Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Take It Easy It's Just Starting

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“Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

Ye Yuan gave a fierce cry, sweeping over towards Shangguan Yunrong with a colossal azure dragon.

The huge dragon’s roar reverberated throughout the skies and collided onto Shangguan Yunrong with a loud crash.

This change was too sudden. Shangguan Yunrong was caught off guard and took a solid hit!

Everyone shockingly discovered that the azure dragon actually broke apart the protective essence energy on Shangguan Yunrong and attacked his main body!


Shangguan Yunrong was actually beaten until he vomited blood by this blow of Ye Yuan’s!

Talking about it was slow, but all of this actually just happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint. Even Shangguan Yunrong did not react to it.

Ye Yuan appeared to be weak all along for the sake of this attack!

Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was Ye Yuan’s current true killing move!

Under normal circumstances, Ye Yuan simply had no chance to use this move. Even if he used it, it was also not possible to cause the slightest bit of harm to Shangguan Yunrong.

But it did not mean that this move could not harm Divine Traversing Realm experts.

Ye Yuan’s talent with the cultivation of dragon wave, likewise, had reached a very monstrous degree.

Not long ago, he already broke through Earth Rank and advanced into Heaven Rank boundary.

Executing Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm with Heaven Rank boundary, this blow of Ye Yuan’s was already not much weaker compared to that final palm of Long Teng’s back then.

This degree of attack, even if it could not kill a Divine Traversing Realm expert, making them sustain injuries was still achievable.

Just when everyone all thought that Ye Yuan did not have the possibility of counter-attacking at all, it was the moment for Ye Yuan’s all-out blow.

Hence, Ye Yuan succeeded!

However, this was not over!

Just as everyone was staring wide-eyed and their mouths agape, Ye Yuan erupted abruptly, speeding towards the Shangguan Yunrong who was still in the air!

Ye Yuan sprinted all the way crazily, but his aura was in the midst of rising frenziedly.

The Shangguan Yunrong who lost balance in the air had yet to understand what was happening when a sense of immense danger attacked once again.

The sense of danger this time was even much stronger compared to the last time!


Just as Ye Yuan’s aura was soaring madly, the clouds and winds in the sky suddenly changed!

The originally clear blue skies for thousands of miles up to the Ninth Heaven actually became covered with dense dark clouds. The sky instantly dimmed.

This series of changes were too quick and also too sudden. Everybody failed to react to it, including Shangguan Yunrong!

By the time they all reacted to it, a series of rolling thunder already resounded in the skies. Lightning flashed faintly in the clouds.

That apocalyptic-like pressure made everyone unable to breathe.

This scene made all the people startled inwardly.

Ye Yuan was going to transcend the tribulation!

Divine soul entering the sea was an action which defied the heavens. One would be subjected to the punishment of heavenly tribulation!

Cross it and endless blue skies where birds could fly freely.

Fail to cross, and one would perish; their Dao would vanish without anybody caring.

Assaulting Soul Sea needed to expend ten years, even decades of time to prepare for other people. However, Ye Yuan did not need to.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul was incomparably powerful. It had long already reached the boundary of Quasi-Alchemy King perfection!

Communicating with the essence energy sea with his current divine soul boundary was just something that flowed naturally when a channel was formed.

Moreover, Ye Yuan experienced breaking through to Soul Sea in his previous life and was way too familiar with this process.

Divine soul entering the sea, this process needed a very long period of adaptation to others.

During the process of breaking through, one would even need to undergo failure many times.

But this process, Ye Yuan already completed it during the process of sprinting earlier!

Hence, that was why the heavenly tribulation arrived so quickly, catching everyone unprepared.

And what Ye Yuan needed was precisely everybody to be caught by surprise.

Just now, when Ye Yuan was erupting, he already stuffed a large amount of essence energy recovery medicinal pills into his mouth. At present, his essence energy was also in the midst of rapid recovery.

