Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Dispersing Tribulation Clouds

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Shangguan Lingyun’s heart pounded.

He initially thought that by calling Shangguan Yunrong, a Third Level Divine Traversing expert, over, Ye Yuan would die for sure.

Who knew that in just this short while, the two mighty Divine Traversing Realm experts, one died, and one was injured, while Ye Yuan was transcending the tribulation over there perfectly fine.

Once he succeeds in transcending the tribulation, Ye Yuan’s strength would advance another step further. There was really nobody who could control him here anymore.

Shangguan Lingyun and Shangguan Yunrong both felt that Ye Yuan’s threat was too great. They had to thoroughly kill him this time; otherwise, there would be no end of trouble for the future.

“Deng Sheng, immediately send news to Family Head, and let them send experts over right away!” Shangguan Lingyun instructed.

“Yes! This subordinate will go right away!” Deng Sheng immediately received the order and left.

Shangguan Yunrong and Shangguan Lingyun watched Ye Yuan in the heavenly tribulation, their faces had indescribable solemness.

Before long, the fourth of the nine heavenly tribulation came as promised.

And at this time, Ye Yuan’s fleshy body already broke through its fetters and entered a brand-new boundary.

In the sky, the tribulation clouds were increasingly thicker. The area was also getting bigger and bigger.

A pressure exuded from within the clouds, crushing everyone until they could hardly breathe.

Everyone realized one point. The power of this fourth heavenly tribulation would probably be even more terrifying!

“The power of this fourth heavenly tribulation, with my current strength, I most likely can’t make it through at all! This Ye Yuan is truly too scary! He can actually summon such a horrifying fourth heavenly tribulation!” Shangguan Yunrong said somberly.

“This fourth heavenly tribulations seems to be more than twice stronger than the third heavenly tribulation. No matter how powerful Ye Yuan is, he won’t dare to forcefully withstand it either, right? Hopefully, he gets struck to death by this fourth heavenly tribulation!” Shangguan Lingyun said hatefully.

But Shangguan Yunrong shook his head and said, “Although this fourth heavenly tribulation is strong, to want to kill him, it probably still can’t accomplish that. If . . . he can draw a fifth heavenly tribulation, then there might be some hope.En?What’s he trying to do?”

Shangguan Yunrong, uncle and nephew, were currently talking when Ye Yuan suddenly stood up.

It was only to see him tilting his head. He looked up at the rolling thunder in the sky. He was actually brimming with fighting intent!

“He . . . He can’t be . . .” Shangguan Yunrong faintly had some conjectures in his heart, but he felt that this was simply nonsense.

Yet, Ye Yuan’s action the next instant gave him a resounding slap.


The first bolt of the fourth heavenly tribulation descended from the sky. At the same time, Ye Yuan’s body gave off an extremely powerful aura!

“Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

In the sky, an electric snake descended very rapidly. On the ground, an azure dragon rose high into the air!

This scene shocked everyone until they could not speak.

Since time immemorial, there had yet to be anyone so wildly arrogant when transcending tribulations; to actually attempt to scatter the heavenly tribulation in vain!

In the eyes of Shangguan Yunrong and his nephew, Ye Yuan was an out-and-out madman.

In this world, there did not seem to be things that he did not dare to do!


Experiencing three rounds of heavenly tribulations’ tempering, Ye Yuan’s current state had already reached the peak!

Plus, going a step further and refining the dragon’s blood, the true dragon strength in his body became even more boundless.

The power of this Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm move was much, much stronger compared to that palm previously!

Under everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, the azure dragon directly dispersed that bolt of lightning tribulation!

However, this was not over yet. The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm’s remaining momentum had yet to be exhausted. It actually went directly for the firmament!

“N-No way, right?”

There were already no words that could express Shangguan Yunrong’s emotions at this instant. Heavenly tribulation . . . could actually be transcended like this?


In the wake of a great dragon roar, the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm directly blasted toward the tribulation clouds!

The tribulations clouds that were currently brewing the fourth heavenly tribulation was actually forcefully scattered away!

