Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Keep Cool And Work Things Out

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“You bring Lingyun to treat his injuries. Leave this place to me,” Shangguan Yunrong said coolly.

Deng Sheng already held the determination of dying for sure earlier. Who knew that there would be a turnabout. Shangguan Yunrong actually made it at the last moment, saving his life.

He looked at Ye Yuan with complicated eyes, uncertain if he should be happy or mournful too.

Happy was that Lord Yunrong made it, and Ye Yuan was certain to die.

Mournful was that such a staggering genius martial artist was actually going to perish here. Such a pity.

“You’re Ye Yuan?” Shangguan Yunrong sized him up for a bit and asked.

“Aren’t you talking rubbish here?” Ye Yuan replied.

Shangguan Yunrong did not mind and said smilingly, “I’m called Shangguan Yunrong, Lingyun’s clan uncle. The last time, I brushed past you at the Tranquil Cloud Sect. This time, I finally met you. You’re indeed the same as the story goes. You’re definitely a peerless genius hard to come by in ten thousand years. Just peak Sea Transformation Realm and you actually have the strength to kill Lingyun. Truly remarkable.”

Divine Traversing Realm experts might be paramount existences to other people.

But in Ye Yuan’s eyes, it was also just like that.

Of course, Ye Yuan’s current strength was clearly still a long way off from dealing with Divine Traversing Realm experts.

But mentally, he did not have any reverence.

Hearing Shangguan Yunrong said so, Ye Yuan said coolly, “What the hell does Shangguan Lingyun count as? Killing him, what’s there worthy of being proud of?”

“Heh,what a rampant boy! I heard that a few juniors from our Lan Family all died at your hands?” Lan Shun suddenly said coldly.

Ye Yuan’s eyebrows went up when he heard that. No wonder this person was so alike those Lan Family Tribe people’s style. Turns out that it was the Lan Family Tribe’s old ancestor.

“So what if yes?” Ye Yuan admitted it very scoundrelly.

Today’s matter was clearly unable to be resolved. Ye Yuan could only go through with it now too.

Ye Yuan could not retreat right now. The Crimsonlight City martial artists had not gone far yet. If he fled by himself, those people would surely die without a burial ground.

So he had to delay the time now to strive for sufficient time for those people to flee.

Lan Shun had always been a lofty and exalted Divine Traversing Realm expert. Anyone was reverent and respectful towards him.

But this brat in front of him actually did not think much of him at all. This made him greatly enraged.

Even though the Lan Family Tribe guarding the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array was just a branch of their Lan Clan, they were a member of his Lan Clan no matter what.

This boy killed his juniors and was even so arrogant in front of him. How could he endure it?

“Good! Since you admitted it, then let’s settle this score properly today! This old man will strip down your bones one by one later and sacrifice them to those juniors of mine!” Lan Shun said.

Ye Yuan said with a disdainful look, “There are plenty of people who want to strip down my bones. But nobody has yet to succeed. With just the likes of you, you want to strip down my bones too?”

Shangguan Yunrong’s brows furrowed slightly. He had a foreboding premonition in his heart.

Ye Yuan was too composed as if he did not place him and Lan Shun in his sights at all.

Did he really have some reliance, or was he putting on an empty fort strategy to scare him?

“What a fine lad who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! I hope that you can still smile in a while! Yunrong, leave this brat to me. I’ll leave him unable to beg to live nor pray to die!” Lan Shun said.

Although this Lan Shun and Shangguan Yunrong were both Divine Traversing Realm experts, between the two people, it was clear that Shangguan Yunrong was the leader.

He wanted to touch Yunrong, but he needed to seek for Shangguan Yunrong’s opinion.

Shangguan Yunrong nodded slightly and said, “Fine. I kept hearing that Ye Yuan is peerlessly talented, but I have never seen with my own eyes before. Lan Shun, you assess him and see just how formidable his strength is!”

Getting an affirmative reply, Lan Shun’s face revealed a malicious smile, pressing on towards Ye Yuan step by step.

The pressure belonging to a Divine Traversing Realm was released without holding anything back, crushing the others until everyone could not catch their breath.

Divine Traversing Realm was a pinnacle existence in the Lower Realms’ martial artists.

Every Divine Traversing Realm expert was incomparably exalted.

In the eyes of Divine Traversing Realm experts, martial artists beneath the Divine Traversing Realm were existences like ants.

Lan Shun knew that Ye Yuan was very strong. But no matter how strong, he was merely just a slightly larger ant as well.

“Boy, you’ll pay the price for your arrogance!”

Facing Lan Shun’s domineering pressure, Ye Yuan appeared very indifferent.

He suddenly took out a purple-colored talisman and said coolly, “Whether I have to pay the price or not, I don’t know. But if you take another step forward, the price paid will be turning into ashes.”

The instant Yunrong took out the purple talisman, Shangguan Yunrong’s expression instantly changed drastically. His gaze was glued to the talisman in Yunrong’s hands. A cold drought surged unceasingly.

But Lan Shun was totally unaware and said with a cold smile, “I was wondering where your confidence came from to be cocky with me. So, it’s this lousy thing! You don’t think that a lousy talisman is able to scare me, right?”

“Lan Shun, stop! Don’t move forward anymore!” Shangguan Yunrong said solemnly.

Ye Yuan sneered when he saw the situation and said, “Turns out that there is still somebody who recognizes the goods. Looks like don’t need me to waste my saliva.”

Lan Shun’s figure involuntarily froze, and he said in puzzlement, “Yunrong, just a lousy talisman. What’s the fuss about?”

Cold sweat already broke out on Shangguan Yunrong’s forehead as he said somberly, “You shut your mouth for me! The purple talisman in his hand is called Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman. Once it’s unleashed, it’s equivalent to a peak Divine Traversing Realm expert’s all-out attack! Do you feel that you can survive under such an attack?”

This purple talisman in Ye Yuan’s hand was precisely the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman from the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

Even though using it to kill a First Level Divine Traversing was somewhat a waste of God’s good gift, at this time right now, Ye Yuan could not be bothered too much.

“P-Peak Divine Traversing Realm’s . . . all-out attack . . .”

With this, Lan Shun was dumbfounded too.

That imposing momentum that disdained all under the heavens originally vanished without a trace. Large beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.

How was that thing in Ye Yuan’s hand just some talismans? It was simply a time bomb!

If by any chance he rushed over impulsively earlier, he would probably really have turned into ashes already at this moment.

Looking at Lan Shun’s expression, Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Weren’t you very cocky just now? Aren’t you going to strip down all of my bones? Come on! I’m standing right now! Come and strip them!”

Lan Shun could not resist swallowing his saliva and was actually tongue-tied for a moment.

He thought nothing of Ye Yuan at all earlier. But who knew that he actually had such a major killing tool in his hands?

Peak Divine Traversing Realm and First Level Divine Traversing Realm were two entirely different concepts.

The disparity between the two could not be measured with distance.

No matter how powerful he, Lan Shun, was, he could not possibly withstand the full power attack of a peak Divine Traversing Realm experts too!

No wonder this boy was so arrogant. Turns out that this was waiting here!

Lan Shun could not refrain from taking a step back, but Ye Yuan noticed it and said with a cold smile, “Try taking another step back!”

Lan Shun choked up again, not knowing what should he do.

His distance away from Ye Yuan right now was extremely awkward. It was right within Ye Yuan’s attack range. He wished to back away, but how could Ye Yuan possibly give him this chance?

“B-Brat, you don’t be impulsive. Keep cool and work things out!” Lan Shun said dryly.