Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Forcefully Withstanding Heavenly Tribulation

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Ye Yuan’s voice had yet to fade when a lightning bolt even thicker than before struck the bodies of the two.


Shangguan Yunrong cried out miserably.

Heavenly tribulation was the thing martial artists feared the most. After entering the Soul Sea Realm, they had the possibility of perishing under heavenly tribulation at any one breakthrough.

“Ye Yuan, you madman! You’re only just breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm! Why is the power of the heavenly tribulation so strong?” Shangguan Yunrong howled.

It was also that Divine Traversing Realm experts were too powerful. Swapping any other Soul Sea Realm martial artist to cross the heavenly tribulation together with Ye Yuan, they would probably have long been smitten to ashes at this time already.

Changing another point of view to look at it, if not for the power of Ye Yuan’s heavenly tribulation being too strong, Shangguan Yunrong would also have killed Ye Yuan long ago. How could he give him the chance to transcend the tribulation?

The power of heavenly tribulation was normally set according to the martial artist’s strength. Before this, Ye Yuan had virtually already reached the limits that Sea Transformation Realm could attain.

The power of his heavenly tribulation right now was already powerful to a degree where even Shangguan Yunrong, this Divine Traversing Realm expert, was fearful of.

It was just that no matter how he struggled, Ye Yuan just hugged him and did not loosen up.

Shangguan Yunrong suffered the bombardment of the heavenly tribulation endlessly and did not have the time to deal with Ye Yuan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dense lightning tribulation rumbled down unceasingly, blasting fragments of rock flying all around.

The second wave of heavenly tribulation came down. Ye Yuan still withstood it with great ease same as before, while Shangguan Yunrong was blasted a minor boundary down once more!


Ye Yuan suddenly let go of Shangguan Yunrong and kicked him out abruptly.

This kick, Shangguan Yunrong was likewise caught by surprise, and directly face-planted from Ye Yuan’s kick.

But with this, it also kicked Shangguan Yunrong out of the range of the heavenly tribulation.

Following that, Ye Yuan sat with his legs crossed, the expression on his face becoming solemn.

The power of this heavenly tribulation seriously exceeded his imaginations somewhat. Although for the first two waves, he cleared it with ease, the power was way stronger compared to when he crossed the heavenly tribulation in his previous life!

Ye Yuan was originally thinking of taking advantage of the heavenly tribulation to exhaust Shangguan Yunrong to death. Who knew that the power of this heavenly tribulation was actually so formidable.


The clouds in the sky became thick once more. Without any doubt, the next wave of heavenly tribulation would be even fiercer.

Everyone stared at Ye Yuan in the center of the storm. They were all hoping for Ye Yuan to fail to transcend the tribulation and be struck to death by the lightning tribulation.

But their eyes revealed thick alarm and terror because they had never seen such a berserk heavenly tribulation before.

“Hahaha!Indeed well-deserving of being an unequaled genius! Even your method of transcending the tribulation is different from others! Looking at this sort of situation, you’ll have to cross at least four of the nine heavenly tribulations, right? Even if you can endure past three heavenly tribulations, I want to see just how you transcend four heavenly tribulations!”

Shangguan Yunrong bore out of the mud with a filthy face.

But at this time, he could not be bothered with his face anymore. He was laughing at Ye Yuan as he gloated over his misfortune.

This fellow simply deserved death, to actually use him to block the heavenly tribulation and actually let the heavenly tribulation forcefully smite him down two minor cultivation realms!

This was simply a sort of disgrace to Shangguan Yunrong!

Hence, he hoped for Ye Yuan to be struck to death by the lightning tribulation right now more than anybody.

Of course, these words still carried thick jealousy.

Heavenly tribulation was divided into a total of nine levels. Every time they crossed a level of heavenly tribulation, the martial artist’s strength would strengthen a portion.

Although tremendous risks existed with transcending tribulations, it also contained huge lucky chances.

Heavenly tribulations were products of Heavenly Dao. It by itself carried many Heavenly Dao fragments. Even though most of these Heavenly Dao fragments would dissipate, there would still be a considerable portion remaining in the martial artist’s body.

