Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 61

Chapter 61


Along with Feng Ruoqing’s mellow voice, the shock in Feng Zhirou’s heart grew greater.

What Ye Yuan said earlier was no different from what Feng Ruoqing said!

One had to know that the light curtain only showed the herbal warehouse, and those herbs could only be vaguely seen. Some of them could not even be made out. At least, Feng Zhirou was unable to make it out.

But Ye Yuan actually guessed the medicinal pills the two girls were going to refine just by looking at the light curtain!

Just how did he do it?

“Haha.Don’t be afraid of offending us two old crocks, Miss Feng. If there’s anything, just say it. Our tolerance isn’t small to that extent. Since I’m competing with Old Man Sun, there obviously needs to be a winner. In the end, there has to be a difference in quality between the medicinal pills refined by Feng-er and Keyun. Miss Feng doesn’t need to have any misgivings; just say it.”

Wang Jinfu knew that Feng Ruoqing did not want to offend both sides, which was why she said it as if the two girls fought to a draw.

But in reality, no matter how similar two people’s Alchemy Dao prowess were, in the end, it was impossible for medicinal pills refined to be identical. That was because there were too many elements that could affect the finished product.

Feng Ruoqing gave a faint smile, before saying, “Then Chairman Wang and Chairman Sun mustn’t blame this little girl, alright?”

“Don’t say that! Since you were invited to be the judge, it wouldn’t be reasonable to blame you.”

Sun Jianming who had been keeping mum also voiced out.

“In reality, both Miss Feng-er and Miss Keyun are very outstanding. The two people’s abilities are also on par. It’s just that during Miss Feng-er’s refinement process, there was a slight flaw, resulting in the medicinal pill to be slightly inferior in quality. I can see that this Fierce Tiger Pill’s color is slightly dull. This should have been a result of a small error during the first step when tempering with fire.” Feng Ruoqing’s words were on point.

“Hahaha. . .” Wang Jinfu laughed heartily, but there was no unexpected color change on his face. “To think that the disciple you, Old Man Sun groomed is so incredible. It looks like you have a qualified successor! Feng-er, learn from this mistake. In the future, you have to be more diligent. Don’t become arrogant just because you are my apprentice, understood?”

“Feng-er understands,” Xu Feng-er replied dispiritedly.

“Alright. It’s almost time. Let the next batch begin,” Wang Jinfu commanded.

There was naturally someone to judge the medicinal pills refined by the others. Elder Wang and Elder Sun obviously would not stoop to do these sort of things with their exalted status.

In this batch of people, the main focus had to be Wan Yuan.

One had to say that Wan Yuan had the capital to be arrogant in terms of Alchemy Dao.

He was only a few months older than Ye Yuan, but he had already possessed the strength of a high-rank Alchemy Apprentice. He could absolutely wander proudly within the same age group. His future accomplishments would most likely not be beneath his father’s.

Humph. Feng Ruoqing, Feng Zhirou, I’m going to let you see what a true Alchemy Dao genius is! That Ye Yuan is just a clown. On the day I step on the stage of Alchemy Master, would I even need to fear that you, Feng Zhirou, wouldn’t be moved?Wan Yuan thought to himself.

He had saved up enough strength in order to perform well in front of Feng Zhirou, just to make her see him in a different light.

Wan Yuan felt unspeakable emotions watching Feng Zhirou and Ye Yuan making eyes at each other.

. . . . . .

Entering the herbal warehouse, Wan Yuan chose his herbs at top speed. The other students only came out of there after he had exited 30 minutes earlier.

From this, whoever was superior could be instantly judged.

Wan Yuan had the intention of showing off. The later phases were practically finished in one go.

Especially after he started refining, his technique dazzled everyone, leaving them overwhelmed.

“Old Sun, it looked like Old Brother Wan has groomed a fine son. He even beat our two apprentices.”

Wang Jinfu was a veteran Alchemy Grandmaster, so his judgment was on point. As he watched Wan Yuan’s refinement performance, he knew that Wan Yuan was much stronger than Xu Feng-er and Sun Keyun.

