Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Questioning

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Above Crimsonlight City’s tall city gates, there were several silhouettes currently looking into the distance, taking everything that happened below the city gates into their sights.

“City Lord, this youth is incredible. Even the Fierce Gale World’s commander isn’t this match!”

The one speaking was called Ding Qi, City Lord Su Hu’s confidant; he was an Eighth Level Soul Sea Realm expert.

Su Hu’s expression was as per normal. But that hint of surprise in his eyes could not be wiped away.

Hearing Ding Qi appraise that youth, he nodded and said, “No idea where this youth popped out from. His strength is truly terrifyingly daunting! He’s only at the Sea Transformation Realm and can actually cross a major realm to battle!”

Ding Qi’s eyes flickered, and he said, “City Lord, could this youth be the reinforcements that the alliance sent us?”

Su Hu was stunned and said with a nod, “We’re cut off from all information with the outside world right now and don’t know the arrangements of the alliance at all. Hearing you say this, there’s really that possibility. But . . . what if it’s a ploy?”

Ding Qi was secretly startled and said, “With City Lord saying this, I’m really quite worried. Ever since that Fierce Gale World’s young commander led the great army, they have always mowed down all resistance. Many troublesome opponents were all personally disposed of by him. Furthermore, I heard that they were all killed with one move. That youth is strong, but it is truly a bit too ridiculous.”

With Ding Qi’s analysis, the suspicion in Su Hu’s heart grew even more, “With you saying this, I’m really starting to doubt! This youth is a bit too ridiculously powerful. Those ten middle-stage Soul Sea experts earlier actually could not survive one exchange with him! Although that punch of his looked to be very terrifying, it might truly have the suspicion of acting out a play!”

“Also, that young commander clearly did not go all out. So many martial artists facing five people, why should they make way?”

“En.Also! Even if this youth’s strength is really that powerful, he’s one person after all. What help is there to the war situation by coming here? Even if he can come and leave as he pleased, how will be lead so many people to escape with their lives?”

Ding Qi and Su Hu exchanged a glance and said, “Could it be that this youth is really here to trick us? Once we open up a gap in the grand array, those Fierce Gale World martial artists below will have the opportunity to take advantage! I’m not worried about others, but that young commander’s strength is too formidable. To say that he’s the number one person beneath Divine Traversing is also not over the top! Once he’s been given a hint of an opportunity, behind us are the lives of all the people in the city!”

The pair chipped in a word each and finally concluded Ye Yuan’s ‘true identity.’

And at this time, Ye Yuan already arrived below the city gates too.

While Shangguan Lingyun at this time was looking at them from a place not far away, his face still carrying a smile.

“City Lord Su Hu, we’re the reinforcements that the alliance sent! Please open up the grand array and let us go in!” Qin Yan mustered up essence energy and shouted in a clear voice.

Su Hu’s brows furrowed and he gave Ding Qi a look.

Ding Qi understood and called out, “Do you all have any proof?”

Qin Yan took out a silk-like object and fired a seal at it. That silk vanished directly and appeared in front of Su Hu.

Su Hu took a look at the silk. Indeed, it was an item issued with the alliance’s name. But Su Hu’s expression still did not take a turn for the better.

The time the Endless Alliance has been established was too short. Many systems had all yet to be perfected.

Crimsonlight City was too distant from Wu Fang City and was not familiar with many of the alliance’s things.

A tiny piece of silk, they were simply unable to differentiate the truth from the false.

“This thing is too easy to copy. We can’t open the array formation!” Ding Qi called out in a clear voice.

Qin Yan was stunned. He did not think that these fellows were actually so inflexible. He was someone quite arrogant at heart and haughty in manner after all. Coming to assist this city and they actually did not believe him. This made his young master temper flare up.

“Open your dog eyes and look! I’m the Myriad Sword Sect’s Old Ancestor, Qin Hongtao’s, grandson! Can it still be fake?” Qin Hongtao said furiously

Once Su Hu heard this, the suspicion in his heart grew even more. He said with a cold smile,“Heh heh,would Old Ancestor Qin send his own grandson here? Don’t joke with me! Looks like you guys are indeed sent by the Fierce Gale World to trick us!”

“You!” Qin Yan could not help choking up but did not know how he should refute.

Yeah, logically speaking, Qin Hongtao indeed would not send his own grandson here to this sort of dangerous place, let alone that they still directly charged towards the city very arrogantly just now.

Seeing this scene, Su Hu could not help shaking his head very disappointedly and said,“Sigh,looks like over at the alliance there can’t be counted on. Can it be that this city full of Endless World martial artists all can’t escape the vicious killing?”

Inside the city was packed full of martial artists right now. As the city lord, Su Hu had immense pressure too.

Facing everything outside the city, he had no choice but to be cautious. One careless move and the price was not what he could bear.

“Huhu,looks like your own people aren’t very trusting of you guys!” Shangguan Lingyun gloated over their misfortune.

Ye Yuan turned out and gave him a nonchalant glance and said, “Seems like you’re very pleased!”

Shangguan Lingyun smiled and said, “Shouldn’t I be pleased? Even if I let you guys go over, you all can’t enter the city too, isn’t it so?”

Ye Yuan suddenly smiled and said, “The four of you stick close to me. We’re entering the city.”

“Ah?”The four people were dazed, and they had not yet reacted when Ye Yuan’s figure already moved and arrived at the edge of the grand array.

“What are you still in a daze for?” Ye Yuan urged.

The four people hurriedly caught up.

Ye Yuan’s stepped out and directly crossed into the grand array.

Seeing this scene, the smile on Shangguan Lingyun’s face immediately froze there.

This grand array which obstructed thousands of soldiers and horse was actually regarded as nothing by Ye Yuan?

The reason why the Fierce Gale World’s five-way great army did not have any incident all along, surrounding and but not attacking, was because of this grand array before their eyes!

This grand array was called Mystic Crystal Iron Chain Array; it was a true-blue Tier 5 low-grade grand array. Unless Divine Traversing Realm experts came here, there was simply no way to crack it.

All this time, Shangguan Lingyun was not in a hurry and only surrounded and did not attack. As long as this place became a lone city, they would take it down sooner or later.

Who could have thought that this grand array which even Soul Sea Realm experts were powerless against, Ye Yuan entered with a lift of his leg!

Qin Yan four people could not help being overjoyed when they saw the situation and hurriedly followed Ye Yuan into the grand array.

When the Su Hu on top of the city gates saw this scene, his countenance likewise changed abruptly. He hurriedly said to Ding Qi, “Quick! Deploy the grand array and kill the five of them for me!”

Ding Qi was also startled inwardly and hastily took out a talisman and fired essence energy into it, transmitting back to the center of the grand array controlling the array formation.

The one presiding over the grand array was a young Tier 4 array master. His name was Shao Siqi.

Although he was unable to unleash the grand array’s full power, deploying the grand array to resist martial artists beneath the Divine Traversing Realm was still achievable.

Receiving the message in the talisman, he did not dare to delay and hurriedly deployed the grand array, wanting to kill Ye Yuan five people.

Yet, with this deployment, Shao Siqi’s expression changed, “What’s going on? This . . . Why is this Mystic Crystal Iron Chain Array out of my control?”