Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Dawn

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“It’s useless. Once the Floating Light Blood Shadow Array activates, it’s impossible to stop without absorbing enough sanguine qi. With your strength, you simply can’t crack this array formation,” Shangguan Lingyun said.

“Looks like this Floating Light Blood Shadow Array wasn’t set up by you, but it is an array formation built into this small flask,” Ye Yuan suddenly said.

“You’re too clever. Clever people tend to not live for long.” It was the same as Shangguan Lingyun tacitly acknowledging Ye Yuan’s statement.

“My fate is up to me, not up to Heaven. It naturally is even less up to you,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Arrogant! Heavenly Dao is the greatest! Even if you can reach Deity Realm, you’re also unable to surpass the constraints of Heavenly Dao!”

Martial artists held Heavenly Dao in the greatest reverence. In front of Heavenly Dao, no matter how formidable the martial artist, they were also just ants.

Even if Shangguan Lingyun were anymore arrogant, he would not dare to comment recklessly about Heavenly Dao either.

But Ye Yuan was someone who had already died once. He felt that this Heavenly Dao was unjust. If there were a chance in this lifetime, he would definitely surpass the constraints of Heavenly Dao!

Ye Yuan was not angry. He said with a smile, “What does a swallow know of the aims of a swan?”

Shangguan Lingyun’s face darkened. Ye Yuan’s words struck his sore spot.

Even though he kept repeatedly saying that he was inferior to Ye Yuan, it did not mean that he really resigned himself to fate. Otherwise, he would not have cultivated this Blood Carnage Demonic Art either.

Ye Yuan’s appearance brought a tremendous impact on his life.

All along, Shangguan Lingyun felt that he was the most talented!

Even with Zhao Chenggan, Shangguan Lingyun could gain a slight edge over him too. But Ye Yuan’s appearance thoroughly shattered his understanding.

Back then, Ye Yuan beat Zhao Chenggan to such an extent with just a Crystal Formation Realm cultivation. The impact that it brought to Shangguan Lingyun was seriously too intense.

For a very long time after, Shangguan Lingyun lived in Ye Yuan’s shadow, unable to extricate himself, all the way until Zhao Tianyin appeared in front of him.

Hence, there was this scene today.

In front of Ye Yuan, he was indeed only just an insignificant swallow.

Ignoring Ye Yuan’s previous life’s identity, Ye Yuan’s talent in this life had absolutely reached the Divine Realm’s pinnacle standards.

While Shangguan Lingyun was merely just a Lower Realms’ top genius; that was all.

Even if he was stronger, he was still just a tiny little swallow in front of Ye Yuan.

“Then I’ll take a look and see if you, this swan, are really that powerful!” Shangguan Lingyun gritted his teeth and said.

“Shaoyang Demonic Palm!”

Shangguan Lingyun cried out. A large blood-red handprint smacked over towards Ye Yuan.

Even though Ye Yuan’s dragon blood had restraining effects towards this sort of demonic art, Shangguan Lingyun was a major boundary higher than him after all. For Ye Yuan to want to win with ease, it was naturally something impossible.

The power of this large handprint was incredible. In it carried thick sanguine qi; it was very ferocious.

Ye Yuan’s expression fell slightly. Flame Movement Carnage instantly came out, directly dissipating that large handprint.

“Go to hell!”

Shangguan Lingyun threw palm after palm, clashing a hundred moves with Ye Yuan instantly. Both parties actually came out evenly.

By the side, Deng Sheng was dazed watching it. Only now did he know just how powerful Ye Yuan was.

Battling Shangguan Lingyun with strength a major boundary lower and not be at a disadvantageous position in the slightest, such combat strength was too outrageous.

Looking from both party’s battle, Ye Yuan did not seem like a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist at all. He actually resembled a Soul Sea Realm expert instead!

Ye Yuan’s moves were so daunting, but a situation where his essence energy dried up actually did not arise at all for him. This was simply something beyond comprehension.