After refining the dragon blood, Ye Yuan’s physique was already extremely daunting.

Even though he did not have the support of essence energy, his explosive power was still extremely powerful!

Just a matter of a blink of an eye, Ye Yuan already approached Shangguan Yunrong. Dashing behind him with a large stride, Ye Yuan reverse-latched onto him tightly!

Shangguan Yunrong was frightened immensely by this and struggled desperately!

“Are you crazy? What are you trying to do? Quickly let me go!”

Even though Shangguan Yunrong was a Divine Traversing Realm expert, in terms of fleshy body strength, he was way inferior to Ye Yuan.

In his panic, Shangguan Yunrong desperately wanted to use essence energy to shake Ye Yuan away. But Ye Yuan’s two arms buckled him down like iron hoops.

Even if he was shocked until his entire body was covered in wounds, Ye Yuan did not plan on easing up a little either!

“As repayment for your game of cat and mouse earlier, cross this heavenly tribulation together with me!” Ye Yuan clenched his teeth and said.

“Argh!Let me go! I’ll kill you!” Shangguan Yunrong roared.

At this time, Shangguan Yunrong finally came to his senses.

Massive essence energy gathered onto his palm very quickly, and he was going to press on Ye Yuan’s body with a backhand.

However, right then, a huge lightning bolt fell straight to the mortal world from above the heavens, slamming heavily onto the two person’s bodies!


The essence energy which Shangguan Yunrong had just coalesced was directly dissipated by this lightning.

Only to see him with disheveled hair. How was there still any hint of the demeanor of an expert?

Sustaining this blow, the aura on Shangguan Yunrong’s entire person waned considerably.

The power of heavenly tribulation, even if he was a Divine Traversing Realm expert, it was not that nice to endure either.

In contrast, when this bolt of lightning smote onto Ye Yuan’s body, he was perfectly fine. It looked like his aura even strengthened a little!

However, Ye Yuan’s two arms still latched onto Shangguan Yunrong tightly, not giving him any opportunity to escape.

Following the first bolt of lightning falling, the bolts of lightning in the air were like falling rain, crashing down onto the place where Ye Yuan and Shangguan Yunrong were at.

For a time, rock fragments scattered all around. One could not see the two people’s figures in the outside world at all.

“Argh!Ye Yuan! You’ll die a horrible death! Let go! Quickly let me go!”

Shangguan Yunrong roared with all his might. However, Ye Yuan ignored him completely. He just hugged Shangguan Yunrong tightly, letting the heavenly tribulation slam onto the two of their bodies.

This degree of heavenly tribulation did not matter to Ye Yuan at all.

Ye Yuan refined the blood of a true dragon, and the strength of his fleshy body was very fearsome. Not only did this degree of heavenly tribulation not have the slightest effect on him, it even let his fleshy body obtain tempering, becoming even stronger.

Furthermore, under the catalyzation caused by the heavenly tribulation, the large pile of medicinal pills that he consumed previously were currently being refined slowly. His aura recovered to the peak state very quickly!

On the other hand, Shangguan Yunrong he did not have Ye Yuan’s freakish fleshy body. Furthermore, he did not have sufficient preparations to deal with heavenly tribulation at all in the first place in his panic.

Under a bout of wanton bombarding, the aura on his body became increasingly withered.

Before long, there was finally no more lightning falling in the sky. The others could finally see clearly the situation of the two people inside.

Even though Ye Yuan’s body looked very tragic, his aura had actually already recovered to the peak state.

While the high and mighty Shangguan Yunrong had a head of disheveled hair at this time, looking very savage.

Most importantly, he was actually forcefully cut down a minor boundary by the heavenly tribulation!

“Take it easy, it’s just starting!”

Ye Yuan’s voice had yet to fade when the clouds in the sky seemed to have become a little thicker again. It seemed to be preparing an even stronger heavenly tribulation!