“That’s right. Wan Donghai that punk really has some skill. These past few years, he suppressed Ye Hang completely. Who would have thought that the son he groomed was also this impressive? At this rate, Wan Yuan would probably surpass his father.”

Sun Jianming had always been a man of few words. To have given such an evaluation showed that Wan Yuan’s performance had already conquered him.

“Indeed. The way I see it, Wan Yuan’s Flowing Cloud Scattering Hands is already 70% of Wan Donghai’s. What’s lacking is only experience and cultivation realm. In the future, this child will surely do great things.Humph!Unlike Ye Hang’s son. Trying to seek popularity through claptrap. Ridiculous!”

Wang Jinfu gave an exceedingly high evaluation to Wan Yuan, while at the same time he also dropped a timely disdain toward Ye Yuan. He was clearly very displeased with Ye Yuan causing trouble today.

Every alchemist had their own unique refinement technique. And Flowing Cloud Scattering Hands was precisely the technique Wan Donghai was famous for.

Wang Jinfu and Sun Jianming did not deliberately cover up their conversation, so it naturally reached Feng Zhirou’s and Ye Yuan’s ears.

Ye Yuan looked calm and relax, and he did not show anyreaction.

Instead, it was Feng Zhirou who had a gloating face. She transmitted her voice once again and said, “Hey, how can you be so calm when they are praising your opponent like that?”

Having experienced the initial shock, Feng Zhirou could only use ‘abnormal’ to explain Ye Yuan’s earlier performance.

But deep down inside, Feng Zhirou started to faintly anticipate Ye Yuan’s performance later.

Perhaps he really could do it?

Hearing Feng Zhirou’s voice transmission, Ye Yuan remained emotionless as he replied, “Opponent? I’ve never treated him as an opponent.”

If it were in the past, Feng Zhirou would definitely snort in derision at these words.

But now, Feng Zhirou felt that Ye Yuan might truly think this way in his heart.

One had to know that earlier when Xu Feng-er made that tiny error, not even the two Alchemy Grandmasters present and her aunt saw it. Otherwise, they would not need to hold this competition.

However, Ye Yuan saw it long ago. And during Xu Feng-er’s and Sun Keyun’s refinement process, Ye Yuan already determined the grade of their medicinal pills. This was not something that an ordinary person could do.

Feng Zhirou believed that even if Ye Yuan did not pass the Alchemy Master test, his horizons were not something that the two Alchemy Grandmasters could compare to.

Could it be that Ye Yuan’s theoretical standard was already on par with an Alchemy King?

A fifteen years old youth with the standard of an Alchemy King?Feng Zhirou was frightened by her own thought.

“Tch!You really can act.” Although she already agreed with Ye Yuan’s words in her heart, Feng Zhirou still remained scornful on the surface.

She did not know why, but she felt that Ye Yuan was very infuriating.

Perhaps the reason was that she had always been pursued since young. No man had ever been so contemptuous toward her before.

Seeing that Ye Yuan did not react, Feng Zhirou asked again, “Hey, Ye Yuan. You said that I can’t pass the test this time. Is that true?”

“Of course it’s true. I’m not so familiar with you as to joke with you,” Ye Yuan replied casually.

“Hey! Why do you talk like this?!” Feng Zhirou was upset again.

“Am I very close to you?” Ye Yuan glanced at Feng Zhirou and asked.

“That . . .” Feng Zhirou recalled that this was only their second meeting. They really could not count as being on familiar terms.

“Not only we are not close, but we’re also even considered enemies, right?”

Feng Zhirou’s face flushed red. She knew that Ye Yuan still bore a grudge again that sword. “Ye Yuan, are you a man or not? Why do you keep harping on that small matter?”

“Small matter? That sword of yours nearly took my life! Just how great is the hatred between us?” Ye Yuan snarled irately.

“. . . . . .” Feng Zhirou knew that she was in the wrong, and so she kept mum in anger.