Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 599

Chapter 599 Yet To Go All Out

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When Ye Yuan appeared in front of Su Hu, he could not suppress the shock in his heart.

This young man actually crossed over directly into the array formation, and then flew on top of the city walls and stood in front of him.

Su Hu very much wanted to slap this youth before his eyes to death with one palm. However, not knowing why, he actually could not raise his hand.

“You’re City Lord Su Hu?” Ye Yuan looked quietly at Su Hu and asked.

“Insolence! You actually dare to be disrespectful towards City Lord, His Excellency!” Ding Qi reproached.

Ye Yuan ignored him and still looked at Su Hu quietly, waiting for his reply.

Su Hu discovered that he actually had a feeling of being short on breath in front of this youth!

Finally, he could not endure this sort of stifling atmosphere and said with a nod, “That’s right, I’m Su Hu! Could it be . . . that you are really here to reinforce Crimsonlight City?”

When Qin Yan saw this Su Hu, he immediately felt irate. He was just about to fly off the handle when he was pulled by Yin Yanhua from behind, shaking her head at him.

Qin Yan was startled. Glancing at Ye Yuan, he kept his mouth shut.

“It’s naturally true. Otherwise, do you think that I’ll still stand here perfectly well speaking to you?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Su Hu was secretly alarmed and knew what the words Ye Yuan said meant.

Since he could bring these four people into the grand array, he could naturally bring others into the grand array.

If Ye Yuan was really a spy sent by the Fierce Gale World, why would he need to waste this time talking crap with him?

Even though he did not know just what problem occurred over at the grand array’s central, Ye Yuan’s might had clearly already exceeded their understanding.

An out-and-out Tier 5 grand array actually could not block Ye Yuan the slightest!

Thinking this through, Su Hu had a look of embarrassment as he clasped his hands at Ye Yuan and said, “This Sir, truly sorry. There are too many irrational aspects with the appearance of you people, so I’m a little careful too. Didn’t think that it nearly led to a disaster!”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “No worries. City Lord is burdened with heavy responsibilities. Being a little careful is as ought to be. Rather, this Ye directly barging into the formation was quite brusque. Hope that Your Excellency won’t blame us.”

Ye Yuan really did not blame Su Hu. Or else, with his personality, he would definitely not be so polite.

This Su Hu being able to guard Crimsonlight City until now was already very not easy.

Shangguan Lingyun was an extremely intelligent person. There was most likely more than one bluff used in between this. If Su Hu did not handle carefully, he would probably have fallen for it long ago.

To be able to persevere until now, this Su Hu was worthy of Ye Yuan’s respect.

When Su Hu saw that Ye Yuan was so easy to talk so, he relaxed greatly in his heart.

Ye Yuan’s fame had already spread far and wide long ago at Wu Fang City, but Su Hu did not recognize him.

In his view, Ye Yuan was definitely some big shot’s junior. That was how he had such strength.

With a young man’s arrogance plus such strength, he should have thought nothing of him. To think that he was actually so easygoing.

Earlier, that young man behind Ye Yuan was clearly going to fly off the handle but forcefully suppressed it. Rather like a young master.

Hang on, could it be that he was really Old Ancestor Qin’s grandson?

Thinking up to here, Su Hu’s heart involuntarily thumped.

Those four people behind Ye Yuan all had extraordinary bearings. Furthermore, they were all Second Level Soul Sea strength. At this age, it was absolutely top-notch strength.

If looking at it like this, the likelihood of this young man being Old Ancestor Qin’s grandson was very high!

But the problem was, these four people clearly looked to Ye Yuan for instructions, even looking like followers.

Then just what was the identity of this 17, 18 years old youth before his eyes?

With Old Ancestor Qin’s status, how could he let his own grandson be a youngster’s follower?

Su Hu felt that he was rather confused. Just what was the background of this youth before him?

These five people combination was seriously too strange. It made him unable to understand what it was all about.

But one thing was very clear, and that was that these few youngsters could not be offended!

Disregarding the powers behind them, just talking about Ye Yuan blasting ten middle-stage Soul Sea experts flying with a punch, their own strength could not be ignored!

Thinking this through, Su Hu panted a little unwittingly.

“Dare not, dare not. You came to rescue us from the siege, but I slammed the door in your faces. No matter what, It’s my fault! It’s just . . .” Su Hu looked at Ye Yuan, just five people, and could not help revealing a difficult look.

Ye Yuan smiled and followed up, “It’s just that why is it only the five of us, right?”

Su Hu gave an awkward smile.

Ye Yuan continued saying, “Because the five of us are enough!”

Su Hu’s impression of Ye Yuan was pretty good. But hearing Ye Yuan say such raving words at this time, he could not help criticizing inwardly.

“I saw Sir’s strength earlier. Even the Fierce Gale World’s main commander was helpless against you. But for us, these people, are not the Fierce Gale World’s match!” Su Hu said in a roundabout manner.

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “Here isn’t the place to talk. Can we go to City Lord Manor to chat?”

Su Hu was stunned and smacked his head and said, “Look at this brain of mine, my fault, my fault! Sir, please.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and followed Su Hu to the city lord manor.

. . . . . .

“Lord Shangguan, just what kind of person was that youth? To actually have such terrifying strength?”

The central army’s main tent, Deng Sheng still had a look of astonishment on his face. The impact that Ye Yuan’s performance earlier brought him was too intense.

Shangguan Lingyun gave him a glance and said indifferently, “Are you aware that a year ago, there was an Endless World youth who infiltrated into the Central Capital, and he threw the capital into an upheaval?”

Deng Sheng’s expression changed drastically when he heard that and exclaimed in shock, “It’s actually him! No wonder! No wonder! Even Seventh Prince, His Highness, suffered defeat at his hands. No wonder he had such formidable strength! It’s just that . . . I heard that when he fought with Seventh Prince, he was still only a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist. How long has it been . . . He’s actually already approaching Soul Sea Realm?”

Such cultivation speed was simply unheard of.

Furthermore, even though Ye Yuan’s breakthrough speed was fast, the increase in strength was even faster!

He was just Sea Transformation Realm and could actually already wield condensing the form of gathered essence to such a level. Truly terrifying!

That attack previously was luckily Shangguan Lingyun fighting with Ye Yuan. If it were him, he would probably be a dead soul claimed under Ye Yuan’s sword already.

“I initially thought that my improvement this one year was already very great. When I met him once again, I should be able to win him for certain. Didn’t expect that running into him today, it’s still hard to say who will be the victor.” Shangguan Lingyun said with a sigh.

Deng Sheng could not help choking up when he heard that, feeling that he was completely not on the same level as these peerless geniuses at all.

Their improvement speed, he could not catch up to it even by whipping the horse.

“Lord Shangguan, although that Ye Yuan is formidable, in the battle previously, Lord Shangguan didn’t use your full power, right? If Lord Shangguan went all out, how can that punk be milord’s match?” Deng Sheng gave a compliment without leaving a trace.

But Shangguan Lingyun said with a smile, “Did you think that Ye Yuan went all out?”

Deng Sheng’s expression changed, and he said, “The might of that one move, even I don’t dare to clash head-on either. Could it be that that still wasn’t his full strength?”

Shangguan Lingyun shook his head and said, “I don’t know. That exchange previously, we just merely just both parties probing out the other party’s strength. But I think that his strength should be more than that!”