How could a Sea Transformation Realm expert’s essence energy possibly support such powerful martial techniques?

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

With a drawn-out fight, Ye Yuan planned on taking the initiative to gain the upper hand and was the first to use a certain-kill technique.

Different from the probing the last time, this time, Ye Yuan brought out true capabilities.

He upgraded the dragon wave’s amplitude to Peak Earth Rank level. This was already the limit that Ye Yuan could accomplish with this Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage technique.

This move merged together with the Scorching True Intent and the power of dragon wave. Its might was even stronger than the Myriad Rain Sword Blades!

“Bloodmoon Wheel!”

Shangguan Lingyun was not careless at all either, returning Ye Yuan’s attack with his move.

This move was identical on the surface as the previous time when both parties were feeling out. What was different was just that the pure white full moon became blood-red in color.

But this was clearly just the difference on the surface. The power of Bloodmoon Wheel was much more powerful compared to Full Moon Slash.

Shangguan Lingyun was worthy of being a genius martial artist. He integrated the sanguine power into his own martial technique, causing his own martial technique to become even more powerful.


The fire dragon and blood moon collided together intensely, causing an immense quake.


These two people attacked too suddenly. By the side, Deng Sheng was directly shocked flying out by the attacks this time completely unprepared. He directly spewed out a mouthful of blood in the air.

The two people’s battle was daunting to the max!

Deng Sheng was a Ninth Level Soul Sea expert. In cultivation realm, he was even higher than Shangguan Lingyun. He actually could not even withstand the aftershocks of their battle.

If this were a frontal battle, he would have already died until not even dregs were left long ago.

After one attack, Ye Yuan and Shangguan Lingyun were each blasted flying out.

This attack was actually neck and neck!

Shangguan Lingyun put his palm behind him, his expression livid as he looked at Ye Yuan.

The clash this time looked to be evenly matched, but actually, he still lost by half a move.

This palm of Ye Yuan’s was very bizarre. It actually carried extremely intense vibration, shocking until his palm tingled!

Shangguan Lingyun had intense unwillingness in his heart. He had already gotten such great improvement, and he was actually still not Ye Yuan’s match.

Could it be that there was no way of surpassing this fellow?

Ye Yuan looked at Shangguan Lingyun and said coolly, “You’re indeed very strong. You’re even that tinge stronger than Zhao Chenggan. If you didn’t walk an evil path, you would have a high chance of ascending to the Divine Realm. Repent, and salvation is at hand. You can still make it if you stop now!”

“It’s too late! Furthermore, I don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with me doing this. I don’t need to you preach!” Shangguan Lingyun said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “Then there’s no choice! Depraved heretics, anybody has the right to punish them!”

As he said, Ye Yuan condensed essence energy and prepared to execute Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage once again.

. . . . . .

Chu Shi trio was at the forefront, akin to a sharp blade thrust into the Fierce Gale World’s great army, sweeping away all resistance along the way.

Although the surrounding Fierce Gale World martial artists were a lot, none could last one exchange at the hands of the three of them.

Even though the others were not as strong as Chu Shi trio, through the Asura Tri-Pronged Formation’s training, their combat strength had a tremendous increase too.

Unless they bumped into martial artists whose cultivation realms were much higher than theirs, otherwise, they likewise smashed all resistance and advanced victoriously.

Day was about to break. Over the course of hours of killing, Chu Shi trio suddenly discovered that they could break out of the encirclement not far away ahead!

This discovery made them unbelievably excited. They never would have thought that after that brat’s training, their strength would actually be formidable to such an extent.

Earlier, a Seventh Level Soul Sea martial artist was fighting with them. One careless move and he was actually cleaved apart.

This was what he dare not think at all in the past!

“Brothers! Follow me and charge forward! We’re about to succeed in breaking out right away!” Chu Shi shouted at the top of his voice.