Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 610

Chapter 610 One Man Guarding The Pass

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After Chu Shi stabbed a Fierce Gale World martial artist in front of him, there was suddenly a stretch of brightness before his eyes.

Chu Shi knew that he finally charged out of the encirclement!

At this instant, his heart was filled with a vicissitude of emotion.

That instant when he was trapped in Crimsonlight City, he thought about the alliance sending a great army over to rescue, and also thought of being slaughtered by the Fierce Gale World.

But he did not even dare to think that he could rely on his own strength to carve out a bloody path.

But now, he really did it!

Recalling that brat who was cussed countless times by him in the open and in secret, thick gratitude was reverberating in his heart at this time.

But this was not over yet. He did not have that much time to go and be overwhelmed by emotions. That was the privilege of a victor.

And now, they were still very far away from victory.

He had the strength to kill outside, but it did not mean that the others had the strength to slaughter out too.

The fighting along the way, it was still unknown how many companions died.

If according to Chu Shi’s personality in the past, he would definitely run away without even turning his head back according to what Ye Yuan said: all the way north, and absolutely do not turn back.

But at this time, Chu Shi turned his head back at the behest of supernatural powers and asked Zhu Changzhi and Qian Si, “Brothers, still got strength?”

From entering the Asura Tri-Pronged Formation until now, it was but a short ten days.

Yet, this ten days’ time changed far too much.

Although Chu Shi, Zhu Changzhi, and Qian Si, the three people still bickered, their tacit understanding between each other did not even need eyes to communicate.

“Heh heh,Elder Brother, I, haven’t killed to my heart’s fill yet!” Zhu Changzhi snickered.

“Charge back!” Qian Si said.

Chu Shi chortled with laughter and yelled out, “Brothers who charged out, let’s kill back in! Brothers who are still alive, we must bring them out without missing one!”


“Let’s kill back in!”

“. . . . . .”

Indistinctly, Chu Shi trio had already become these martial artists’ leaders.

To be able to come out from the Asura Tri-Pronged Formation, these remaining groups were all not weak.

And Chu Shi trio was even the outstanding ones among these. Towards their three people group, the others felt a greater sense of identity and belongingness.

Su Hu was currently facing off against a Ninth Level Soul Sea commander. Seeing this scene, he could not help being surprised inwardly.

In his impression, these itinerant cultivators were all self-centered, stubborn, and unruly people. Today, they actually did something like that. It seriously made people surprised.

Su Hu’s notion was not that much. One able to escape was one.

Chu Shi trio had clearly already charged out and actually still thought about returning to save the others. Such behavior was too incomprehensible.

But no matter what, Chu Shi’s actions still lessened the pressure on his shoulders considerably.

. . . . . .


A Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage of Ye Yuan’s rumbled over. But Shangguan Lingyun did not receive the move at all.

The materialized colossal red dragon chased after Shangguan Lingyun and finally exhausted its essence energy, vanishing into nothingness.

Under the situation where both parties’ strength were around the same, it was actually very hard to kill the other party.

How could Ye Yuan not tell yet that Shangguan Lingyun was simply buying time?

Why was he dragging the time, Ye Yuan did not need to guess at all.

A Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse was about to reach soon!

Figuring out this link, Ye Yuan immediately ceased attacking and looked at Shangguan Lingyun with narrowed eyes.

“Huhu,why did you stop? This move of yours is very bizarre. It actually carries a violent vibration. With my current strength, I actually can’t quite withstand it!” Shangguan Lingyun said.

“Stop acting. Want to buy time, is it? Do you think that I’ll give you the chance?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“So what if yes? Not giving me the chance? I admit that I’m not your match, but for you to want to kill me, it probably isn’t something that easy as well, right?”

Ye Yuan did not speak; he fell silent.

Shangguan Lingyun knew that Ye Yuan was pondering countermeasures. He folded his arms and looked at Ye Yuan quietly and was not in a rush either.

