Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Utterly Routed

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Wu Fang City was the Endless Alliance’s headquarters right now. After returning from the Vast Heaven Pagoda, the various sect’s leaders all gathered here, organizing the entire Endless Alliance martial artists.

And right now, inside City Lord Manor was a complete mess.

“Are your Blackflame Sect members all a bunch of pigs? The Fierce Gale World’s numbers were half of yours, and you guys actually didn’t even persist for three days!”

“Stop making cynical remarks here! Talked as if your Heavenly Eagle Sect is so impressive; didn’t you guys just persist for one day more than us?”

“Persevering a day more is also persevering! Do you know how many of our Heavenly Eagle Sect’s people died for the sake of this one day? Unlike your Blackflame Sect sect, immediately withdrawing once you saw that the situation was bad!”

“Pooh!Who withdrew immediately? The great battle this time, many of our elders died and our losses grievous! If you say any more rubbish, this old man won’t be finished with you!”

Another sect’s heavyweight was just about to speak when Qin Hongtao who had long been exasperated already roared furiously, “All shut your mouths for this old man! The Fierce Gale World’s five-way great army is already gradually closing in on Crimsonlight City. Once Crimsonlight City is captured, it will be a flat stretch of land at the back. It will be immensely detrimental to our Endless Alliance! You guys are actually still in the mood to bicker here!”

With him roaring, everyone all kept quiet.

Right now, the Fierce Gale World was akin to autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves, sweeping across the entire Endless World’s southeastern side.

Right now, once the Endless World’s martial artists heard the Fierce Gale World’s name, it could be said to be trembling with fear upon hearing.

The Fierce Gale World did not seem to be anxious in expanding outwards. But every area they have been to, the butcher’s knife would surely be raised up, killing off all of the martial artists.

Hence, places where the Fierce Gale World’s great army passed through, the Endless World martial artists were all utterly routed.

Now, large numbers of the southeastern area martial artists all escaped to Crimsonlight City.

And this Crimsonlight City was an extremely crucial strategic pass. Once it was occupied by the Fierce Gale World, the Endless World would become very passive.

Alliance Chief Ning Yixian sat at the helm, his brows knitted tightly as if he did not hear those few people’s arguing. It was also unknown what he was thinking about.

At this time, seeing the group of people quieten down, Ning Yixian finally said slowly, “I won’t talk more about Crimsonlight City’s importance. Crimsonlight City’s City Lord, Su Hu, has already sent an emergency request for assistance to the alliance to request for the alliance to send people forward to reinforce. I wonder if there’s anybody that all of you can recommend?”

The group of old ancestors exchanged glances, their faces all showing hesitation. But nobody was willing to make a sound.

Right now, mutual hostilities had already gradually developed in full swing. But both parties still maintained that final trace of restraint; both parties’ Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses had not joined the battles yet.

Once Divine Traversing Realm experts participated in the fights, it would signify that the war would escalate overall. Both sides’ zero hour would also not be far.

These several old ancestors had already sent out considerable strength to clash head-on with the Fierce Gale World. But the frontal battlefields were all crushing defeats. This made them treasure their own strength even more, unwilling to send people for the front lines.

“Humph!Our Three Sects have already sent out elite forces to the southeastern four cities! Us few old fellows didn’t even say anything, and each and every one of you guys is frightened?”

Seeing that these people still wished to conserve strength at this time, that icy-cold Jing Xuan finally flew off the handle.

The other sects’ old ancestors were all silent as cicadas in cold weather. No one dared to make a sound.

Jing Xuan would not speak under normal circumstances. But once she spoke, that weight was rather heavy.

Although the alliance was founded, the Endless World’s these few sects still had their own interests and legacies to preserve in the end. How could they bear to let their own people go to their deaths?

Ning Yixian swept a glance over everyone and said indifferently, “All not speaking right? Then I’ll name the names.”

All of a sudden, the entire assembly hall’s atmosphere tensed up.

Ning Yixian’s gaze swept over everyone’s faces one by one. With each people it swept to, their breathing would become nervous.

Ning Yixian finally fixed his gaze on that Blackflame Sect’s old ancestor who spoke previously. That person immediately felt his scalp tingle.

This Crimsonlight City was a hot potato. It was virtually a mission with little chance of returning. Sending their Blackflame Sect people over, how could they still return?

Just as the Blackflame Sect’s old ancestor had a look of bitterness, suddenly, a servant came in to send word, “Alliance Chief, Lord Ye Yuan has already returned. He’s currently outside the hall right now.”

Ning Yixian stood up in a flash and said, “Quick! Quickly invite him inside!”

Blackflame Sect’s old ancestor only heaved a long sigh in relief when he saw Ning Yixian’s expression.

No matter what, this round at present was considered passed.

Before long, Ye Yuan brought Liu Hong, the four of them, and slowly entered the assembly hall.

Ning Yixian’s gaze locked onto Ye Yuan firmly, his gaze revealing astonishment.

“Alliance chiefs, are you all well?” Ye Yuan said.

Ning Yixian came back to his senses. Grabbing hold of Ye Yuan’s arm, he said in delight, “Younger Brother Ye Yuan, this improvement speed of yours is too exaggerated! Before entering the Vast Heaven Pagoda, you were only Second Level Sea Transformation. Not even a month’s time has passed and you actually already broke through to Eighth Level Sea Transformation. Truly giving Elder Brother, I, a shock!”

The originally tense atmosphere in the hall was thoroughly broken by Ye Yuan’s return, letting them all loosen up considerably.

Yet, only at this time when they heard Ning Yixian say so, did everyone finally startle awake abruptly.

Taking part in the trial once, less than a month’s time from start to finish, and actually broke through six boundaries all at once! This was also too exaggerated!

But Ye Yuan said carelessly,“Huhu,obtained some lucky chances in the Vast Heaven Pagoda. That’s why I had some breakthroughs.”

Ning Yixian’s expression became nervous as he asked, “Which level did Younger Brother Ye reach in the end?”

With him asking, everyone perked their ears up.

They were all very curious what level Ye Yuan reached in the end.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “The eighth level.”

The sound of drawing in cold breaths immediately sounded out inside the assembly hall.

“This . . . This isn’t a joke, right? The eighth level! In these ten thousand years, only one person made it to the eighth level!”

“Doesn’t that mean that Ye Yuan is on par with the number one genius in ten thousand years? My God, this is also too inconceivable!”

“Do you guys think that he is bragging? The seventh level is already very heaven-defying. The eighth level . . .”

“Brag your head! Before Ye Yuan came out, he had two consecutive Perfect Completions. Making it to the eighth level is fame following credit, right? Furthermore, with Old Hai and those four great geniuses present, this sort of lie would be exposed straight away, okay?”

How could they know that Ye Yuan was not boasting but was too reserved?

Ning Yixian said in excitement when he heard that, “Younger Brother Ye is truly a genius among geniuses. To actually have even greater talent than the Grand Yan True Lord several thousand years ago! Congratulations, Younger Brother! With Younger Brother’s talent, ascending to the Divine Realm will be close at hand!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Rice has to be eaten mouthful by mouthful. I’m only Sea Transformation Realm right now. There still a very long way to go before ascension!”

Hearing these words, Ning Yixian’s appraisal of Ye Yuan in his heart grew considerably.

Compared to Guo Taoqun they all, although Ye Yuan was young, he was much more level-headed.

“Oh, right, there’s something that I want to tell everybody. Everyone has to be mentally prepared. The Vast Heaven Pagoda . . . is already gone!”