Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 604

Chapter 604 Special Training

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“Lord Shangguan, what in the world happened over at Crimsonlight City? The nearby essence energies are gathering over there unceasingly. Seems like there is somebody breaking through cultivation realm. But such a colossal essence energy undulation, it’s probably impossible for a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse’s breakthrough, right?”

The abnormal activity in the city alarmed the Fierce Gale World central army’s main tent very quickly.

And a subordinate just reported that Ye Yuan suddenly flew out of the city just now and directly captured a Fifth Level Soul Sea commander. This made Shangguan Lingyun’s brows furrow even more.

“This sort of situation should be a lot of people breaking through at the same time! Although I don’t know why, I think . . . it shouldn’t be unrelated to Ye Yuan!” Shangguan Lingyun said with a grave look.

“What? Such a massive commotion, there are probably hundreds or thousands of people breaking through. What capabilities does he have to actually let so many people broke through at the same time?” Deng Sheng exclaimed in shock.

“Heh,you are only aware of one aspect but ignorant of others. Not only is Ye Yuan’s Martial Path extremely strong, but his alchemy abilities are also unparalleled! He is Sovereign Star Abyss’s accomplished disciple. Furthermore, looking from all kinds of signs, Ye Yuan’s alchemy level is probably even above Sovereign Star Abyss’s eldest disciple, Shi Haoran!” Shangguan Lingyun said.

“How is that possible? Shi Haoran is an Alchemy King expert!” Deng Sheng said in amazement.

“Huhu,Ye Yuan is just Sea Transformation Realm, and even you aren’t his match. What’s strange about him surpassing Alchemy Kings in alchemy?” Shangguan Lingyun seemed to already be unfazed by the unusual regarding Ye Yuan’s monstrousness.

Deng Sheng was stunned and wanted to find some words to refute. But he could not find any reasonable rebuttal after thinking for a long time too.

Clearly, this sort of explanation did not make sense. But just why could he not find a reason to rebut?

Shangguan Lingyun’s aura suddenly became fierce and sharp as he said coldly, “Ye Yuan’s growth is too quick. If this continues, he will surely be our Fierce Gale World’s mortal malady! Looks like . . . the war has no choice but to escalate now. When will Lord Yunrong reach?”

Deng Sheng’s expression was slightly apprehensive, immediately understanding Shangguan Lingyun’s meaning.

Once Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses got involved, the war would be much more miserable.

“The preparation over there is already almost done. Lord Yunrong will reach the latest half a month later!” Deng Sheng said.

But Shangguan Lingyun frowned slightly and said, “You go and send a message to Lord Yunrong again. Make him be sure to reach within ten days! Besieging Crimsonlight City was originally a guaranteed success. The only variable now is Ye Yuan!”

Deng Sheng’s expression changed, and he bowed and said, “I obey your command!”

. . . . . .

There were people breaking through non-stop in the practicing field. Very soon, the place was overcrowded.

Those who had yet to consume the medicinal pills could only withdraw to one side and quietly await the others to break through.

Martial artists require a certain area when breaking through. Who knew what would happen if they broke through together?

Very soon, a large batch of Sea Transformation Realm experts was born from these martial artists.

And those Sea Transformation Realm martial artists also had a large batch that broke through their original levels.

All in all, these martial artists’ strength collectively went up a level.

Chu Shi rubbed his hands and came before Ye Yuan, looking like a girl being bashful as he said, “That . . . Mister Ye, although Old Chu, I, offend you earlier, I’ve also turned over a new leaf now. Can I . . .”

Looking at those Sea Transformation Realm experts, Crystal Formation Realm experts broke through one after another, Chu Shi was very envious.

It was just that earlier, they, these Soul Sea Realm martial artists, shouted the most ferociously. Chu Shi thought that Ye Yuan was deliberately making things difficult for them, so he did not take out medicinal pills.

Ye Yuan gave him a look and said smilingly, “Can’t!”

Chu Shi’s expression changed, and he was just about to speak but heard Ye Yuan continue, “Because I’m unable to refine Tier 4 medicinal pills right now. Sorry.”

Chu Shi could not help being stunned as he said, “You’re saying that . . . these medicinal pills were all refined by you alone?”

“Otherwise, what do you think?” Ye Yuan replied with a question.

Chu Shi’s eyes became round balls. He looked at Ye Yuan as he said speechlessly, “There are tens of thousands of medicinal pills. Even for a powerful alchemist, to refine all of it would probably need around a year’s time as well, right? Could it be that you already predicted today’s situation one year ago?”

Ordinary alchemist’s exhaustion when refining pills were tremendous. To be able to refine dozens to a hundred pills a day was already incredible.

But Ye Yuan could refine medicinal pills in large quantities by borrowing the Square Cauldron. The efficiency was ten times, even a hundred times of ordinary alchemists!

So the way Chu Shi saw this, it was absolutely impossible for Ye Yuan to refine so many medicinal pills within a few days.

Furthermore, these medicinal pills were not average with one look. It needed even more time to polish.

Then there was only one explanation. Ye Yuan was a prophet. That was why he started preparing these medicinal pills a year ago.

Ye Yuan just smiled and could not be bothered to explain either. If he explained, they might not believe either.

Except, his disdain in Chu Shi’s perspective became all the more unfathomable.

. . . . . .

The process of martial artists breaking through lasted for around an entire day’s time.

Virtually everybody all rose a level. The impact of this change on people’s senses was immense.

These two days, Su Hu was completely astounded by this ‘Mister Ye’ who popped out from who knows where.

He finally knew why the alliance sent such a youth over to assist Crimsonlight City.

These medicinal pills that Ye Yuan brought over were virtually equivalent to bringing a powerful martial artist great army here!

This sort of transformation was not just in terms of strength, but it was more on confidence!

Originally, these martial artists’ fear towards the Fierce Gale World was already deep to the marrow. But now, in pace with the breakthroughs in cultivation realms, their self-confidence picked up anew.

Ye Yuan swept a glance over the martial artists on the practicing field and said coolly, “Now, do you all have confidence in having a battle with the Fierce Gale World great army outside?”


“Of course we have!”

“Screw them to death! Take revenge for those dead companions!”

. . . . . .

When people’s confidence swelled up sometimes, they would not know which direction it was.

Especially those martial artists who broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm. They all felt that they were almost becoming an invincible state.

Of course, if one person broke through, it was absolutely incapable of giving them such great confidence.

But several tens of thousands of people breaking through at once would let this sort of confidence swell to a terrifying extent.

Ye Yuan raised his hand to motion to everyone to be quiet. The people below instantly quietened down.

Martial power deterrence plus gifting medicinal pills. Ye Yuan had already become these people’s spiritual leader unknowingly.

Ye Yuan swept a glance over the audience below the stage and said in a cold voice, “With your current states, wanting to battle the great army outside is still a long way off! Therefore, in order to let your combat strength become even stronger, I’ve specially set up a grand array. Now . . . enjoy this grand array’s special training to your heart’s content!”

Ye Yuan suddenly brought out the Profound Water Flag. A colossal light veil enveloped the entire practicing field!

“En? What happened? Where are the others?” Chu Shi frowned and said.

There were only two Soul Sea Realm martial artists left by his side. The other people on the practicing field vanished instantly as if the three of them were isolated the others.

“Ouch!Who hit me?” Chu Shi was kicked brutally by somebody from behind.