“The fourth . . . heavenly tribulation . . . actually didn’t descend? I . . . I didn’t see wrongly, right?” Shangguan Yunrong said blankly.

“Just what kind of monster were we fighting with?! He . . . He actually dispersed the heavenly tribulation! Is this what humans can accomplish?” Shangguan Lingyun was already unable to describe his emotions at this moment.

At this instant, everyone seemed to have all forgotten that this place was a battlefield. A place where hundreds of thousands of people gathered was actually deathly silent.

Ye Yuan dispersing the heavenly tribulation with one palm. The visual impact that this brought to them was seriously too intense.

Shangguan Yunrong had stayed in the heavenly tribulation before previously. He knew how powerful Ye Yuan’s heavenly tribulation was!

This fourth heavenly tribulation absolutely had the power to exterminate a First Level Divine Traversing expert.

But such a horrifying heavenly tribulation was actually directly dispersed by Ye Yuan!

. . . . . .

At present, in a hidden place outside the battlefield, Chu Shi and the others were currently secretly spectating everything in the battlefield.

The fighting had already stopped. Hundreds of thousands of people were all watching Ye Yuan breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm by himself.

Such a large battlefield actually became Ye Yuan’s individual performance stage. This made the few people who came back to rescue all feel somewhat taking a superfluous action.

That Divine Traversing Realm expert was actually dragged into the heavenly tribulation by Mister Ye, injuring the former and causing his strength to be blasted down to the First Level Divine Traversing Realm from the Third Level.

Such a horrifying fourth heavenly tribulation was actually scattered in one palm by Mister Ye.

What did they come back for?

Uh. . . Perhaps it was in order to witness a miracle!

Yeah. They probably would not see such a magnificent feat ever again in this lifetime!

“Hahaha!I already said that Mister Ye would definitely be fine!” Chu Shi suppressed his voice and said with a big laugh.

“You didn’t say before!” Qian Si exposed it without any hesitation.

“Yeah! If I have to say, we, these people, are like men filled with apprehension that the sky would fall! Mister Ye he is so strong. How can something possibly happen?! Forget about Divine Traversing Realm, even if it’s a Boundless Realm, he’d surely be fine too!” Zhu Changzhi said.

Witnessing the scene of Ye Yuan dissipating the tribulation clouds, everyone’s idolization of Ye Yuan now already reached a blind degree.

This could not be blamed on them either. It was truly that Ye Yuan’s actions made people feel that it was too fantastical.

This was simply not what an ordinary person could do!

“Before you came, you were even sniveling,” Qian Si interjected again emotionlessly.

One should not look at Qian Si as just a person who did not talk much. This sharp tongue skill was not an ordinary kind of strong. Furthermore, it was short and concise, making you unable to refute at all.

But Zhu Changzhi was indifferent as he said,“Haha!As long as Mister Ye is fine, even if I go blind from crying, it’s okay! Now that he dispersed the tribulation clouds, he should be able to break through to the Soul Sea Realm, right?”

“No, wait! You guys, look! The dispersed tribulation clouds seem to have condensed together again! Furthermore, this time . . . it seems to be . . . terrifyingly powerful!” Guo Taoqun suddenly said.

Everyone was alarmed inwardly and hurriedly looked over in Ye Yuan’s direction. Indeed, they discovered that those tribulations clouds that were scattered away actually condensed together again anew.

Furthermore, this time, they actually all felt rattled separated by an entire battlefield.

It could be seen that the lightning tribulation this time was probably unusual compared to those previously!

When Shangguan Yunrong saw this scene, he could not help bursting into laughter,“Hahaha!Ye Yuan, you wouldn’t die if you weren’t taking the road to ruin! Who asked you to be rampant! To be arrogant! Aren’t you very capable? Didn’t you disperse the tribulation clouds? Now, you’re going to suffer the retribution of Heavenly Dao, right?Hahaha!This is lightning tribulation plus soul tribulation, both tribulations arriving together! I’ll see how you resist it!”