Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Counter Controlling Array Formation

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“Then . . . when should we withdraw?” Su Hu asked powerlessly.

Him, as the city lord of a region, was naturally unwilling to leave his own territory.

Actually, in the end, he was still harboring some mentality of a fluke, hoping to be able to preserve Crimsonlight City.

How could Ye Yuan not perceive his thoughts? He said, “The sooner, the better. However . . . Wee have to make some preparations. Otherwise, leaving the city will be equivalent to courting death.”

Su Hu became spirited when he heard that and asked, “What kind of preparations does Mister Ye need to do?”

“City Lord, Your Excellency, arrange all the martial artists in the city sorted out according to their respective realms. Three days later, gather all the martial artists above Crystal Formation Realm together. Is there any difficulty?” Ye Yuan said.

Ye Yuan originally thought that Su Hu would reveal a difficult look. Who knew that he answered without even thinking about it, “Okay, no problem! Three days later, practicing field north of the city, I’ll gather everyone together.”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s expression, Su Hu said rather proudly, “When these martial artists entered the city, I already ordered people to register all the martial artists that swarmed into the city. What needs to be done now is merely sorting them out into categories. These few days, there were naturally also some people causing trouble in the city. They were all suppressed by me with strong means. Now, they all know my prowess, and nobody dares to cause trouble either.”

Ye Yuan was rather surprised as he said,“Huhu,City Lord has such skill! Since that’s the case, I’ll start my closed-seclusion now. Three days later, meet at the practicing field north of the city!”

Right at this time, a young man barged into City Lord Manor unceremoniously and yelled out at the top of his voice, “City Lord, things are bad! The grand array has lost control!”

Su Hu’s complexion darkened, and he reproached the youth who rush inside, “What’s the shouting and wrangling for? Didn’t you see there are guests present? The grand array is fine. No need for you to worry!”

This young man was precisely the young array master, Shao Siqi, who was managing the city protecting grand array. Only upon hearing Su Hu say so, did he notice the existence of Ye Yuan, the few of them.

But he still said in bafflement, “City Lord, how do you know that the grand array is fine? You sent a message earlier to let me mobilize the grand array to kill the people who barged into the formation. But I discovered that I simply couldn’t control the array formation anymore!Ah. . . These people can’t be . . . can’t be . . .”

Shao Siqi suddenly understood something, his gaze looking at Ye Yuan oddly.

Ye Yuan said, “That’s right. It’s me.”

Shao Siqi’s eyes went wide, and he said in disbelief, “You? How is that possible? You’re only Sea Transformation Realm! How can you possibly make me lose control of the array formation? Those four people behind you are more like it!”

“Shao Siqi, you shut your mouth for me! Do you know that . . .”

Su Hu had a face full of awkwardness. This Shao Siqi dragged his skeleton out of his closet, making him very embarrassed.

Although Ye Yuan definitely knew long ago this order of his, saying it out was not too nice.

Now, this Shao Siqi was bumbling about too. Offending Ye Yuan, this little ancestor, was not something fun.

He was just about to reprimand Shao Siqi but was stopped by Ye Yuan with a gesture.

Ye Yuan said to Shao Siqi, “Don’t believe? We can give it a try! As long as your array formation can touch a corner of my sleeves, count it as me boasting earlier. I’ll apologize to you. How about it?”

Shao Siqi also had the temperament of a young man. Moreover, he was a Tier 4 array master and a Soul Sea Realm existence. How could he possibly be afraid of Ye Yuan, a Sea Transformation Realm?

Furthermore, Ye Yuan actually dared to look down on him like so. This made him even more displeased.

“Fine. Try it out then. Am I scared of you?”

Shao Siqi got cracking right away, directly taking out a black-colored flag and was going to set up an array.

When Ye Yuan saw this black-colored flag, his expression could not help turning intent. This was actually a low-grade profound artifact!

