Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Plucking Heads

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“My . . . My master is Yu Yichen, a Tier 5 high-rank array master,” Shao Siqi said stammeringly.

By the side, Su Hu seemed to have understood something and hurriedly explained, “Master Yichen has already passed on ten years ago. Siqi he cultivates alone now.”

Ye Yuan sized up Shao Siqi and said with a nod, “Since that’s the case, I’ll impart you a set of array formation. If you can comprehend it fully within ten days, I’ll give you a good fortune. How about that?”

Shao Siqi was stunned. He still had not recovered to his senses yet now. A Sea Transformation Realm martial artist said that he was going to give him good fortune. No matter how one listened, it sounded somewhat comical.

Su Hu saw that he was in a daze and hurriedly ran over to slap the back of his head and said, “What are you still in a daze for? Quickly agree!”

“Ah?”Shao Siqi finally reacted and shook his head and said, “No. Master’s grace to me is as weighty as a mountain. I won’t switch to other factions!”

Su Hu was enraged when he heard that. He had a look of expecting better from someone as he said, “You simpleton! Master Yichen he has already passed on. Now that there’s a better opportunity, you actually don’t know how to cherish it!”

Shao Siqi said stubbornly, “Even though Master, his elderly self, is no longer around, I don’t have plans to take on any more masters at all!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “No need you to go under my tutelage. I’m only doing this for the sake of completing other people’s entrustment and giving you good fortune. As for how much you can comprehend, it’ll be up to you. However . . . you only have ten day’s time. If you still haven’t comprehended after ten days, it shows that you don’t have this qualification. City Lord, lend me your honorable manor’s training room for use.”

Shao Siqi was stupefied. He did not think that Ye Yuan would actually say such a thing.

In the training room, when 18 sword puppets appeared in front of Shao Siqi, he had a feeling of being punked.

“Tier . . . Tier 3 array formation?”

“You go and enter the formation and give it a try. But cracking the formation doesn’t count. It must be fully comprehending the array formation,” Ye Yuan said.

Cracking the formation and comprehending the array formation were two completely different concepts. With Shao Siqi’s Soul Sea Realm strength, cracking the formation with force was also not an issue.

But to want to comprehend the Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, that was not so simple.

“Tch,a puny little Tier 3 array formation. What’s the big deal? Don’t need ten days. Three days are sufficient!” Shao Siqi said disdainfully.

He could instantly cast Quasi-Tier 4 array formations. He touched his heart and examined himself that comprehending a set of Tier 3 array formation was naturally nothing difficult. No matter how complicated this Tier 3 array formation was.

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “I’ve already lowered the degree of difficulty of this array formation a lot. But for you to want to comprehend within three days, it’s still impossible.”

With his Tier 9 array master Formations Path attainments back then, even he comprehended for quite a few hours. For a puny little Tier 4 array master to want to comprehend the complete version Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, it was virtually impossible.

When Ye Yuan was in the city protecting grand array, he already felt that this array master was not ordinary. Hence, that was why he had the thought of feeling him out.

Seeing that he could actually achieve instant-casting Quasi-Tier 4 array formations, it made Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, before deciding to fulfill Wei Xiao’s entrustment and planned to pass Lu Linfeng’s inheritance to Shao Siqi.

Furthermore, looking at it at present, Shao Siqi’s character was still pretty good.

Shao Siqi had a face full of contempt and got up and landed in the array formation.

But once he entered the array formation, Shao Siqi immediately felt different. The contempt on his face immediately faded.

“This . . . Is this really a Tier 3 array formation? How can a Tier 3 array formation be so profound?” Shao Siqi immersed in comprehending the array formation very quickly.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he said with a smile, “Let him suffer here then. We have to go do proper stuff too.”

Su Hu forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart and followed Ye Yuan out.

Level-headed disposition, formidable strength, exceedingly high Formations Path attainments. Just what kind of monster was a youth like this?!

. . . . . .

Three days later, practicing field north of the city. Tens of thousands of martial artists made a miraculous trip. The scene was spectacular.

On the stage, Su Hu looked down with an awe-inspiring appearance. He said in a clear voice, “I believe that everybody also knows that Crimsonlight City is already a lone city. It simply can’t be defended for more than a few days! The alliance sent Mister Ye forward to Crimsonlight City to lead everyone to break out of the encirclement!”

With this introduction of Su Hu’s, below immediately broke out into a noisy mess.

“What? Sent a Sea Transformation Realm baby here to save us? Has the alliance already abandoned us?”

“A Sea Transformation Realm brat can still lead us to break out of the encirclement? What a joke!”

“A baby who’s hair hasn’t even finished growing yet. What can he do? City Lord, we’ll fight with you, Let this baby get lost!”

“Hey, you all don’t say that. Since the alliance sent this boy over, this boy must have aspects surpassing others in. Boy, if you have the ability, go outside the city and pluck some heads over for us to see. You coming here to bring us to break out of the encirclement, you got to at least let us see your strength, right?”

When this person spoke, it immediately incurred loud laughter.

Forget about Sea Transformation Realm, even a Peak Ninth Level Soul Sea strength like Su Hu did not dare to go out of the city to pluck a few heads either!

Ye Yuan beside Su Hu seemed to have long expected this sort of situation. He looked at that martial artist and said with a faint smile, “If I go out and pluck a few heads back, will you guys listen to me or not?”

“Oh? Really going for it? Hahaha! Sure. As long as you can pluck a few heads back, we’ll all listen to you! What say you guys?” That martial artist said with a big laugh.



. . . . . .

The other martial artists obviously did not believe that a Sea Transformation Realm brat dared to go out of the city to pluck a few heads back and all hooted one by one.

The vast majority among these martial artists were all itinerant cultivators. Each and every one of then was used to being undisciplined and carefree. To subdue them was really not something that easy.

Even though Su Hu this city lord had done pretty well, he only used martial strength to suppress them and not really made them obedient.

Ye Yuan looked at that martial artist and said with a smile, “What’s your name?”

“What? Remembering Your Father’s name to find fault? Your Father does not change his name whether I travel or stay at home. I’m Chu Shi!” said that martial artist with his head held high.

This Chu Shi’s strength was decent. It had already reached the Fifth Level Soul Sea Realm.

Just a Sea Transformation Realm brat, he naturally thought little of him.

There were so many people here. Could Su Hu really dare to kill people to their faces? If a riot really happened, Su Hu would be unable to bear the consequences of failure as well.

These itinerant cultivators were mostly stubborn and unruly people. Among them, greater attention was paid on the weak being prey and the strong feasting.

Want to let them submit, you must take out true strength.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Chu Shi, is it? I’ve memorized it!”

As he said, Ye Yuan’s figure moved, vanishing before Chu Shi.

Those martial artists below all exchanged glances. There was actually nobody who saw clearly how Ye Yuan left!

Seeing this scene, Chu Shi’s expression darkened. He said to the martial artist beside him, “I say, do you guys think that this boy really went outside the city to pluck heads?”

“Huhu,how is that possible? This brat’s movement technique is just a bit more powerful. Just that bit of strength of his, how is that possible?” That martial artist replied.

His voice had yet to fade when Ye Yuan’s figure already appeared on the stage once again.

And in his hands, he was currently grabbing a Fierce Gale World martial artist.

But when everyone looked over, their expressions changed!