Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Test Starts!

"Hold on!" Feng Ruoqing went forward without any hesitation.

Feng Ruoqing's action sparked a wave of murmuring among the students. It seemed like the relationship between these two was becoming more apparent.

"Please calm down, Chairman. May I speak with him?" Even though Feng Ruoqing was an instructor in the Dan Wu Academy, her qualifications were still somewhat lacking in the Alchemist Association's territory.

Chairman Wang pondered for a moment before nodding his head.

Feng Ruoqing looked at Ye Yuan with complicated eyes, trying to see if whether he really had a plan or he was messing around. But after staring for a long time, she could not see anything.

"Let me ask you, Ye Yuan. Is our agreement earlier still valid?" Feng Ruoqing asked in a low voice.

It was just that this question seemed a little ambiguous, so apart from Feng Zhirou who knew the details, everyone's imaginations ran wild.

Ye Yuan replied somewhat helplessly, "If it wasn't for keeping our agreement, do you think that I enjoy being looked on by them like I'm a freak?"

Hearing Ye Yuan say this, Feng Ruoqing's state of mind somehow became relaxed.

Other people did not know Ye Yuan's Alchemy Dao prowess, but Feng Ruoqing was very clear on it.

To be able to casually instruct her, a middle-rank Alchemy Master, what Ye Yuan was lacking was most likely just cultivation realm.

Feng Ruoqing had the feeling that what she saw was only a tip of the iceberg of Ye Yuan's abilities.

Just what kind of a freak was this fellow? He was only fifteen years old!

"You mean . . . you are confident?"

Even though she had confidence in Ye Yuan, what Ye Yuan was about to do was too subversive of common sense. So she had to confirm again.

"Uh. That I'm not too sure," Ye Yuan replied very irresponsibly.

Seeing that Feng Ruoqing was about to storm off, Ye Yuan immediately followed up and said, "Will simply refining any kind of Tier 2 medicinal pill work?"

"That's right. As long can you can refine any kind of Tier 2 medicinal pill within four hours, it counts as passing the low-rank Alchemy Master test!"

"I see. If that's the case, then it shouldn't be an issue," Ye Yuan said nonchalantly as if refining a Tier 2 medicinal pill was as simple as drinking water and eating rice.

"Since that's the case, I hope you don't disappoint me!"

After Feng Ruoqing finished, she pulled out a bottle of medicinal pills from inside her sleeves, and then said to Chairman Wang, "Chairman, I have three Soul Nourishing Pills that I will place here as collateral for Ye Yuan. If Ye Yuan is really here to cause trouble, then these three Soul Nourishing Pills will be an apology to the association."

When these words were said, shock could be seen on everyone's faces.

The Soul Nourishing Pill was a genuine Tier 3 medicinal pill. Furthermore, it was a highly sought and precious Tier 3 medicinal pill!

That was because the effects of the Soul Nourishing Pill was to strengthen a martial artist's divine soul. It was able to make a martial artist's soul more powerful!

This type of medicinal pill was something that alchemists dreamed about.

Chairman Wang was also astonished. He did not expect Feng Ruoqing to pull out such a precious item for Ye Yuan.

As one of the major heads of the Alchemist Association, he knew Feng Ruoqing's true identity. That was why he was so courteous to her.

If someone else were leading the team today, then with his status, he would not be bothered to talk so much crap with them.

"Miss Feng really wants to take out such a precious item for an ignorant brat?" Chairman Wang asked disbelievingly.

"Ruoqing knows that Ye Yuan's actions are unconventional, but I believe that he has the ability! Just because we have never seen something before, that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Things that we can't do doesn't mean that others can't do it as well!" Feng Ruoqing said firmly.

"Fine. Since Miss Feng insists on it, then this old man won't be the bad guy today. But Miss Feng needs to know that I only agreed for your sake. If it were another person, I wouldn't accompany her to mess around even if she took out this Soul Nourishing Pill," Chairman Wang said seriously.