Any scheme was too weak to stand in front of absolute strength.

As long as he could drag until Shangguan Yunrong arrived, Ye Yuan was dead for sure!”

If the others ran, then they ran. They had no influence on the overall situation at all. But this time, Ye Yuan must die!

This was Shangguan Lingyun’s opinion!

Ye Yuan’s potential was too terrifying. No need to wait until the future. He already became a terrifying opponent for the Fierce Gale World now.

Originally, the Endless World martial artists trapped in the city were already bound for death. Who knew that Ye Yuan only came for ten days and made these people’s strength rise to a terrifying degree, forcefully carving out a bloody road.

Ye Yuan’s own might was already sufficiently terrifying. What was even scarier was that he could make all the Endless World martial artists become powerful.

Like this, the Fierce Gale World’s advantage would become non-existent!

Such an opponent, they had to eradicate him at all costs!

Suddenly, Ye Yuan raised his head slightly, his eyes emitting rays of brilliance.

Shangguan Lingyun knew that Ye Yuan definitely had a plan already!

“Huhu,thought of a countermeasure? It’s useless! I just have to cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental policy! You can’t run!” Shangguan Lingyun said brimming with confidence.

Ye Yuan suddenly grinned and said, “Is that so? I’ll come and take care of you again later!”

As he said, Ye Yuan suddenly turned back and turned into a stream of light, charging into the battlefield.

“Myriad Rain Sword Blades!”

In the battlefield with thousands of soldiers and horses, this attack struck too unexpectedly. Those Fierce Gale World martial artists were caught off guard and immediately sustained heavy casualties.

In a blink of an eye, corpses filled the land!

Ye Yuan was not a bloodthirsty person. But at this stage, he could only stop the killing with killing.

Shangguan Lingyun followed closely behind. But seeing this scene, his expression did not even change.

“This is the countermeasure that you came up with? Want to use this move to force me to give in huh?Huhu,you’re overthinking it! What the Floating Light Blood Shadow Array absorbs isn’t just your Endless World martial artists’ sanguine qi, it likewise absorbs our Floating Light Blood Shadow Array martial artists’ sanguine qi too. The more you kill, the merrier the Blood Refining Flask absorbs!” Shangguan Lingyun said cold-bloodedly.

Towards Shangguan Lingyun’s words, it was as if Ye Yuan did not hear them.

Thousand Flowing Petals surged instantly and started to suffuse in the battlefield.

The areas Ye Yuan passed by, those Fierce Gale World martial artists all collapsed weakly one by one.

When Shangguan Lingyun saw this scene, he was still unmoved. He just kept following not far away from Ye Yuan.

Every place Ye Yuan went to, the Crimsonlight City martial artists over there instantly obtained relief.

This action of his was actually in order to let the other Crimsonlight City martial artists break out of the encirclement as soon as possible!

Before long, Ye Yuan actually bumped into the Chu Shi trio who killed their way back.

When Chu Shi saw Ye Yuan, he could not help being elated, “Mister Ye, you finally took action! Fortunately, Old Chu, I, didn’t fail you and already slaughtered a path out! At this time, I’m back to deal a back thrust!”

“Tch,making it seem like you did it alone!” Zhu Changzhi said disdainfully.

When Ye Yuan heard Chu Shi’s words, he could not help being surprised too.

His thinking was the same as Su Hu. He also thought that these people would flee for their lives selfishly.

Who knew that such a big change actually happened to Chu Shi trio; dealing an unexpected blow!

Ye Yuan nodded his head slightly and said, “Almost there. You bring the others and leave. I’ll cover your retreat!”

Chu Shi was long aware of Ye Yuan’s strength, so he did not worry at all. He nodded his head and very quickly brought the others to break away from the encirclement and depart for the north.

Those Fierce Gale World martial artists were still going to chase, but Ye Yuan descended from the sky and blocked in front of them.

“Those who cross this line shall be killed without mercy!” Ye Yuan seethed with killing intent.