Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Distributing Medicinal Pills

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“F-Fifth Level Soul Sea? My eyes aren’t seeing things, right?”

“Less than a hundred breaths of time altogether, he actually went down to catch a Fifth Level Soul Sea Fierce Gale World martial artist?”

“This isn’t a prop prepared in advance, right? Is that person really a Fierce Gale World martial artist?”

At first glance, when those martial artists saw this scene, it was in disbelief.

A Sea Transformation Realm capturing a Fifth Level Soul Sea back in such a short time. This was simply a joke.

But they abruptly came to realize the truth about one thing. The transmission arrays in the city were already totally destroyed. Outside had the Fierce Gale World’s great army surrounding. How did Ye Yuan come in?

Inside the city was basically in the state of being sealed off. These martial artists simply did not know the commotion that happened outside the city a few days back.

Only at this time, did Su Hu voice out, “You all are probably still unaware. Several days ago, Mister Ye killed in all the way from outside! You all know the Fierce Gale World great army’s main commander, right? Mister Ye fought a great battle with him outside the city, ending in a draw!”

With this, below immediately burst into an uproar.

“Killing all the way in? How is that possible? Could it be that this youth brought a large army over? But . . . where’s the large army?”

“I heard before that that Fierce Gale World main commander is hailed as invincible under Divine Traversing Realm. This Sea Transformation Realm youth can actually fight to a draw with him?”

“I . . . I still don’t believe it! This is too fake!”

That Fierce Gale World commander only had his essence energy sealed currently and was not dead.

Ye Yuan’s palm force lightly spat. He was killed immediately!

“Looks like everybody still has doubts about my strength. Chu Shi, you get ready. I’m coming!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

In the crowd, when Chu Shi heard these words, his entire body tensed up, and his hair stood on its ends.

Actually, he already believed 70% of it. It was just that he never thought that Ye Yuan would actually really make an example out of him!

Without the slightest hesitation, Chu Shi used his strongest attack.

Yet, right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly vanished in front of him.

“You’re already dead,” Ye Yuan’s voice sounded out behind Chu Shi.

Chu Shi was taken aback with fright by Ye Yuan and turned backward, moving back several steps in a row. He saw that Ye Yuan was currently looking at him with a grin on his head and did not have the intention of making a move.

The originally clamoring practice field quietened down at this time.

The impact that Ye Yuan’s strength brought to them was too strong!

Chu Shi’s forehead was matted in cold sweat. He finally could not endure Ye Yuan’s powerful aura and gave a bow and said, “Mister Ye, please forgive Chu Shi’s offense earlier!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “No worries. I’m young; my cultivation realm is low. You guys looking down on me is normal too. But the reason why I captured this Fierce Gale World martial artist, apart from proving to you all that I have this capability to bring you guys out, is to tell you that the Fierce Gale World martial artists are not undefeatable!”

As he spoke, Ye Yuan leaped and went on the stage.

“Mister Ye, your strength is formidable. You’re naturally not afraid of the Fierce Gale World martial artists. But we have all seen the Fierce Gale World martial artists. They are simply utter lunatics! We’re really not a match!”

“Yeah. I’ve seen before from far away. The Fierce Gale World martial artists killed anyone they saw. Simply a bunch of butchers!”

“Their strength is really very strong. At the same realm, we’re not their match at all!”

These people were all clearly frightened by the Fierce Gale World martial artists. Going out like this, they did not need to fight at all and would directly crumble.

“So, you all hide in Crimsonlight City, planning to be cowards for all your lives? Although you all are willing to be cowards, will the Fierce Gale World let you be? You guys don’t really think that the Fierce Gale World won’t send out Divine Traversing Realm experts forever, right? You are waiting for the alliance to send a large army to save you guys constantly. But do you all know that the alliance is also in an absolutely inferior position right now?! You guys are all martial artists! You should know the rule of the martial artist world! There is no savior in this world that can save you guys! Only yourselves!” Ye Yuan said in a cold voice.

Everybody kept quiet. Ye Yuan’s words undoubtedly shattered their hopes completely.

Ye Yuan’s meaning was very clear. The alliance was unable to even fend for itself right now. It was simply impossible to send a large army over to support.

Want to survive, they could only go and fight themselves!

However . . . the Fierce Gale World martial artists were so powerful. Their numbers had an absolute advantage too. How could they possibly break out of the encirclement?

At this time, Ye Yuan took out a storage ring and showed it in front of everyone, “In this storage ring, there are tens of thousands of Tier 3 and Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills. Now, each one of you gets one medicinal pill. These medicinal pills will help you all increase your strength greatly within a short period of time! Qin Yan, distribute the medicinal pills!”

Ye Yuan threw the storage ring to Qin Yan. Qin Yan received the order and went.

These medicinal pills were refined by Ye Yuan along the way. His current strength was already able to barely mobilize the Square Cauldron.

Along the way, the vast majority of Ye Yuan’s time was all on refining medicinal pills.

Among these medicinal pills had Sea Expanding Pills, Sea Gathering Pills, so on and so forth. Ye Yuan already instructed Qin Yan to distribute the medicinal pills according to the martial artist’s realm, letting them increase their cultivation realms to the greatest degree from there.

Ye Yuan had done this thing when he was at the Tranquil Cloud Sect. But his current strength was much more powerful compared to that time. Ten day’s time refining tens of thousands of medicinal pills was nothing difficult.

Of course, this was also borrowing the power of the profound artifact, Square Cauldron.

“Medicinal pill? This is the straw that Mister Ye gave us to clutch at? What can one medicinal pill do?”

“Yeah. A medicinal pill can at most increase a little bit of cultivation. It’s simply no use to the matter!”

“Normally, I’d definitely be overflowing with gratitude towards Mister Ye. But now . . . what freaking use does one medicinal pill have?!”

Those martial artists were all clearly unaware of how formidable the Sea Expanding Pill and Sea Gathering Pill was. Regarding Ye Yuan’s ‘taken for granted’ action, they were very disapproving.

Ye Yuan did not explain either. He quietly waited for Qin Yan to distribute the medicinal pills.

According to Ye Yuan’s instructions, the first to get the medicinal pills were those Ninth Level Crystal Formation martial artists.

After they got the medicinal pill, they directly swallowed it.

Before long, a series of essence energy storms howled in the practicing field. Those initially disdainful martial artists were finally visibly moved!

“Hahaha! I’ve already been stuck at Peak Crystal Formation Realm for many years! To think that I actually have a day where I break through to the Sea Transformation Realm!”

“I’m going to breakthrough too! This old man thought that it’s hopeless for the rest of my life. Didn’t expect that it can actually shatter the core and form the sea!”

“This medicinal pills is too miraculous! Turns out that shattering the core and forming the sea is actually so easy!”

. . . . . .

Those martial artists who obtained the Sea Expanding Pill were all excited beyond words, shouting crazily.

Among these people, there were many martial artists who were stuck at Peak Crystal Formation Realm for many years. Their potential had already been exhausted, and there was simply no hopes of breaking through.

But the medicinal pill that Ye Yuan refined could naturally transform something rotten into something magical. Helping them breakthrough a puny little Sea Transformation Realm was still not an issue.

When those martial artists who had yet to get the medicinal pills saw this scene, they could not help exchanging glances.

The expression on their faces changed from the initial disdain to looks of anticipation.