"Thank you, Chairman Wang!" Feng Ruoqing bowed slightly to express thanks.

She knew that Chairman Wang was not lying. Even though the Soul Nourishing Pill was precious, this kind of medicinal pills was not overly scarce with the Alchemist Association's might.

The main reason why he agreed was still taking into account that she was the Head Imperial Princess.

"Since Miss Feng is so insistent, then Ye Yuan, stand on the right. But this old man will say some nasty words first. If you are really making fun of old me, I can forsake these pills, but you will pay for this! Otherwise, if this matter spreads, people will think that my Alchemist Association has become a place for children to mess around!"

Chairman Wang's did not speak quickly, but each word was loud and clear. It was evident that he made up his mind to give Ye Yuan a good one.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him and went to stand beside Feng Zhirou.

"Hey! Did you make a mistake? Don't harm my aunt! How can you, a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, possibly refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill?" Feng Zhirou said indignantly.

Ye Yuan glanced at Feng Zhirou and then retracted his eyes. He said indifferently, "You better take care of yourself. I think you are going to fail this time. Why is the academy's Alchemy Roll of Honor so weak?"

"You!" Feng Zhirou did not expect Ye Yuan to rebuke her and was so infuriated that she was speechless.

On the other side, Wan Yuan gnashed his teeth as he looked at Ye Yuan hatefully.

Why? Why did Teacher Feng take out such a valuable thing for him? Just what capabilities does he, Ye Yuan, have? Just wait and see. Right now, you are unbelievably arrogant. In a while, I will see just how you intend to wind up.Wan Yuan was yelling in his heart.

. . . . . .

Individual pill refinement rooms were used for this test. There were a total of ten pill refinement rooms. Five refinement rooms in a row at the east side, and another five at the west side. At the center was a great hall, and at the north of the hall was a light screen. The examiner could see everything happening in the refinement room through this light screen. At the south of the hall was a herbal warehouse.

Alchemy involved many things such as controlling fire, medicinal theory, array formations, and etc. But in the end, it was all for refining the medicinal pill.

No matter how strong in one aspect a person was, if they could not refine out a medicinal pill, then it was useless. There would not be any recognition.

Hence, the Alchemist Association's tests had always taken a completed medicinal pill's grade as the benchmark.

Whatever pill one could refine meant that they belonged to that alchemist rank. This was the most straightforward way, as well as the most persuasive.

Four hours were neither too long nor too short. It required the success rate of refining a medicinal pill to not be too low. This also reduced the likelihood of the alchemist being lucky.

In this place, everything was decided by strength!

"The test officially begins now. Examinees can start choosing the herbs. The first two groups of students, make your way into the herbal warehouse."

The host of the test changed to a middle-aged Alchemy Master. Under his instructions, the first two groups of students went into the herbal warehouse to choose their herbs.

Selection of herbs being included in the four hours was actually also a form of test for the students.

It was a basic skill for an alchemist to find the required herbs in the shortest amount of time, in order to save time for the preparation of the herbs and refinement process later.

As a matter of fact, one could tell the strength of the students from this herbs selection stage.

The faster and more accurate a person was when choosing the herbs meant that they had a more skillful understanding of medicinal theory. It also meant that they had a better grasp on the attributes of the various herbs when refining. The success rate of refinement would naturally also rise significantly.

Feng Ruoqing's gaze involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan, and she thought to herself that with Ye Yuan's extreme understanding towards herbs, he only needed to spend a short while inside the herbal warehouse.

When she was refining the Qi Returning Pill, he could actually use his hands to flawlessly grab and prepare various herbs. It was truly heaven-defying!

He was clearly only fifteen years old. Even if he started training alchemy in his mother's womb, how was it possible to reach such a level?

Thinking up to this point, Feng Ruoqing gained a little more confidence in Ye Yuan.

Perhaps Ye Yuan could really create a miracle?