Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 589

Chapter 589 Four Mighty Followers

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This little fellow fell asleep again since who knew when, unshakable by any circumstances.

But Ye Yuan discovered to his surprise that White Light actually already broke through to Tier 4 since goodness knows when!

“Young Master Ye, ever since White Light refined that tiger bone, he has been in a deep sleep the entire time. He already broke through to Tier 4 the other day and seems to be going to break through to middle-stage Tier 4 soon.”

Middle-stage Tier 4 was basically equivalent to late-stage Sea Transformation already.

Ye Yuan only broke through to late-stage Sea Transformation when he obtained the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s inheritance. To think that this little fellow used such a method to break through again. Truly making others envied this little fellow to death.

“Looks like that tiger bone was very beneficial to White Light. No wonder he was so agitated back then. Just let him break through here then. I have to stay here to enter a retreat for several days as well. If you guys have any matter, just face the void and call for me will do,” Ye Yuan said.

. . . . . .

“Ye Yuan has already entered the ninth level for quite a few days. Why isn’t there any activities until now? Something wouldn’t have happened, right?’ Guo Taoqun said.

“You jinx! Ye Yuan is somebody with a great destiny. Since he already made it to the ninth level, how can a problem possibly occur?” Qin Yan spat.

“Haha,that’s true. Aren’t I being worried here?Ah,it’s Ye Yuan! He’s out!” Guo Taoqun suddenly said agitatedly.

Everyone was shocked and hurriedly turned out to look. Indeed, they saw Ye Yuan coming out from the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

Right at this time, the five people saw a scene that they found unforgettable in this lifetime.

The originally towering into the clouds Vast Heaven Pagoda was actually rapidly shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Very soon, a massive pagoda became like a small and exquisite pagoda, lying in Ye Yuan’s palm.

“This . . . This . . . What happened here? W-Why did the Vast Heaven Pagoda become like this?” Guo Taoqun watched this scene and was shocked until his jaw nearly fell off.

In a twinkle, Ye Yuan arrived before the few of them.

Qi Hai was the first to recover to his senses from the shock and looked at Ye Yuan with a face full of disbelief as he said, “Y-Ye Yuan, you . . .”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Old Hai, from today onwards, this Endless World will no longer have the Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance. This matter is of utmost importance. The few of you, please help to keep this secret for me.”

Although Ye Yuan said it with a consulting tone, the powerful aura emitting off his body made the other four people’s expressions tighten.

Just the aura Ye Yuan was emitting made them unable to give rise to feelings of resistance.

These few people were all proud children of heaven. Among those in the same generation, how could there possibly be people who could make them produce this sort of emotion?

Looking at him again, Ye Yuan was actually already at the Eighth Level Sea Transformation Realm.

This shock was by no mean insignificant!

If it were an ordinary Eighth Level Sea Transformation, it would not enter their sights at all. But these few people were deeply aware of what Ye Yuan breaking through to the Eighth Level Sea Transformation signified!

“Rest assured. We won’t say it out!” the four people said in unison.

Qi Hai voiced out and said, “Relax. The four of them won’t say it out.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “If this matter leaks out, I’ll find you guys to settle scores! Also, Vast Heaven Pagoda detached from the ground and flew off on its own. Got it?”

The four people nodded and said, “Understood!”

Following Ye Yuan’s power increasing with each day, his imposing momentum of a past sovereign gradually projected out too, making people submit.

Actually, regarding these few people’s instructions, he was just making provisions for contingencies, afraid that their tongues would wag.

Ten years later when the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm really opened up once more, Ye Yuan would probably long already not be in the Endless World. Who cares about the surging flood by then?

Ye Yuan nodded and no longer bothered with those four. Looking around, he asked Qi Hai, “Old Hai, what’s with this?”

Qi Hai briefly recounted the situation, making Ye Yuan’s eyebrows furrow slightly when he heard.

“I previously already suspected that Zhao Tianyin has impure motives. Looking at it now, whatever for the sake of the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ welfare, it’s simply rubbish!”

Ye Yuan smelled the thick scent of a conspiracy from the massacring of cities this incident.

“En,I think so too. It’s just, we have no idea what the Fierce Gale World is doing this for,” Qi Hai said.

“Forget about him. A fox’s tail will be revealed one day!’ Ye Yuan said disdainfully.

Qi Hai nodded and said, “Now, we can only wait and see. Ye Yuan, what’s with this Vast Heaven Pagoda?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “I cleared the ninth level, and this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s final reward is the Vast Heaven Pagoda itself!”

Ye Yuan briefly recounted the process of clearing the rounds but left out some crucial information in-between.

But, even so, the five people including Qi Hai felt their hearts quiver from excitement when they heard too.

Especially those four youngsters. Their gazes when looking at Ye Yuan currently were filled with admiration.

Ye Yuan’s age was much younger than theirs. But the achievements he clinched made them look up to him.

“The Vast Heaven Pagoda has stood for tens of thousands of years. To think that it was actually for the sake of selecting a new master! It’s just that even if one knew, probably nobody can accomplish it either. Ye Yuan, as the saying goes: the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. Our Endless World’s hope is all on you,” Qi Hai said solemnly.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Old Hai rest assured. Zhao Tianyin and I will ultimately have a battle one day. Furthermore, my family and friends are all in the Endless World. It’s naturally impossible to watch them seek their doom passively.”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Qi Hai was secretly fearful inside.

What on earth did Ye Yuan experience during the Fierce Gale World trip, to actually give rise to such a huge grudge with that Boundless Realm powerhouse?

But if Ye Yuan had a conflict with the Fierce Gale World’s Realmlord before, how did he escape?

This Ye Yuan was indeed full of riddles all over!

But to Qi Hai, this was enough.

“Ye Yuan. I took the liberty to make the decision to keep the four of them behind. If you like them, then let them stay to be your followers. If you don’t take fancy on them, I’ll send them away right now,” Qi Hai said.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised as he said, “The few of them to be my followers? This isn’t appropriate, right?”

These few people were all extremely haughty characters. Putting them by his side to be followers, he did not have the luck to enjoy it.

“Nothing inappropriate about it. Seeing your performance in the Vast Heaven Pagoda, they had long already straightened out their own positions. If they have any disrespect to you in the future, you can make them get lost at any time!” Qi Hai said it very sternly, but his gaze looked towards the four people.

The four people understood the meaning and hurriedly said, “Us four are willing to follow by Lord Ye Yuan’s side, following on the heels of Your Excellency!”

Ye Yuan briefly swept a glance over the four but did not agree right away.

When Qi Hai saw the situation, he quickly said, “Ye Yuan, my intentions, I believe that you’re very clear as well. The realm passageway is about to be completely linked up soon. The war between the two worlds might last for a very long time. The four of them are all the Endless World’s future pillars of society. I want to place them by your side to experience and toughen up.”

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said with a nod, “Alright then. Since Old Hai said it to such an extent, I’d be too unreasonable if I disagree as well. But I’ll say the nasty stuff first, following by my side, everything you have to listen to me. If anybody wants to throw a young master’s tantrum, I won’t be courteous!”

The four people were overjoyed when they heard and said, “Yes, Lord Ye Yuan!”