And these Heavenly Dao fragments could aid martial artists to comprehend concepts even faster.

The more levels of heavenly tribulations crossed, the more Heavenly Dao fragments obtained. The benefits obtained by the martial artist was naturally greater too.

For ordinary martial artists transcending tribulations, at most, it was crossing two of the nine heavenly tribulations.

When Shangguan Yunrong crossed the heavenly tribulation back then, he only crossed three heavenly tribulations and already obtained immense benefits.

But looking at Ye Yuan’s current momentum, he had to cross four heavenly tribulations at the very least. It might even be five heavenly tribulations!

Then once Ye Yuan successfully transcended the tribulation, his strength would surely have a huge advancement!

This was not a situation that Shangguan Yunrong wished to see. In his view, it was best for Ye Yuan to be smitten to death by the lightning tribulation!

According to the magnitude of this heavenly tribulation right now, it was also not without the possibility!

Every round of heavenly tribulation had a total of nine by nine, 81 lightning tribulations in each heavenly tribulation. There would not be intervals between this. The martial artist must endure through all of it before they could enter the next round.

And how many rounds of heavenly tribulation every martial artist had, only the heaven itself knew this.

Of course, the vast majority of the people were all below three levels of heavenly tribulations.



Finally, the third heavenly tribulation was starting.

Ye Yuan still sat with his legs crossed, as if he did not have the intention of resisting the heavenly tribulation.

The violent lightning directly blasted onto his body. But Ye Yuan was unscathed.

And on his body, there was actually still traces of current revolving around.

Seeing this scene, Shangguan Yunrong’s expression changed greatly!

“You . . . You this fellow, are actually using heavenly tribulation to temper your fleshy body?! You . . . You’re simply a madman!” Shangguan Yunrong finally witnessed what was called freakish today.

When he was reverse-latched down by Ye Yuan, he did not notice what Ye Yuan was doing at all.

Only when looking at Ye Yuan transcending the tribulations from outside the heavenly tribulation did he know what Ye Yuan was doing.

Other people transcending tribulations, which one of them was not trembling with fear as if treading on thin ice.

Ye Yuan had the nerve to actually make use of the heavenly tribulation to temper his fleshy body instead!

A martial artist’s fleshy body was the weakest link. Generally, all could not keep up with their cultivation realms.

Although under the catalyzing of essence energy, martial artists’ fleshy bodies were much stronger compared to ordinary people; it would generally be one to two major cultivation realms lower than themselves.

Hence, when most people were transcending tribulations, they would strive with all their might to use protective essence energy to resist the heavenly tribulation. It was simply impossible to be like Ye Yuan to use the fleshy body to forcefully withstand the heavenly tribulations. This was simply no different from courting death.

Bolts of heavenly tribulations fell down. Ye Yuan’s body radiated with a red glow. His aura was gradually becoming stronger.

The reason why he dared to forcefully withstand the heavenly tribulation was actually that the dragon blood in his body was not fully absorbed. Utilizing the heavenly tribulation to temper the fleshy body could stimulate his body’s potential, refining the dragon blood that had not been refined once more.

The power of Ye Yuan’s vitality was increasingly stronger. By the time the final streak of heavenly tribulation fell, Ye Yuan finally broke through the bottleneck with one stroke!

At this moment, Ye Yuan felt unbelievably great. He already reached Soul Sea Realm just by relying on the strength of his physical body now.

Coupled with the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, he could virtually sweep away Soul Sea Realms!

“Uncle Rong, what happened? Why is Ye Yuan . . . transcending the tribulation? Furthermore, the power of this heavenly tribulation . . . seems to be a little too strong as well, right?En?Uncle Rong, your cultivation realm . . .”

Shangguan Lingyun regulated his breathing for a while, and his injuries were finally brought under control a little.

He sensed that the commotion over here was huge and it seemed like the situation was not too optimistic, so he rushed over to take a look. Shocked, he saw Ye Yuan currently transcending the tribulation.

Shangguan Yunrong’s face was completely black as he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s all Ye Yuan that brat’s tricks! Lingyun, I feel that it’s not going too well right now. We’d better ask for help from Family Head!”