A Tier 4 array master actually had a low-grade profound artifact in his hands. This made Ye Yuan very surprised.

“Scarlet Fire Formation!”

Shao Siqi gave a light cry. A miniature array formation immediately condensed and formed. Clusters of fire instantly engulfed Ye Yuan.

The might of a profound artifact! Instantly completing an array!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s faces changed, while Shao Siqi had a look of being pleased with himself.

Shao Siqi was just angry and wanted to embarrass Ye Yuan. This fire naturally could not burn people to death. It was only to make Ye Yuan a little ragged.

“What are you smiling for?”

Ye Yuan’s words made Shao Siqi jump in fright. Earlier, everyone’s attention was focused on the center of that bundle of flames, but they did not know since when Ye Yuan already changed his position.

Ye Yuan walked in front of the array formation and casually tapped a few times on the array formation. The Scarlet Fire Formation directly dissipated into nothing.

Shao Siqi’s expression changed, and he deployed the black-colored flag once again, yelling out, “Dragon Trapping Formation!”

“Seven Carnage Formation!”

“Mystic Moon Formation!”

. . . . . .

Shao Siqi instant-casted over a dozen array formations in succession, each one more formidable than the other. But he simply could not touch Ye Yuan at all!

One had to know that instantly casting array formations would be very sudden to martial artists, catching them off guard. It was simply impossible to guard against.

Furthermore, Shao Siqi could also make out that actually Ye Yuan waited for his array formations to form each time, and then instantly cracking the formation and exiting, and not avoiding the array formations!

Looking at it this way, Ye Yuan’s Formations Path attainments was very terrifying!

He instant-casted array formations, while Ye Yuan instantly cracked the formations!

Even Master, his elderly self, can not do it with such ease either, right?

Shao Siqi gritted his teeth and yelled out once more, “Roaming Dragon Golden Sword Formation!”

It was still instantly forming the formation, but the power of the array formation this time was clearly much stronger compared to that Scarlet Fire Formation from before.

This was a Quasi-Tier 4 array formation. A Tier 4 array master instant-casting a Quasi-Tier 4 array formation, even if it was relying on the power of a profound artifact, was already very heaven-defying.

Ye Yuan was only a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist. If following logical sense, this Roaming Dragon Golden Sword Formation was sufficient to trap Ye Yuan in the formation and kill him. At least, it would also severely injure Ye Yuan.

When the array formation formed, Shao Siqi entire person was like drained, panting heavily in exhaustion.

However, Shao Siqi’s pupils suddenly constricted, as if he saw something beyond comprehension.

Only to see several streaks of golden light radiate out from inside the array formation, shooting towards Shao Siqi!


Shao Siqi’s rear end plopped onto the ground in fright, looking miserable.

Focusing his eyes and looking at those several streaks of golden light already vanished in the air long ago. Ye Yuan did not have the intention of hurting him at all.

But Shao Siqi still felt that it was beyond logic and above reason. Because the array formation that he laid down was actually seized control of by Ye Yuan instantly and launched an attack towards him!

Such means were truly inconceivable!

Even though Su Hu had long known that Ye Yuan came by passing through the array formation, witnessing him counter-control the array formations with his own eyes still blew his mind.

“Humph!Overestimating your own ability! Why haven’t you left? Making a spectacle of yourself here?” Su Hu said to Shao Siqi fiercely, but gave him a look, indicating to him to quickly leave.

Shao Siqi final move clearly already crossed the boundaries of probing. Su Hu was afraid that it angered Ye Yuan and made him quickly leave for the best.

But Ye Yuan stopped it and said smilingly, “You’re called Shao Siqi?”

Shao Siqi was still in a mess right now. Hearing Ye Yuan question, he nodded his head subconsciously.

“Your Formations Path level isn’t bad. To actually be able to instantly cast a Quasi-Tier 4 array formation. I wonder if you have a master?” Ye Yuan asked once more.