an incarnation. His true physical body was still inside some space within this Vast Heaven Pagoda.

This Long Teng being able to live up to 50 thousand years, he was probably asleep the vast majority of the time. Of course, it definitely had a lot to do with Fang Tian changing the flow of time around him.

Speaking of this Fang Tian, he was truly a world-shaking figure. His means were most likely transcendent.

Except that, sadly, it was unknown where he was at now. He might had even perished, and his Dao dissipated already. One had to admit that it was something which made people lament.

He left both the Vast Heaven Pagoda and Vast Heaven Stele here, all for the sake of seeking a successor.

Looking from this, the possibility of him alive right now was probably very tiny already.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he came to a grassland.

This place seemed to be another world; it was not very different from the outside world.

Both hands lightly forming a seal, a large group of people appeared before him.

“Young Master Ye!”

“Young Master!”

Yuan Fei and Lu-er were both excited to see Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan rubbed Lu-er’s head guiltily and said, “Lu-er, give young master a bit more time. Young master will be able to let you become like a normal person very soon.”

But Lu-er said without a care, “As long as Lu-er can follow by Young Master’s side, Lu-er doesn’t mind. Eh? Where is this place? So beautiful! Much better than inside that spatial spirit artifact!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Do you like it?”

Lu-er nodded her head obediently and excitedly, “Yes!”

“Huhu,then you and Yuan Fei they all will all stay here from now on! This is a treasure that young master newly acquired. This place, apart from having no people, it’s already no different from the outside world,” Ye Yuan said with a chuckle.

“Ah?Really? Then that’s really great!” Lu-er said excitedly.

Ye Yuan smiled. His gaze suddenly fixed onto White Light and he could not help being surprised.