Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 597

Chapter 597 Grant You A Battle

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That scene of Ye Yuan wasting Zhao Chenggan was still fresh in Shangguan Lingyun’s memory.

Although his strength improved greatly now, he still did not dare to look down on Ye Yuan.

Let alone that the combat strength Ye Yuan displayed earlier was plenty to make people feel shocked.

Toward Ye Yuan, Shangguan Lingyun maintained the mentality of fear from start to end.

This was not just because Ye Yuan’s strength was super strong. How he escaped out of the Fierce Gale World on that day was a mystery all along as well.

Reportedly, Lord Wind Emperor personally showed up at the scene that day, but Ye Yuan was still standing here perfectly well right now. That by itself indicated a lot of problems.

Ye Yuan looked at Shangguan Lingyun and suddenly smiled and said, “Fine. Bring it!”

Even though these martial artists were clay chickens and pottery dogs to Ye Yuan; him killing in and out as he wished ten times over was not an issue, these martial artists were different from those demonic beasts in the Vast Heaven Pagoda. They would not collide into the tip of his spear without heed for their lives.

Even if Ye Yuan did what he did inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda and used the Myriad Rain Sword Blades, the effects would be greatly discounted too.

Furthermore, just the Ninth Level Soul Seas here were quite a few. Ye Yuan naturally could not possibly kill off every single one.

His goal was very simple, which was in order to enter the city.

Since Shangguan Lingyun was willing to let him pass, that was naturally for the best.

As for losing to Shangguan Lingyun . . . Ye Yuan never thought of this possibility!

Shangguan Lingyun lifted his hand slightly. Those Fierce Gale World martial artists immediately vacated a large area. The battle that originally encircled Liu Hong, the four of them, also stopped at this time.

“Actually, back at the Fierce Gale World, I’ve been looking forward to a fight with you. Today, I finally got my wish! It’s just that sadly . . . I probably can’t enjoy to my heart’s content today.” Shangguan Lingyun made a move with a faint smile.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “I’ll grant you a battle!”

Ye Yuan did not see Shangguan Lingyun take any other action, but the surrounding essence energy closed in around the latter crazily.

That imposing momentum was actually even stronger than Deng Sheng’s previously!

Gradually, a bright full moon condensed and formed in front of Shangguan Lingyun, looking rather lustrous and serene and moving.

Yet, the killing intent emitting off from that full moon made everyone’s blood run cold!

Seeing this scene, Liu Hong, the four of them, were stricken with terror too.

This young man’s age was more or less the same as theirs, but his strength was actually much more stronger!

Could it be that the strength of the Fierce Gale World’s martial artists were all formidable to such an extent?

They could not help becoming worried about Ye Yuan. Although they all knew that Ye Yuan’s strength was very strong, this young man was a major realm higher than him after all.

Furthermore, this youth’s combat strength was exceptionally formidable. Could Ye Yuan resist or not?

The four people exchanged glances and could not help becoming worried about Ye Yuan.

Facing the powerful Shangguan Lingyun, Ye Yuan was unconcerned.

When Xuanying Sword was drawn, ten thousand streaks of sword blades condensed and formed very quickly.

Seeing this scene, Shangguan Lingyun’s expression changed and he said somberly, “Condensing the form of gathered essence!Heh,a Sea Transformation Realm can actually achieve condensed form of gathered essence. You truly are a peerless genius! Full Moon Slash!”

“Myriad Rain Sword Blades!”

It was only to see that bright moon rotated with extreme speed, slicing over toward Ye Yuan. It collided against those ten thousand streaks of sword blades very quickly.

That bright full moon was like an extremely swift blade, slicing those sword blades into fragments one after another instantly!

Streaks of sword blades were annihilated like this by the bright moon. But that bright moon was also becoming faint at an incredible speed.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Finally, it was still the sword blades which depleted the Full Moon Slash first. The remaining bits and pieces streaks of sword blades flew towards Shangguan Lingyun.

Except, these remaining sword blades were nothing to be feared to Shangguan Lingyun.

Only to see him wave his hand casually. Those sword blades dissipated into nothingness.

“You won,” Shangguan Lingyun said with a faint smile, as if he had long predicted the outcome.

“Something within expectations,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Huhu,I originally thought that my improvement in this one year was already huge. Didn’t expect that your improvement was even greater! You’re only at the Sea Transformation Realm and can actually achieve condensing the form of gathered essence already. Truly remarkable!” Shangguan Lingyun said.

“Is that very hard? I could already do it when I was Second Level Sea Transformation,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Shangguan Lingyun shook his head and said with a smile, “To a genius like you, it’s naturally simple. But to mediocre talents like us, it’s something that’s impossible to accomplish.”

From birth until now, Shangguan Lingyun had always been crowned with the title of genius.

But in front of Ye Yuan, he simply did not have the capital to be called a genius.

However, him admitting this fact so calmly and declaring himself mediocre still made Ye Yuan rather surprised.

Ye Yuan said with a slight smile, “You’re stronger than Zhao Chenggan. No wonder you can stand here, while he can only become a good-for-nothing.”

Shangguan Lingyun suddenly looked at Ye Yuan with a smile that wasn’t a smile and said, “A good-for-nothinghuh?I afraid not!”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he said in a solemn voice, “What do you mean?”

“Huhu,nothing. I just want to say that Brother Ye might still have the chance to meet Zhao Chenggan. Furthermore, that day shouldn’t be too far away.”

“Even if he stands before me again, he’s still a good-for-nothing,” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

His heart was far from as calm as on the surface. He was distinguishing the true and false of Shangguan Lingyun’s words.

He already damaged Zhao Chenggan’s dantian at that time. With Zhao Tianyin’s means, it was impossible to help Zhao Chenggan restore his dantian.

What the hell was happening here?

Moreover, logically speaking, it was impossible for Shangguan Lingyun to have such rapid improvement speed. Yet, he rose a full major realm. How did he accomplish it?

Ye Yuan felt more and more that the Fierce Gale World’s invasion this time was not quite normal; exuding strangeness all over.

“Brother Ye’s talent stands above others. But better don’t look down on Zhao Chenggan. When he comes out this time, he’ll probably become different! Alright, one must be willing to lose if they bet. You guys enter the city then.”

Shangguan Lingyun moved aside and actually really opened up a path.

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and walked towards the city gates unhurriedly.

“L-Lord Shangguan was actually defeated? This . . . How is this possible?”

“Who in the world is that youth? To actually be able to defeat the ever-victorious Lord Shangguan with Sea Transformation Realm strength?”

“Yeah. The last time Lord Shangguan personally took action, he killed three late-stage Sea Transformation experts with one move! I thought that he was already invincible beneath Divine Traversing Realm. Didn’t expect that . . . he actually lost!”

“I thought that the Endless World was all a bunch of trash. Didn’t think that there was actually still such a strong youth! He’s not yet 18 years old, right? His strength is actually even stronger than Lord Shangguan’s!”

The strength that Ye Yuan displayed made the countenance of all the Fierce Gale World martial artists change.

In their view, Shangguan Lingyun’s strength was already formidable until he was unbeatable. Unless it was a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse who came, otherwise, there was simply no possibility of losing.

Along the way, Shangguan Lingyun very rarely made a move. But each time he took action, it was killing in one move no matter how powerful the opponent was.

But today, the invincible Lord Shangguan actually lost to a youth a full major realm lower than him! This was too subverting!

Under everyone’s stupefied gazes, Ye Yuan walked towards Crimsonlight City slowly.

As he made his move, the Fierce Gale World martial artists automatically moved aside, creating a path for him.