Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Chu Shi Trio

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Ye Yuan was not joking with them.

On the third day, the casualties neared three thousand people!

This number was rather high!

And this figure, Liu Hong did not hide it either, telling everybody through the grand array.

The array formation already ceased operating at this time. Chu Shi three people’s expressions were never-before solemn.

“According to what that brat says, the difficulty of the fourth day will be greater than today! Barring no accidents, tomorrow’s casualties will probably be even higher!” Chu Shi said gravely.

Zhu Changzhi said in agreement, “That’s inevitable! This boy is truly detestable. We haven’t died at the hands of the Fierce Gale World martial artists yet, but are actually going to die in his hands first! If I can go out of this grand array, I’ll definitely put him on the spot!”

Chu Shi said with a cold smile, “Keep bragging, you! That boy can set up such a formidable Tier 4 grand array with Sea Transformation Realm cultivation. Can you be his match? Could it be that you forgot how that commander died?”

When Zhu Changzhi heard that, he could not help shuddering.

Even if they did not borrow the power of the grand array, they could not possibly be Ye Yuan’s match either.

That Fierce Gale World commander simply did not have leeway to resist at all in Ye Yuan’s hands.

Their strength was at best the same as that commander too. If they really fought, they were probably still not that commander’s match.

What the outcome of challenging Ye Yuan was, there was already no need to say.

“There are so many of us. I don’t believe that he dares to kill off all of us!” Zhu Changzhi said threatening in manner, but inwardly shaky.

Chu Shi rolled his eyes and was disinclined to bother with this fellow.

And right then, the Qian Si who had been silent the entire time suddenly opened his mouth, “Could it be that you guys didn’t notice that our three people’s combat power as a whole has been gradually increasing?”

Chu Shi and Zhu Changzhi exchanged a glance and could not help being startled inwardly.

It really seemed to be like this!

Two days ago, they each fought their own battles separately and were basically all brutally wrecked by the illusionary martial artists. There was simply no leeway to retaliate.

All the way until this morning, they would still be completely walloped.

But later, after they put down their so-called dignity and joined hands to face the enemy, they seemed to have gradually adapted to battles like this.

Even though they were still brutally pummeled constantly, when it reached night time, they had already gradually regained some of the declining trends.

This undoubtedly indicated that Chu Shi, the three of their combat power was gradually rising!

This discovery gave the three of them a big surprise.

“Turns out that that boy set up this grand array for the sake of increasing our teamwork ability!” Chu Shi was suddenly enlightened.

“Our strength did not increase much, but the three of us teaming up, the overall strength rose considerably!” Zhu Changzhi said.

“Continue tomorrow!” Qian Si said it simply.

. . . . . .

Very soon, the fourth day’s training had begun.

The difficulty of the fourth day clearly had an increase compared to the first three days!

However, Chu Shi trio had already gradually touched upon some knack to it.

Without any doubt, the adaptive ability of humans was very powerful.

Those illusionary martial artists’ teamwork was quite ingenious. Chu Shi, the three of them, learned many things from that teamwork in countless times of battle.

Such high-intensity battles, they had already gradually turned these things they learned into their ability.

Just as they said, once the three of them found the feeling of this sort of cooperation, their changes compared to those illusionary martial artists were much more.

Reaching nightfall, these three people actually already gradually overpowered those illusionary martial artists!

From day one until they, the opponents the three of them faced had always been five.

From the brutal pummeling in the beginning until now, they had already gradually gained the upper-hand!

“Old Chu! Old Qian!” Zhu Changzhi roared loudly.

“Understood!” Zhu Changzhi did not say what to do, but Chu Shi understood the other party’s intentions instantly.

At this time, Zhu Changzhi tied down three illusionary martial artists alone and was already surrounded by perils.

Chu Shi and Qian Si seemed to know what the other party was thinking, sweeping aside their opponents with a sword, and directly headed for the center person Zhu Changzhi was battling.

Right at this time, Zhu Changzhi’s attack also followed after and arrived!

Under the three people’s pincer attack, that illusionary martial artist was instantly penetrated through!

Right then, those two illusionary martial artists that were pushed aside previously rushed here anew. Chu Shi and Qian Si exchanged positions bizarrely, but left the empty space for Zhu Changzhi!

One of the illusionary martial artists was pierced through by Zhu Changzhi again!

Just like this, the three of their cooperation became increasingly proficient and finished off all of the illusionary martial artists very quickly.

The three people threw their swords aside and sat on the ground exhaustedly.

“Really freaking tired! We killed all five illusionary martial artists. Can’t go out yet?” Chu Shi said unhappily.

“Heh heh,really exciting! I truly didn’t expect that turns out the three of us cooperating together will actually have such strength!” Zhu Changzhi said rather excitedly.

Chu Shi rolled his eyes and could not help uttering his innermost feelings, “Old Zhu, don’t be mistaken. In this grand array, Your Father is only cooperating with you for the sake of living. After we leave, you take the open road, and I’ll walk my single log bridge!”

“Tch,who wants to work together with you?” Zhu Changzhi said unhappily.

“If you guys want to die, you can tell him that after going out,” Qian Si interjected untimely.

When these words came out, Chu Shi and Zhu Changzhi immediately became mute.

Ye Yuan setting up this array formation was in order to train their teamwork ability.

If they did not follow Ye Yuan’s intentions after leaving, the outcome could be imagined.

. . . . . .

The fourth day’s casualties were even higher than the third day’s! It reached a horrifying five thousand people!

And Chu Shi, their team, was the first group to finish killing the illusionary martial artists.

Starting from the fifth day, Chu Shi they all had an impulse to curse and swear.

Because this training did not end at all but added another two illusionary martial artists again!

This way, the illusionary martial artists count became seven people!

“What the hell? Is this boy messing with us? Dealing with five is already awful. How can seven possibly be killed?” Chu Shi grumbled.

“Don’t talk rubbish. He’s playing with you. What can you do?” Zhu Changzhi said.

“I’m unhappy in my heart and venting a little; can’t I? Be careful!”

The increase in illusionary martial artists count brought Chu Shi trio considerable trouble.

But right now, Chu Shi trio’s strength was already no longer what it was before. Although they were straining, the three people made it through the fifth day by relying on incomparably ingenious cooperation.

When it reached the sixth day’s noon, Chu Shi trio finally killed the seven illusionary martial artists and succeeded in clearing the round once more.

But it still did not end. After resting for several hours, nine illusionary martial artists appeared!

Except that this time, Chu Shi trio finished off these nine illusionary martial artists that very day!

When it reached the seventh day, Ye Yuan finally exited seclusion!

When he appeared in everyone’s sights once more, he was already Peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation!

When he saw the Chu Shi trio in the array formation, he could not help being surprised.

These three people could actually deal with eleven illusionary martial artists already.